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    Debian 2.2r1 out NOW!
    Contributed by Anonymous on Sunday, November 12 @ 10:22:50 GMT

    Almost three months after the first release of Debian 2.2, Debian 2.2r1 (changelog) has been released. It inlcudes numerous patches, updates and bugfixes.
    The updated packages are:

    Note: official annoucement will be out after all mirrors have catched up

    amiga-fdisk 0.04-5 (source m68k)

    base-config 0.33.2 (source i386)

    base-passwd 3.1.10 (source i386)

    boa (source i386)

    cfengine 1.5.3-6 (all sparc source)

    console-apt (source i386)

    debconf (all source)

    debiandoc-sgml 1.1.44 (all source)

    dedit 0.5.11 (source i386)

    dhcp 2.0pl4-2 (source i386)

    dictd 1.4.9-9 (source i386)

    dvi2ps-fontdata 1.0-5 (all source)

    emacs20-dl 20.7-5 (all source i386)

    eruby 0.0.9-1potato1 (source i386)

    ethereal 0.8.0-1.0.1 (sparc source)

    gettyps 2.0.7j-9 (source i386)

    glibc 2.1.3-13 (sparc all source)

    gnujsp 1.0.0-4 (all source)

    horde 2:1.2.3-0.potato.3 (all source)

    imp 2:2.2.3-0.potato.3 (all source)

    jtex-base 1.8-6 (all source)

    kernel-patch-2.2.10-m68k 2.2.10-8 (all s...

    libnss-ldap 122-1 (source i386)

    libpaper 1.0.3-13.potato1 (source i386)

    libtabe 0.1.8-0.1 (source i386)

    locale-ja 18 (all source)

    locale-zh 0.9+0.05-5 (all source)

    lprng 3.6.12-8 (source i386)

    maildrop 0.75-2.1 (source i386)

    make 3.79.1-1.potato.1 (all source i386)

    makedev 2.3.1-46.2 (all source)

    masqmail 0.0.12-3 (source i386)

    mew 1:1.94.2-2 (source i386)

    mgetty 1.1.21-3 (all source i386)

    modutils 2.3.11-10 (source i386)

    mozilla M18-3 (source i386)

    mule-ucs 0.63-3 (all source)

    mule2 2.3+19.34-7potato7 (all source i38...

    mutt 1.2.5-4 (source i386)

    netkit-ntalk 0.10-8 (source i386)

    netkit-telnet 0.16-4potato.1 (source i38...

    netscape4.75 4.75-2 (all source i386)

    netscape4.base 1:4.75-2 (source i386)

    ntop 1.2a7-11 (source i386)

    osh 1.7-6 (source i386)

    pax 1:1.5-8 (source i386)

    pcmcia-cs 3.1.20-2 (all source i386)

    php3-dbase 3:3.0.18-0potato1 (source i38...

    php3 3:3.0.18-0potato1 (all source i386)

    php4 4.0.3pl1-0potato1 (all source i386)

    powerpc-utils 1.1.3-2 (powerpc source)

    procmail 3.13.1-4 (source i386)

    readline2 2.1-20 (source i386)

    screen 3.9.5-9 (source i386)

    sendmail-wide 8.9.3+3.2W-23 (source i386...

    setiathome 3.0-6 (source i386)

    sgml-tools 1.0.9-13 (source i386)

    skkinput 1:2.03-3.potato.1 (source i386)

    sysklogd 1.3-33.1 (powerpc arm source sp...

    task-x-window-system-core 1.2 (source i3...

    tcsh 6.09.00-10 (all source i386)

    tmpreaper 1.4.12 (source i386)

    traceroute-nanog 6.0-2 (source i386)

    traceroute 1.4a5-3 (source i386)

    xchat 1.4.3-0.1 (all source i386)

    xcin 2.5.2-1 (source i386)

    xfonts-baekmuk 2.0-2potato (all source)

    xfree86-1 3.3.6-11 (all source i386)

    xlockmore 4.15-10 (source i386)

    xpdf 0.90-7 (source i386)

    yaboot 0.9-0.29-1 (powerpc source)

    zope 2.1.6-5.1 (source i386)

    zsh 3.1.9.dev6-7 (all source i386)

    boot-floppies 2.2.17 (all source i386)

    dpkg 1.6.15 (all source i386)

    curl 6.0-1.1 (powerpc arm sparc source i...

    doc-debian 2.2.2 (all source)

    nis 3.8-0.1 (powerpc arm sparc source i3...

    curl-ssl 6.0-1.2 (powerpc arm sparc sour...

    gnupg 1.0.4-1 (source i386)

    xpdf-i 0.90-7 (source i386)

    wdm 1.20-0.0potato1 (source i386)

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  • "Debian 2.2r1 out NOW!" | Login/Create Account | 3 comments

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    Re: Debian 2.2r1 out NOW! (Score: 2, Informative)
    by Pflipp on Monday, November 13 @ 00:23:22 GMT
    (User Info)

    Finally! Mozilla M18 installed by means of apt, without having to upgrade to Unstable! (There was something terribly wrong the first time I loaded it, but this was probably due to a bad de-install of M17 from the Galeon apt repository; when I put on my computer for the 2nd time today, it just plain old worked!)

    Too bad that Galeon is still built exclusively for Woody... But Mozilla M18 is needed in the near future anyway, for Nautilus.

    I really was afraid that the folks at Debian considered the latest Mozilla to be of no importance to Potato. Glad to see that they made the right decisions, and not just put Mozilla on hold because of a rule-of-thumb that a newer major version should not go into stable (or whatever the rule-of-thumb for these things is).

    I have been using Debian irregularly since 2.0 (hamm, iirc), but came back for full-time use with the release of 2.2, and I must say that I am still astonished with it, and with how it differs from other distro's (I guess you know these arguments). Today I am yet again astonished, first to see revision 1 being released while I didn't even realize people were working on it, and second to see that they did what I didn't dare dream of, and update Mozilla. Whoopee!



    [ Reply ]

    How to upgrade (Score: 1)
    by donfede on Monday, November 13 @ 16:50:13 GMT
    (User Info)

    As a user of 2.2 r0, do I need to do anything out of the ordinary to upgrade to 2.2 r1, or is it the usual apt-get update; apt-get upgrade?



    [ Reply ]

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