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    Annual, Inaccurate, Heavily-Stacked DPL Poll
    Submitted by DanielS on Saturday, February 28, 2004 – 05:00

    Martin ‘tbm’ Michlmayr (incumbent)
    Gergely ‘algernon’ Nagy (DPL newbie)
    Branden ‘Overfiend’ Robinson (eternal candidate)
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    Subject: The time has come…
    Author: blueSmurf
    Date: Thursday, 2004/03/04 – 13:35
    Branden has turned into that friendly name that turns up in family meeting over Christmas.

    The time has come for the Debian age of Branden !

    Candidate no more!, Branden for DPL !

    Who’s that cucumber newbie guy anyway ?

    Debian forever.

    Who the F*** installed Gentoo on my home box in the first place ?. Thank the Lord I still have two debians left on my laptop and server. After changing jobs and now working on MS windows I miss my linux so much at work *snif*, *snif*.

    Bye, have fun.


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    Subject: I am
    Author: algernon
    Date: Thursday, 2004/03/04 – 13:43
    I am. I am that cucumber new guy.
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    Subject: I voted for you…
    Author: jsf
    Date: Friday, 2004/03/12 – 02:05
    …in the poll anyway (can’t vote in the election proper), mostly because your platform was the only one I read through completely.

    Keep it on!

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    Subject: shame on me
    Author: blueSmurf
    Date: Thursday, 2004/03/04 – 14:07
    No offence.

    I was making a highly intelligent* punn (? is punn the word?) on the (incumbent) and (DPL newbie) parts on the name tags :).

    I don’t know what incumbent means… sounds somewhat like cucumber… wait!, I know what a cucumber is :). So cucumber may it be.

    I have no more neural conections free to learn new words (no, and no spelling either)

    I even installed Red Hat 9 at home for my server, but I couldn’t stand it for long. I had to sweep it out and reinstall Debian. Nice to be back.

    Anyway, good luck Gergely.

    * translators note


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