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    Any non-free software installed on your computer?
    Submitted by daw on Tuesday, August 27, 2002 – 09:43
    No, it’s evil
    8% (93 votes)
    No, I don’t need any
    8% (86 votes)
    Yes, unfortunately
    33% (379 votes)
    Yes, and I don’t care
    25% (284 votes)
    Yes, but only NVidia drivers
    10% (117 votes)
    … and games from ID/Loki
    14% (156 votes)
    Non-free software?
    2% (23 votes)

    Total votes: 1138

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    Subject: …and since everyone Else is doing it…
    Author: viqsi
    Date: Saturday, 2002/08/31 – 23:02
    vrms notes the following packages on my system:
    doc-html-w3 – W3C Specs – I find myself referring to them a lot, so I figured it was worth it)
    libmotif – OpemMotif – just so I can run the Flash plugin.
    navigator-base-477, blah blah blah – Testing websites.
    unrar – I still have several friends regrettably tied to the Windows world (in one case it’s Poser and PIRCH98, in another it’s Impulse Tracker, et cetera, et cetera…), and Back In The Olden Days we’d use rar a lot, so I still have some RAR archives I have to deal with from time to time.

    It doesn’t notice the xanim modules, which I’ve got so I can look at a few movie clips that Lesser Enlightened people point out from time to time (they’re used with mplayer, which really Is Free nowadays). Nor does it notice the Netscape Flash plugin, or RealPlayer, kept around for similar reasons. It also doesn’t notice Opera, which I use as an everyday browser (hey, as soon as mozilla.org gets their collective heads screwed on right and seperate “tabbing” through links from tabbing through form elements and then lets you reassign those keys, I’ll be happy to move to it or to something like Galeon). And finally, it obviously doesn’t notice Windows 98 SE, which I keep around mostly so I can run MSIE 6 under Wine, again, to test websites and thusly depress me. 😛

    Philosophically, I’m usually in the position of “Freedom Good! Lack Of Freedom Bad!” But if the free alternative isn’t measuring up in some critical way, I have no worries about going for something that has somewhat reduced freedom in return for somewhat increased quality. I’d love to be able to contribute to projects, but I’ve been trying and failing to retain knowledge of anything C for at least half a decade now. 🙂

    So, yeah, I care, but there’s sometimes precious little I can do about it beyond lots and lots of advocacy. 🙂

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    Subject: All my non-free washing hung out to dry…
    Author: pljones@kerneltrap.org
    Date: Thursday, 2002/08/29 – 22:26
    Hmmm. Let’s see what I’ve installed along the way. And what I can’t live without…

    Win98: Sigh… Occasionally I need to access files produced by some proprietry package under Windows. Or to check whether some website is down or simply broken (incompatible with Konqueror but works with IE6). Or to ensure MSWord and OOo agree on formatting my CV. Staying, including all the non-free installed apps that live on that partition.

    Java: Depended on by vrwave. Both gone.

    blender and povray. Well, maybe blender will be free soon? Anyway, not used so gone, too.

    XEphem. KStars sucks. Staying until something better turns up.

    acroread. KGhostview doesn’t support all the fancy bits. Gone, as I never use the fancy bits, either.

    unrar. Why people use rar for simple compression tasks I don’t know. But there you are – needed.

    *3270. Hmm. Gone. I’m never going to get around to playing with Hercules (IBM mainframe emulator) to the extent I need this…

    Oh and bits and pieces in contrib, too.

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    Subject: NVidia Drviers + Loki
    Author: zadok
    Date: Thursday, 2002/08/29 – 15:19
    I (as far as I can remember =) only have the Nvidia drivers + UnrealTournament (using loki’s UT installer). The card was donated to me, so that’s not my fault. But UT… I NEED MY FRAGS!!


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    Subject: Mine is a dual boot machine
    Author: grolschie
    Date: Thursday, 2002/08/29 – 04:55
    I run Debian (with XMMS, RealPlayer and NVidia drivers) on one partition, and Windows 98SE (with MS Office, loads of games, PaintShopPro and Sonic Foundry’s Acid Xpress) on another.

