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    Debian is winning on the desktop!
    Submitted by FreeBird on Thursday, January 02, 2003 – 14:46
    DebianAccording to this story at desktoplinux.com, Debian won 1st place in a poll asking

    “Which Linux distribution(s) do you use (or plan to use) on your desktop computer system?”

    Personally I use debian for just about everything, but here in New Orleans it’s not the most popular. Just wondering if Debian is winning popularity, or was there just a lot of Debian users who who visted that site, or something else.


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    Subject: Uhhh, NO
    Author: reynolds_john
    Date: Friday, 2003/01/03 – 00:25
    I’m pretty sure I can read a graph, and Mandrake seems to be out much further in the lead [consistently] than Debian.
    The statement made in desktoplinux.com conflicts with the graphs on the following page, which show that over the past few months Mandrake has topped the list every time.
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    Subject: poll update and my thoughts
    Author: Jacek Podkanski
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/07 – 19:10
    Actually recently there was webmasters comment that Mandrake is in the lead again. I use Mandrake 9.0 and when I installed it fist I had a shock so many things were broken, and I spent frustrating week trying to get things right. Such things like no menus in Windowmaker, or Gnome freezing computer everytime i try to log in, linuxconf not working in KDE, MySQL failing to start from DrakConf (admin utilities) and other things made me think about changing distro.

    Now I have Windows, Mandrake and Debian on one computer. I don’t think that eiter me or Debian is ready yet for Debian becoming my main distro, replacing Mandrake, but when I first installed Mandrake 9.0 I really thought about it.

    What I like about Debian is quality. I can put up with difficult installation process and some older software, though it doesn’t seem to be a big problem, because most of it is good enough. What I really miss is some kind of Control Centre, where in one place I would have access to all configuration and administration utilities, even a directory with links to these utilities would do along with some readme file telling you what each program is doing.

    So, maybe one day people fed up with problems other distros have will seriously think about switching to Debian, after all Debian is not too far from being candidate for a leading distro. Just think if any RPM based distro had such old software and so difficult installation process, would it score so high? I still think that your packaging system is lot better than that of Mandrake, not mentioning trouble of finding the RPMS from third CD when you get only two.

    Among people who use the leading distribution are many who are frustrated by such problems that I had. I think many of us would switch to better distro if we had choice. Debian has potential to be the one. But, is it only be potential, or something is being done about such things like better installer and better more integrated configuration utilities.

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    Subject: Re: Uhhh, NO
    Author: opk
    Date: Friday, 2003/01/03 – 11:22
    The key part in the desktoplinux.com statement which you missed is `In the last month’. If you look at the October chart you will see that Debian was down in fifth place.

    So who set up an automated script to repeatedly vote for Debian? 🙂

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