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    A Lilo Bootscreen for Debian
    Submitted by Anonymous on Saturday, April 27, 2002 – 10:55
    Did you notice? All the top commercial distros come with cool graphical lilo bootscreens. Ok, they’re not that useful, but it’s quite nice for a desktop computer running multiple OSes. When I installed Woody a few months ago I noticed that its lilo package supports the graphical boot menu. The only problem is that there is no image you can use for it…
    Accordingly I had a go at it myself, and I’m quite pleased with the results. Since I like it, I thought there are might be some other people out there who’ll like it too. Everybody who is interested can download the bootscreen here. I’ve included a ready to use bitmap as well as the original Gimp xcf image. A small readme explains the installation and necessary settings in the lilo.conf. And please, tell me what you think of it.

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    Subject: Re: Here is the solution
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Saturday, 2002/04/27 – 23:51
    I’m a linux newbie, and this is my first contribution ever to linux and the Debian project. Hope you find this useful. This is a rough translation…


    1. About this document.
    This is the mini-HowTo to install lilo with an animated graphical menu and it will explain clearly how to put a pretty OS seelction screen in your machine.

    This howto has been created in order to avoid asking around IRC channels or help lists how to install lilo with a graphical menu.

    The author and maintainer of this mini HowTo is Christrian Ortiz, trigux@netscape.net . Comments and suggested additions will be welcome.

    2.Information about author’s copyrights.

    This mini-HOWTO is copyrighted © 2002 by Christian Ortiz. All rights reserved.

    Any literal copy can be reproduced or distributed in any physical or electronic medium without my permission.

    Translations are also allowed without permission as long as they include a note about who translated it [ziritrion@mail.ru].

    Short quotes may be added without my permission.

    Derived works and partial distributions of the mini-HOWTO to install lilo with an animated graphical menu must be accompanied either with a literal copy of this file or with a link to a literal copy.

    Commercial redistribution is allowed and encouraged; however, I would like to be notified of such distributions.

    In short, I wish to promote the dissemination of this information through as many channels as possible. However, I wish to keep the copyright of this mini-HOWTO document, and I would like to be notified of any redistribution plan.

    3. Requirements

    1. A lilo package with the SuSE patches (For more information about where to get the packages, read appendix A)
    2. A lilo configuration tool, a functional lilo.conf file or make the file yourself (not explained in this document)
    3. A foo.boot file where foo is the name of any file which has an animated menu (For more info about where to get one read appendix B)
    4. A graphics card which supports VESA mode 640×480 at 256 colours
    5. Knowledge about how to install packages in your distribution :-).

    4. Installation

    Install the lilo package you got and configure the /etc/lilo.conf file as you like (either with linuxconf or self-made), now place the foo.boot file in your /boot directory. Add the following line to your /etc/lilo.conf
    message = /boot/foo.boot
    and edit the line
    timeout =
    put the amount of seconds that you want to make the animated screen appear (more than 45 seconds as preference).
    Save the file and execute the #lilo command in a terminal, now when booting your machine you will see the new menu.

    Appendix A

    Where do I get the lilo packages with the SuSE patch?

    If you are using a rpm-based distribution you can download the rpm from any suse ftp, it is placed on the directory
    http://algunmirrordesuse /suse/i386/7.3/suse/a1/lilo.rpm
    If you use Debian you can download the rpm and turn it to deb with the following command:
    $fakeroot alien -d lilo.rpm
    (Here remember to put the lilo package in hold after installing it so apt or dselect will not want to overwrite it with another version)

    Appendix B

    Where do I get the animated menu files?

    You can get them in the following page:
    On this page there also are instruccions of how to make your own animated screens.

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