    Debian GNU/Linux is great, but I am dependant on too many paid-for apps under Bill’s OS.

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    Subject: Just some programs for testing some webpage stuff
    Author: kosh
    Date: Wednesday, 2002/08/28 – 10:08
    According to vrms I have

    acroread Adobe Acrobat Reader: Portable Document Format file vi
    communicator-base-477 Communicator base support for version 4.77
    communicator-smotif-477 Netscape Communicator 4.77 (static Motif)
    netscape-base-477 4.77 base support for netscape
    netscape-java-477 Netscape Java support for version 4.77
    opera The Opera Web Browser

    I need netscape 4.x to test the output of some webpages we build for customers. Basically open the browser see that it renders and all is okay. Same deal with opera. Acrobat is to debug these weird packet reading things it does to a webserver as it grabs pdf files. So while I don’t have anything in proprietary apps I find I need to at least look at some stuff using them for testing purposes.

    Thankfully I only spend about 5-10 mins/month on those apps and can use konqueror and mozilla the vast majority of the time.

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    Subject: semi-free (no commercial use) and games
    Author: xtifr
    Date: Wednesday, 2002/08/28 – 08:41
    The FSF has a separate category for no-commercial-use software — they call it “semi-free”. And, like them, I think this is perfectly reasonable (albeit not as good as truly free software). A lot of software in the non-free archives is really “semi-free”, and I’m happy to use it for myself (although I wouldn’t install it at a client’s site).

    I also make exceptions for pure entertainment: games, music, fiction, etc. I don’t trust non-free software (or, to be more specific, software that doesn’t come with source), and I won’t use it for anything important (like my bills or my work). I wouldn’t use NVidia drivers on a bet (because they require root access to my machine), but I’m willing to run Loki software, because it’s just games, and can’t interfere with anything critical as long as I take reasonable precautions.

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    Subject: I am using a commercial offsh
    Author: rich4421972
    Date: Wednesday, 2002/08/28 – 05:55
    I am using a commercial offshoot of Debian, Libranet, so I said I don’t care, but really I am very caring…
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    Subject: Eh…
    Author: robot101
    Date: Wednesday, 2002/08/28 – 22:15
    Just because your distribution was prepared by people who got paid doesn’t make the software non-free. That just depends on the licensing of it.

    Robster is a monkey
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    Subject: I was dumb
    Author: rich4421972
    Date: Thursday, 2002/08/29 – 21:26
    My commercial Debian version contains StarOffice 5.2, LxDoom, Apache and the in-house installer (called Xadminmenu). I made a mistake with what I was saying so I am very sorry to spread disinformation.
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    Subject: Games and multiple computers
    Author: Miciah
    Date: Tuesday, 2002/08/27 – 22:18
    What constitutes software? I have WAD and PAK files — data files for Doom and Quake, respectively. The engines are Free of course, as is the progs.dat file in Quake’s PAK file; but one might count the non-Free graphics, audio, and other data in WAD and PAK files, as software.

    I have no need for proprietary software, other than games — and maybe in the future, Free game engines will be more popular with game developers.

    Unfortunately, I have family members who are less fanatical about Free software than me, and that leads to one of my three operational computers still running MS Windows and other bad stuff. I suspect this situation is not unique to me. What is the proper answer to the poll? I answered ‘No’, because two of three computers have only Free software, and I avoid the other.

    I just realised: Two of my computers have MS Windows _installed_ but only one runs it. Still, the one I usually use has only Free software, so maybe my vote of ‘Yes’ was indeed correct.

     — Miciah <miciah@myrealbox.com>

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    Subject: Obvious poll choice: ‘Non-free software?’
    Author: Miciah
    Date: Tuesday, 2002/08/27 – 22:27
    Duh — I should have voted, ‘Non-free software?’

     — Miciah <miciah@myrealbox.com>

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