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    Debian Installer Beta 4 Relased
    Submitted by robster on Monday, May 03, 2004 – 14:37
    DebianJoey Hess has now announced the fourth beta of debian-installer. This beta includes support for 9 out of the 11 Debian supported architectures (and mips will be available soon). One of the most interesting things about this release is the experimental support for the 2.6 kernel on i386 and the localisation into 35 different languages. Users are encouraged to download and test the new installer and send in an installation report.
    Category: News

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    Subject: Tried out the business card image last night, but…
    Author: kly
    Date: Sunday, 2004/06/13 – 14:13
    I think there are a few things I miss from the old installer.

    1.) Partitioning: It’s nice to have some pre-defined layouts (which of course there is no trouble fine tuning), but it might be better to have an fdisk or cfdisk choice as well. That way I could start from scratch and wouldn’t have to edit the layouts. Maybe this option is there but I missed it somehow?

    2.) Chose to install woody. It detected my nic ok and installed the base system over the net. Rebooted, but then couldn’t continue with the installation because the kernel image they gave me by default (2.4.18-k7) had no module for the NE2000 cards. So it’s really not the installer’s fault. But maybe the option to load manually from a list of modules would be cool. If there is a way around this let me know.

    Everything else seemed to be really good. I rebooted and used the installer to install sarge, but I would have preferred woody.

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    Subject: Excellent.
    Author: LukeyBoy
    Date: Friday, 2004/06/11 – 13:53
    I’ve been using this old, horrible net-install image and it’s lacked support for many of the new system features that my boxes at work have (specifically the nForce2 IDE chipset and 3COM onboard NIC). So I’d bludgeon the old kernel onto it – after temporarily installing a compatible network card – and then compile a new kernel with the right features.

    So today I finally tried out this installer (I was scared of the beta label) and it worked great – flawlessly! The nForce2 IDE is supported, the NIC is supported, and the install process itself is very streamlined and fast. I immediately installed it on every spare system I can lay my hands on 🙂

    My thanks to everyone that made this such a nice system – your work is definitely appreciated!

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    Subject: I like it
    Author: mick_nobody
    Date: Thursday, 2004/05/20 – 23:01
    I love the new installer! Worked flawlessly on 2 i386 installs and I’m going to try it on the Sparc5 this weekend…
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    Subject: I too have used this on my ma
    Author: Hitman_Forhire
    Date: Sunday, 2004/05/30 – 05:33
    I too have used this on my main rig, I”m loving it so far. It had the 2.4 kernel so I used this faq:

    …to upgrade to 2.6, I’m loving it with no errors 🙂

    My PLUG http://www.openpaducah.net/

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    Subject: My test run (newbie)
    Author: Dalton
    Date: Sunday, 2004/05/16 – 10:56
    First let me say I am a newbie and after using debian. I am may be running back to mandrake. Its not that I dont like debian. I do, I am just limited on time and I have new hardware. Please dont respond with comments trying to show me how smart you are with out solutions.
    Here is my review as a newbie 1. I loved the new installer (good job)
    2. I dont know what you did with xfree86 4.3 , but you did it right!(thanks) it picked up my nivida geforce4 card.(keep up the good work)
    3. I like the auto detect of my nic card.
    the problems I had was 1. grub did not show my windows disk ( yes it is a dual boot) as a newbie I would never try linux with out duel boot
    2. lokkit firewall did not set the iptables correctly and locked me out from the internet.
    I may play with woody ( the distro) before going back to mandrake but keep up the good work
    Note* To all REAL NEWBIES the difference I have found between linux distro’s you have to pay for like mandrake, and free truely free one’s like debian is Debian gives you the FULL package , where mandrake made me join a club to get packages to make my games and hardware work right. I would fell better giving my money to help debian which is truely free then to be force into a club to get what I should have had in the first place…peace
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    Subject: This should be correctable
    Author: JoeBuck
    Date: Thursday, 2004/05/20 – 22:04
    It shouldn’t be that hard to detect the Windows partition at installation time and add a few lines to the grub.conf to make it a choice. There’s enough time to do that before the release. You could file a bug report against the installer.

    Also, the incorrect firewall setup is a bug. Remember, this is a beta, and the reason for a beta is to shake out problems like this.

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    Subject: Can’t get it to recognize my NIC
    Author: bidaum
    Date: Friday, 2004/05/14 – 16:54
    I can’t get the network setup because it fails to load the via-rhine module… anyone know how I can load this myself so dhcp will work?
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Loading modules manually
    Author: josh
    Date: Monday, 2004/05/17 – 01:10
    Switch to the console with a shell in it (use Ctrl-Alt-Functionkey), and type “modprobe via-rhine”.

