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    2.2.19 ReiserFS Install Disks. XFS disk set to follow,
    Submitted by Netsnipe on Saturday, April 07, 2001 – 16:59
    The third in as many prominent efforts into releasing ReiserFS Debian Install Disks has been made by Zoltan Kraus. Though Zoltan has improved on his predecessor, John H. Robinson, IV’s previous work substantially. Most notably Zoltan’s disk are using 2.2.19 and ReiserFS 3.5.32 accompanied by the latest reiserfsprogs. His disks are at http://debianboot.digitaltux.com/.
    They are also mirrored at http://www.markybob.com/zoltan/2.2disks
    In an email from him, he claims that “They have been tested and work perfectly on both desktops and laptops.” Other patches that have also been included in the disk set are: Raid Patch 0.9, Raid1 ReadBalance, Hedrick’s IDE Backport, Solar Designer’s Secure Linux Patch, among other miscellaneous performance related patches.

    In what could be a coup for Zoltan, he may become one of the first people to release a 2.4.x Debian install disk for public consumption as well as a set of XFS Debian Install disks which will be keenly sought after by many cutting edge Debian users. “I plan to make a set of XFS disks when they bump up their CVS to kernel 2.4.3 and a set of ReiserFS 2.4.3 disks when I have time to debug it.” Seeing that 2.4.3 is out now, be on the lookup in the next few weeks.

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    Subject: dhcp-client
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Sunday, 2001/04/08 – 13:14
    Hm, does anyone know which version of dhcp-client these boot-floppies use? I need at least dhcp-client-beta 2.0b1pl6-0.2.
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: dhcp-client
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Monday, 2001/04/09 – 21:39
    OK, they seem to use an older version… could anyone give me a hint as how to patch them? I need a newer version as the dhcp-client used on the floppy conflicts with the Belgian cable inet provider Telenet/Pandora.
    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: XFS
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Saturday, 2001/04/07 – 21:44
    How stable/reliable is XFS for linux now? Could a production server be run on it?
    I’m using ReiserFS at the moment, it’s nice – but I hear XFS is a lot better/faster..
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: XFS
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Saturday, 2001/04/07 – 22:21
    I use successfully XFS
    with 2.4.2 under Debian (Woody).
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: XFS
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Friday, 2001/04/13 – 21:48
    how do you do ?
    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Re: 2.2.19 ReiserFS Install Disks. XFS disk set to follow,
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Saturday, 2001/04/07 – 19:42
    Gosh. Can I install to a RAID root with ReiserFS too? Are the patches there for RAID-1 read splitting? Where is a good place to find these things out – the software RAID HOWTO seems to be over two years old.
    [ Please login, or register ]

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