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    Debian 2.2r6 released
    Submitted by Anonymous on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 – 15:48
    This is the sixth revision of Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (codename `potato’)
    which mainly adds security updates to the stable release, along with a
    few corrections of serious bugs. Those who frequently update from
    security.debian.org won’t have to update many packages. However, most
    updates from security.debian.org are included in this point release.

    Upgrading to this revision online is usually done by pointing the
    `apt' package tool (see the sources.list(5) manual page) to one of
    Debian's many FTP or HTTP mirrors. A comprehensive list of mirrors is
    available at:


    Security Updates

    This revision adds the following security updates to the stable release.
    The Security Team has already released an advisory for each of these

    Debian Security Advisory ID Package(s)

    DSA 079 UUCP
    DSA 088 fml
    DSA 089 icecast-server
    DSA 099 xchat
    DSA 100 gzip
    DSA 101 sudo
    DSA 102 at
    DSA 103 glibc
    DSA 107 jgroff
    DSA 108 wmtv
    DSA 109 FAQ-O-Matic
    DSA 111 UCD SNMP
    DSA 112 hanterm
    DSA 113 ncurses
    DSA 114 GNU JSP
    DSA 115 PHP3, PHP4
    DSA 116 CFS
    DSA 117 CVS
    DSA 120 mod_ssl, Apache-SSL
    DSA 121 xtell
    DSA 123 listar
    DSA 124 mtr
    DSA 125 analog

    Miscellaneous Bugfixes

    This revision adds important corrections to the following packages.
    Most of them don't affect the security of the system, but may affect
    data integrity.

    dump Fix potential data corruption
    gcc Important fix for ARM architecture
    man2html Prevent bad links
    nfs Support statd callbacks from later 2.2 kernels
    samba Important fix for Alpha architecture
    squid Fix potential DoS

    Removed Packages

    everybuddy Too old for current protocols
    pine Security implications, people should use pine-tracker
    from Woody

    The complete list of all accepted and rejected packages together with
    rationale is on the preparation page for this revision:



    The complete lists of packages that have changed with this revision:



    The current stable distribution:


    Proposed updates to the stable distribution:


    Stable distribution information (release notes, errata etc.):


    Security announcements and information:


    About Debian

    The Debian Project is an organization of free software developers who
    volunteer their time and effort in order to produce the completely
    free operating systems Debian GNU/Linux and Debian GNU/Hurd.

    Contact Information

    For further information, please visit the Debian web pages at
    http://www.debian.org/ or send mail to press@debian.org.

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    Select your prefered way to display the comments and click ‘Update settings’ to activate your changes.

    Subject: Re: Debian 2.2r6 released
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Wednesday, 2002/04/03 – 23:31
    does this mean the the zlib flaw is still there?
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: Debian 2.2r6 released
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Thursday, 2002/04/04 – 08:23
    Yes, still there. The version on ftp.debian.org is zlib1g_1.1.3-5.deb.

    Whereas security.debian.org has zlib1g_1.1.3-5.1

    How could that happen?

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: Debian 2.2r6 released
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Thursday, 2002/04/04 – 11:47
    [ Please login, or register ]

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    Debian Security Announcements
    DSA-721 squid
    DSA-720 smartlist
    DSA-719 prozilla
    DSA-718 ethereal
    DSA-717 lsh-utils
    DSA-716 gaim
    DSA-715 cvs
    DSA-714 kdelibs
    DSA-713 junkbuster
    DSA-661 f2c

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