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    Debian Control Center
    Submitted by LPR on Monday, December 30, 2002 – 18:22
    DebianSearching for a content management system, I found this: Debian Control Center. Maybe somebody saw this earlier. It seems a interesting idea. A possible module could be a DSA module: it downloads the RDF and shows the info. And of course, the netconfig module 😉
    Category: News

    Control panel

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    Subject: Debian, the hard way?
    Author: LPR
    Date: Saturday, 2003/01/04 – 12:25
    Hello, I had read the comments and I want to add some words:

    1. I said “interesting idea”, not “interesting program”. I like to have a Debian Control Center, modular, easy to use, etc.
    2. “Poor GUI”. I wonder if the persons who posted, saw aptitude in its earlier stages of development… and now it’s a good replacement for dselect… (sic)
    3. “Gnome-System-Tools”. No, this not the answer… at least for me. Why? Well… it’s GNOME specific and what about (KDE|WindowMaker|FluxBox|BlackBox|IceWM|wm2|xfce|oroborus|ion|<your window manager>) users? I don’t want a Control Center so specific and dependent of a desktop environment. It’s like to say “Hey people look this window manager!” and the answer is.. “Gnome exists…” (double sic…)


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    Subject: gnome system tools
    Author: hobbes
    Date: Saturday, 2003/01/04 – 20:00
    The gnome system tools backend is not gnome specific. You can write a front end for any desktop environment you like, even web based, but use the gst backend.
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