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`After-Install’ Instructions
Submitted by Anonymous on Wednesday, June 26, 2002 – 17:28
DebianI’m finding that one of the most frustrating things about .debs (or rpms for that matter) is the lack of consistent `after-install’ instructions.

Once I install a package, what else has to be done? Normally there are configuration files to edit, daemons to check, etc.

Some package maintainers provide a README.Debian file. Others just install files into /etc. I constantly have to search the package contents to figure out what to do next.

Wouldn’t it be easier to display an `after-install’ text file as part of the installation (or even just show the admin the file location). Something that would be consistent between .debs. Or am I just missing something?

I’ve recently converted to Debian from `another’ linux distro because of Debian’s apt-get.

Category: Opinion

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Subject: Re: `After-Install’ Instructions
Author: demonic_saint
Date: Thursday, 2002/06/27 – 03:15
Well most of the time after installing the .deb, a configuration programs pops up to configure (if available) for the package. if it is fully configure, u could always use the man pages (man ‘package name’) to get more info, or look in /usr/share/doc/’package-name’ for info on installation and using.

And if something screws up while installing like loss contact to ftp or spoilt cdrom dpkg just doesn’t configure or install the rest of tha packages and removes them when u run dselect the next time. How cool is that. nothing will be broken. and if u wanted to get rid of packages that are not needed, just install deborphan and run it. it will a list of packages that are not depended upon by other packages. Hope this helps.

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