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    Debian Installer alpha available
    Submitted by robster on Saturday, December 07, 2002 – 22:20
    DebianThe Debian Installer project are pleased to announce an alpha version of the new Debian-Installer project which is the actively developed replacement for the much maligned boot-floppies installer. This initial alpha is only available for i386, as although ports to other architectures are progressing well, the team feels they are too immature to be released as alphas at this time. The installer is able to provide a useable Debian system however this is only alpha quality and so the usual disclaimers apply. Special attention would be appreciated on CDROM installations and on IDE hardware.

    Nearly all user interaction in debian-installer is through debconf (cdebconf in particular) and although d-i currently ships with a simple textual based interface switching this for gtk/slang/dialog/automated frontends will be relatively easy.

    Feedback, bug reports and installation reports should be submitted to the Debian BTS against the installation-reports pseudo package using the template provided in /root on the installed system.

    The images required for installation are available here and Tollef’s full post to debian-devel-announce is here. A Sarge pre-release ISO image is also available.

    Category: News

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    Subject: Re: Stepping back.. from what?
    Author: ironstorm
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/09 – 16:45
    Have you tried it?

    If it were just buggy, I could at least say “it looks like it has
    potential just needs some polish”.

    This is not worthy of the title ALPHA… this is a test release
    (and there’d be nothing wrong with calling it that).
    Alpha implies we can see the end goal from here…

    If the end goal is a bunch of text prompts that few people who
    have not installed woody or potato would have any idea how to
    answer, with no available help then we are better off using the
    old curses-based (or whatever it is) text installer.

    It is a step backwards in usablility.

    [ return ]


    Subject: he had issues with your seman
    Author: Caoilte
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/09 – 20:27
    he had issues with your semantics (ie vision) and now you imply that all you have issues with is the semantics of them calling it an alpha release.


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