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    Re: Debian from source (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 21 @ 20:54:16 BST

    i686 optimized binaries for example?

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    Re: Debian from source (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 21 @ 21:01:52 BST

    Lets see:

    If you have really new hardware, you might be able to use hardware-specific compiler flags which would make the system run slightly faster. Since your machine is fast, it won’t take long to compile, so you won’t mind so much that the performance boost is trivial.

    If you have really OLD hardware, say a low-memory 486, compiling from scratch would let you use the hardware-specific compiler flags which are usually the lowest-common-denominator settings used to compile the stock binaries. The good thing here is that you might be able to set some things in the make file to reduce memory use at the expense of something else. The performance gain there could be significant, which is good, because the compiles might take days if you do it on the old box.

    Looks to me as if the real gain might come from the kind of hand-tweaking which might not automate well. I also think that a sensible approach for the old boxes would be to compile on a new machine, and make an up-to-date “old-timey Ham” with the latest 2.0 kernel, small-memory install, and settings chosen to work well on old boxes with small memory and slow processors. We always boast that Linux makes efficient use of old harware, but my two old 486 boxes are hard-pressed to run it now, largely because of small (and hard to find) ram. Freedos, on the other hand, just screams. A totally unfair comparison, of course.

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    Re: Debian from source (Score: 1)
    by kvdb on Tuesday, May 21 @ 21:40:59 BST
    (User Info)

    It may be not worth the trouble on a simple gateway. But I like to maximize the performance of my shiny new workstation of course!

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    Debian would be my favourite if.. (Re: Debian from source) (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 21 @ 21:55:26 BST

    main advantages:


    +runtime performance

    +portability (gentoo was ported to ppc and sparc in very short time)

    +bleeding edge packages available within a day as it is pretty easy to write ebuild scripts

    +theoretically full trust in your binaries as you compiled them by yourself (and you always got the sources of your binaries)

    + you got kde3 and xfree4.2 running just smoothly ;))

    main disadvantages:

    -compile time needed is tremendous (this one really hurts, especially on old boxes and laptops)

    -once downloaded/compiled packages can’t be used on other boxes easily as the packages are usually optimized/targetted towards a specific hardware architecture (e.g. march=i686)

    now, i now what i am talking about. i was a debian user too. then i switched to gentoo (before the big hype about it) and i am still using it. i am also developing for it (ebuilds and portage patches and bugfixes). i like it. with gentoo i made linux run on a laptop where all other distros’ installers failed (also debian). but the compile time needed really sucks. and recompilation is needed for every little piece of sh.. uhm update. maybe it gets better once i use ccache, but then, harddisk space will be scarce, not a nice thing on old machines either. my conclusions: debian would be my favorite distro, if

    a) it was compiled for i686 by default (c’mon, that’s reasonable). those wanting debian on 386 can use potato. cool down: most new software (see gnome, kde) will not run fast enough on a 386 box anyway, thus why still supporting it. buy yourself a duron for a few hundred bucks and i promise you that you will be happy with it (it’s definitely worth the money)

    b) it got rid of this stupid, ridiculous “gnu” touch. rms time is over. he really is an egoistic clown who seeks for attention all the time, while completely closing his eyes to all changes/improvements that happen in the world around him. gsus, i am not a darn politician, and i am not a saint either! i just want to run a decent linux box as nicely as possible! be honest: did you ever ask yourself, if the pills you take from time to time, are “free” (not as in “free beer”) medicine as long as it blows away your headache? see.

    [ No Comments Allowed for Anonymous, please register | Parent ]

    What is ‘3|33+’ ? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, May 27 @ 01:19:31 BST

    What does this stand for or mean?

    [ No Comments Allowed for Anonymous, please register | Parent ]

    Re: Debian from source (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 29 @ 13:37:29 BST

    Not only could you maintain your own sub-distro where you *don’t* have CFLAGS=”-O2 -g” (grrrr), but you could unify your choice of configure options as well. E.g., how do I say “everything installed on this box wants to be ipv6-aware if at all possible”?

    I can, and do, do exactly this with Gentoo.

    [ No Comments Allowed for Anonymous, please register | Parent ]

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