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    Ask Debianplanet…
    Submitted by ressu on Friday, March 30, 2001 – 08:27
    Every now and then we get submissions to Ask Debianplanet which have a direct question, what to do when something happends…
    All these questions should be sent to debianHELP and not to us, the Ask Debianplanet section is ment for questions that are non-techie stuff, like.. how does the debian organization keep track who uploads what
    We cannot quarantee answers for all these questions, but we will do our best to investigate and explain.The questions that have been sent to us have (usually) been forwarded to debianHELP, so if you sent us a question it’s most likely you will find it there.

    Netsnipe: We often get questions in the submissions queue that are either too vague or too broad to be turned into an article without more elaboration. More often than not, we cannot even help with an individual reply to simple questions or to ask one to elaborate his/her submission as they regularly don’t even have any contact details within them. So attach contact details if you ever have questions.

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    Subject: Re: Ask Debianplanet…
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Sunday, 2001/04/01 – 11:06
    Bad ressu!, you must also CaPiTaLiZe more!

    I will add an ispell module for you!

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Re: Ask Debainplanit…
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Friday, 2001/03/30 – 21:42
    Daer Sir:

    I hav notised taht lately posts from debainplanet have had numerus speeling error’s.

    Teh linux comunity depends on the integritty of news site’s liek this one, and loses mineshare with develeper’s if our media cant speel or use right grammer.

    Please try in the furture to proofread befoer you post.

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Re: Ask Debianplanet…
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Friday, 2001/03/30 – 17:52
    “what to do when something happends…”
    “We cannot quarantee”

    *Please* check your spelling before you post.
    Who do you think you are, Cmdrtaco?

    …because spelling counts.

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