    Also, please send a bugreport to the discover maintainer and the debian-boot list, with the output of “lspci -n” as root and the corresponding module to use, so that future installers will detect it automatically.

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    Subject: Questions to those who have tried it?
    Author: grolschie
    Date: Thursday, 2004/05/13 – 23:36
    After the installation are you left with a working X, Sound System, Printer, Modem, Network, etc? Or are these all to be manually hacked like with Potato and Woody? Knoppix and SuSE both seem to get a decent working desktop environment. How far along is DI beta4?
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Great success with three different systems.
    Author: bowill
    Date: Sunday, 2004/05/30 – 15:58
    Yesterday, I used the expert26 option to install on three different systems (one desktop and two laptops), and I was quite impressed with how well hardware detection and auto-configuration worked on each of them. In all three cases, X, sound, wired networking, and e-mail all worked flawlessly after installation was complete.

    I didn’t setup my printer, yet, I don’t use a modem, and I waited until after the install was complete to setup my wireless cards for the laptops, so I can’t comment on any of them.

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Tasksle and other stuff
    Author: PC1
    Date: Saturday, 2004/05/08 – 20:43
    I have tried to install it (Sarge via the netinstall disk, 110MB) with Linux 2.6.5-1 on my old laptop (233MHz, 96MB RAM) on a 1.3GB partition but if I needed to put the “Desktop” option in Tasksel, I am out of space (adds both Gnome and KDE; aptitude was a maze for me and did not work well). So I installed the base system, X-Windows, and the networking stuff.

    I was able to get to X-Windows after the installation. I later installed Synaptic. I also installed XFCE4. After that, the X-Windows is not working anymore. After logging in thru the XDM (and later GDM), I get the mouse pointer (arrow) but nothing else.

    This can be avoided if the choice of installing only one of the Desktop enviroments is availble thru Tasksel and not to get both Gnome and KDE as the only choice (both need more memmory, space, and processing power). There should be an option to install XFCE4 or FluxBox as a desktop enviroment. I tried to go thru aptitude to no avail.

    I would like to mention that I had an installation error due to corrupt files twice inspite a successful ISO md5 checksum. The ISO from 5/7/04 seems to be working fine. (NO it is not due to the CD, I am using the same stuff including the CDR-W).

    I also installed it (Linux 2.6.5-1) on my desktop partition (800MHz, 512 RAM, ATI 128 Rage pro) and I have Gnome and KDE (space is not an issue here), but with autodeection, I ended up with an 800×600 on a monitor that ca support 1600×1200. The annoying part is that I could not change the settings (yet!) even after running xf86config (!) and I could not find a way to do it thru Gnome or KDE.

    This is frustrating. There should be a better way to install Sarge via the netinstall disk (110MB) on smaller disk space (like a laptop partition) and it would be nice to be able to use Tasksel too since aptitude is still a maze for beginners like myself. It would also be nice to have a better way to change the autodetection settings after the system is up and running (this is not part of the installer).

    I have tried Damn Small Linux ( http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/ ) and Knoppix live CDs on my Desktop and they worked fine (much better detection)except that Knoppix comes with everything I do not need and DSL comes with so little stuff. I will probably go with DSL for my laptop.

    Just my feedback


    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: curious about aptitude trouble
    Author: bowill
    Date: Sunday, 2004/05/30 – 15:48
    I was able to handle the situation that you describe using the “Tasks” list in aptitude, and I found it quite intuitive to use . . . press the arrow key a few times, press enter a few times, press ? to find out that + will mark a package/task for install . . .

    That said, I understand that everyone relates to these interfaces differently. A UI that is perfectly intuitive for one person will be a complete disaster for someone else.

    Was there anything in particular that could have shown up in either the aptitude help screen or the installation howto/faq that would have clarified aptitude for someone with your specific installation needs?

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: partitionning
    Author: ericounet
    Date: Saturday, 2004/05/08 – 16:18

    I tried yesterday the last installer in french, and I could not go further the partionning (nothing to say: terminated) . The last issue worked better in this way, so I used it to install Sarge(new laptop, centrino 1.6Ghz, 512 Mo compaq/hp nx7010).

    I tried the knoppix cd (3.4) and everything was recognised … only to say..


    today (9/05)

    I tried the 2.6 flavor, and now, everything worked like expected, in french and in english.

