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    What about kde3 beta / rc packages in unstable ?
    Contributed by Anonymous on Friday, February 15 @ 13:11:54 GMT

    I wonder why there are no KDE3 beta packages in unstable. With KDE2 beta that was no problem.
    I don't want some realy good and stable packages. It's a kde beta and the packages are maybe in an early stage, so it's ok if they crash my system. 😉

    DanielS: They're ready when they're ready when they're ready. They will not, however, enter unstable for a while. Currently KDE 2.2.2 takes around 2.5gig of archive space. I am not, repeat *not* going to double that load for something this experimental. I'll provide .deb's when they're ready, but not in unstable. That comes after the KDE 3 final release.

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  • "What about kde3 beta / rc packages in unstable ?" | Login/Create Account | 39 comments

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    Save it for gnome (Score: 2, Funny)
    by Anonymous on Friday, February 15 @ 14:51:10 GMT

    Good Plan, save the archive space for gnome 2 beta 😉

    [ Reply ]

    not a good idea (Score: 2, Interesting)
    by jaldhar (jaldhar at debian org) on Friday, February 15 @ 15:34:56 GMT
    (User Info)

    The disk space argument is bogus. We have all kinds of crap in the ftp archive already with new stuff coming in every day. Adding KDE3 into the mix is not going to hurt. Sure you can add an apt source somewhere else but what does that buy you?

    the stability argument is bogus. I've been running off a CVS copy for a while and it is certainly stable enough for unstable.

    Some people need KDE3 right now. Me for instance. 2.2 plus other stuff on my system leaks memory to the point where I had to reboot every 36 hours. I'm not blaming KDE but it was KDE 3 beta that fixed it. I am capable of dealing with CVS but what about those of our users who cannot (or have compiling space/speed issues?)

    Open source has no QA department. If we expect the KDE3 launch (note we don't know exactly when that will be) to be successful people have to use the betas and report bugs back to the developers. Debian being on so many architectures and Debian users being more clueful on average can provide valueable feedback.

    finally, I understand and sympathize with the "when it is ready" argument but if you are biting off more than you can chew please don't hesitate to ask for help. Thanks to the generous support of Ron Johnson, I am now in a position where I can help somewhat. If you ask I'm sure other developers will pitch in.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What about kde3 beta / rc packages in unstable ? (Score: 1)
    by techgod on Friday, February 15 @ 22:48:53 GMT
    (User Info)

    I have to agree with DanielS. One thing you guys need to remember is the Debian standard of stability. It's the main thing that drew me to Debian in the first place. UnLike, Red Hat, who seems to believe in release it now and fix it later, the Debian version prides itself on being as stable as possibe. Yes, it may sacrifice not being current with all packages, but isn't that's what it's all about? If I am running a production server, or desktop, I want something that is proven to be stable. And, yes I do understand you're talking about the unstable version, but to keep the philosophy, you have to keep it everywhere.

    Look at Red Hat, they put out a new version every 6 months. Now they are talking about a new version, seperate from the regular edition, that will be proven before release. HELLO....Why not just fix your current version. Every year Red Hat sounds more and more like Micro$ucks. Is that what you want? I'd rather packages getting put in when they are ready. I mean, it's not like you can't just down load the latest KDE beta and compile it yourself.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What about kde3 beta / rc packages in unstable ? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Friday, February 15 @ 23:32:44 GMT

    Instead of thinking of getting KDE3 into Unstable, why not concentrate on getting all of KDE 2.2.2 into Woody?

    Right now, there are still a few bits of KDE 2.1.x in Woody (KMail is a good example), so shouldn't the priority be given to giving Woody a complete, finished KDE 2.2.2 before even touching KDE3?

    And besides, KDE3 isn't final yet. Once 2.2.2 gets completed for Woody *and* that the KDE people put out v3 "for real", *then* it will be ok to think of putting it into Sid. Not before.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What about kde3 beta / rc packages in unstable ? (Score: 1)
    by danrees on Saturday, February 16 @ 11:54:25 GMT
    (User Info)

    I think I'm right in saying that most people running sid are developers, and that "average" home users like myself are running woody. If you're running sid then surely you are capable of downloading the source and compiling it yourself?

    As has been said before, I would rather KDE 2.2 get completely done for Woody than KDE3 be rushed into sid when the source is changing regularly anyway.

    DanielS: Will KDE 2.2 be the final version of KDE in Woody, or are there plans to get KDE 3 in to Woody, time and testing permitting?

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What about kde3 beta / rc packages in unstable ? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Saturday, April 06 @ 11:55:34 BST

    KDE 3 is out !! So I think it is no more "experimental", as Daniel says... Creating kde3 packages for debian unstable will help the KDE team to fix the remaining bugs. And will allow users to have kde3 without compiling it, which takes a long time.

    [ Reply ]

    So what's up? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Saturday, April 13 @ 21:49:43 BST

    It's been a while since KDE 3.0 was released, where are the packages? 🙂

    This monster just takes too long to compile.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What about kde3 beta / rc packages in unstable ? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, April 14 @ 07:43:51 BST

    Where are the KDE3 packages for Debian?

    Where are the XFree86 4.2.x packages for Debian?

    [ Reply ]

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