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    Debian GNU/Linux (woody) 3.0r1 Released
    Submitted by robster on Monday, December 16, 2002 – 14:22
    DebianThe latest version of Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (woody) has been released. This revision includes a selection of security and important package updates (and some package removals). All users running Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r0 should upgrade to 3.0r1 via an “apt-get upgrade”. Full details can be found in Martin Schulze’s post
    Category: News

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    Subject: I prefer adherance to policy
    Author: Crag
    Date: Tuesday, 2002/12/17 – 23:12
    If the users don’t like the policy, there are ways to get it changed. If the policy is not adhered to strictly, it’s far more difficult to make decisions because noone knows which way is ‘up’.

    Policy should not be law, it should be the map used to navigate the ethereal world of interrelations. When it turns out to be wrong or misleading, it should be changed. All maps should be drawn in pencil. It is not the strictness of a policy but the inflexibility which makes it inapropriate for a group.

    From what I know your analysis of the situation is dead on, but the solution is to fix the policy, not to break or ‘bend’ it.

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    Subject: Policy as law
    Author: hazelsct
    Date: Thursday, 2002/12/19 – 18:13
    I’m not quite sure what you mean by, “Policy should not be law”, I think law is a useful analogy.

    A map is quite different: it’s a representation of something very real, and if inaccurate, that’s because it fails to conform with reality. There is no “reality” here to be different from, only a set of objectives for a functioning system, objectives which vary from person to person, so we come together and agree on “policy” which sort of helps us to meet all of our objectives. Just like a law, except submission is voluntary here.

    Back to law, it is written by imperfect people, and deliberately does not *dictate* its interpretation in every situation. Considerable leeway is given to human beings, in the form of juries and judges, to interpret it according to common understandings, e.g. “Okay, you ran that red traffic light, but with your mother-in-law’s hands around your neck at the time it was understandable, no fine.”

    Why is it that so many people treat policy as a set of unalterable dictates? We’ve made exceptions in the past (e.g. Mozilla M18 upgrade in potato mentioned earlier; hundreds if not thousands of packages are released without conforming perfectly to all aspects of policy), and I hope will make exceptions in the future. This clearly is a situation calling for an exception.

    -Adam P.

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