    Why it was not the same with the 2.4 kernel, I don’t know.

    good job !


    the 12th of mai

    I have to add something. I tried many different boot choices ans saw some problems:

    with the 2.6 kernel: in french, the menu which asks the ip , gateway and other network information never appears. In english, yes.

    With the 2.4 kernel, this part is ok, but the partitionning, not.

    The resolution of the screen with autodetection is 800×600, and with the different flavors of kernels, the card is not recognised the same (ATI for some , xhich is OK, and sometimes, vesa) .. it’s inconsistent.

    the synaptic touchpad is recognised with the 2.4 kernel and works like expected, but not with the 2.6 kernel.

    I continue my explorations (I will try in german and in english ….)




    after some experimentations, here are my remarks :

    I got everything to work… except the “suspend” fonction.


    I try to use the ati driver (from ati): there is a very good acceleration in opengl (quite 8 times), but it is not possible to switch the resolution. Wine is crashing the screen (black screen).
    And there are many freezes (computer blocked)

    The intel firmware works (wifi)

    The synaptic touchpad works

    The modem works

    and now, the “but” problems:

    the computer freezes very often (some parts), with or without the ATI driver from ATI. The mouse continues to work, but it’s not possible to do anything, and if I try to click different icons on my gnome desktop, everything is blocked …

    this with the 2.6 kernel (2.6.5).

    I’ll try with a 2.4 kernel …


    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Same problem
    Author: odavy
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/06/02 – 09:02
    I got the same problem with sarge ISO : can not partition my disk…

    I remain on woody for now.



    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Tested with 2.6 experimental branch
    Author: XaRz
    Date: Thursday, 2004/05/06 – 19:38
    I’ve tested the 2.6 experimental kernel branch of debian sarge install beta4 netinst iso, and I can say that SATA detection hdd worked as expected.

    I only have had a lilte issue with network harware detection (tg3 module) but I’ve solved it manually.

    My hardware is an athlon 2800+ (32bit), MSI kt6 Delta and SATA disk. Now I’m writing the installation report for debian-intaller project people, but my first impression is highly positive. Good work!

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Still waiting for AMD64 release
    Author: Rainer Koenig
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/05/05 – 06:17
    Nice that it supports 9 architectures now. Not nice, that AMD64 is still excluded. Especially since I have a dual opteron workstation here that would like to try out Debian as well.
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: Still waiting for AMD64 release
    Author: cryptr
    Date: Monday, 2004/05/24 – 08:22
    Well thats not really Debian’s fault is it?

    – Thirty years after its creation, UNIX still remains a phenomenon –

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Anyone tried it with 2.6?
    Author: esekla
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/05/04 – 04:39
    In particular I’d like ALSA to be auto-configured for my sound card (emu10K) as that’s the one part of the upgrade I never got going on my own.
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Yes, alsa work with 2.6
    Author: XaRz
    Date: Friday, 2004/05/07 – 17:02
    I’ve tested a via motherboard (integrated soundcard) and debian-installer detect the modules and the debian packages do the rest for the configure options.
    All is working nicely 😉
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: alsa-base and hotplug
    Author: ressu
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/05/04 – 14:19
    If you want ALSA to work, install alsa-base and hotplug from the unstable (yes, they will hit testing eventually) the current state they are in, the configuration is automatic! (i was actually really surprised about this) Try it out..

    I think it’s time to show our gratitude for the debian-alsa team.

    My opinions are mine, and mine only.. get your own opionions!

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: It’s looking good
    Author: TekMate
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/05/04 – 02:15
    I just tried it and had no problems it’s coming along great. I think the partitioning parts are still a little too complex for Joe User but other than that first class.

    CafeComputer home of Yet another Linux FAQ
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    Subject: Icons
    Author: Puggs
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/05/05 – 01:16
    I cant remember is the manual/faq/howto explains what all the possible icons are in the partitioning tool – maybe they should?
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Icons
    Author: osamu
    Date: Sunday, 2004/05/09 – 16:10
    As for Icons in partition table, was not there HELP screen explaining all the details. Try clicking HELP button or so?


    Visit “Debian Reference”

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    Subject: Autopartitioning
    Author: robster
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/05/04 – 13:56
    Did you try the automatic partitioning widget? Apparently its coming along great.



    Rob ‘robster’ Bradford

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    Subject: Yes I didn’t care for the lay
    Author: TekMate
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/05/05 – 02:33
    Yes I didn’t care for the layout it picked myself.
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