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    New Internet Land Speed Record! 6 Woody CDs in 78 seconds!
    Posted on Wednesday, May 22 @ 15:57:34 BST

    Despite the recent expression of disappointment over Woody's delayed
    release by many, we can all at least be very proud now that Debian
    GNU/Linux is now officially the fastest operating system in the world
    setting a new
    of 401 megabits/second over 12,272 km. Making the victory
    ever sweeter is that we've dethroned Microsoft who previously held the
    Internet Land Speed Record of 830 megabits/second over 5,626 km that
    was set in March

    Congratulations to the team consisting of the University of Alaska at
    Fairbanks; the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam and
    SURFnet, the national computer network for higher education and
    research in the Netherlands, and thanks for very much for
    demonstrating to the world that Debian GNU/Linux still has what it
    takes to be up with the very best.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed that one day we can also dethrone
    FreeBSD's load handling record of two
    terabytes in a single day off a single server. The Debian project has
    an official press release here.

    Now if only someone could donate this connection (which is 8000 times
    faster than my poor overworked 56K modem) to me seeing how bad broadband in
    Australia is becoming.

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  • "New Internet Land Speed Record! 6 Woody CDs in 78 seconds!" | Login/Create Account | 22 comments

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    Re: New Internet Land Speed Record! 6 Woody CDs in 78 seconds! (Score: 2, Insightful)
    by wobin on Wednesday, May 22 @ 17:07:38 BST
    (User Info)

    Well well,

    I guess now is the time to get those 1Gb interfaces on my matter-transmitters...

    [ Reply ]

    Re: New Internet Land Speed Record! 6 Woody CDs in 78 seconds! (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 22 @ 22:27:36 BST

    Well that's pretty cool, nice to see some good publicity. Still don't get to cocky after all any linux box could do it, i don't think the package management had anything to do with it. Also given the chance FreeBSD probably could acheive the same thing. Probably plenty of non-free systems could have done it as well. It's cool that they chose a linux system to do this, but the network is the real topic here not what the nodes on either end where running.

    [ Reply ]

    One Woody CD in 78 seconds! (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, May 23 @ 04:16:38 BST

    Correction, that was ONE (1) CD in 78 seconds, not SIX (6) as the article heading suggests.

    [ Reply ]

    Last I checked, 403 < 830 (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, May 23 @ 06:53:55 BST


    I admit it; I've been out of grad school for over 10 years, and my math is a bit rusty. So would someone PLEASE explain how/why moving Debian at 401 Mbps is better/faster/cooler than moving Microsoft at 830 Mbps? (aside from the obvious Jab about Microsoft being unsafe at any speed, of course.)

    Honestly, I don't get it - why is this a new record? What am I missing?

    [ Reply ]

    Re: New Internet Land Speed Record! 6 Woody CDs in 78 seconds! (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Friday, May 24 @ 11:50:04 BST

    Now that you mention the delay : from that announcement :

    "As such,

    an alternate arrangement, involving some moderately significant changes

    to the existing autobuilder system are being made, which should become

    active over the next week or so."

    That was april 30. After those changes I guess it would take another couple of days to test and maybe fix a few things and build it. So... We're 3 weeks further... Any updates on the status ???

    [ Reply ]

    Re: New Internet Land Speed Record! 6 Woody CDs in 78 seconds! (Score: 0, Troll)
    by Vepeti on Friday, May 24 @ 14:40:10 BST
    (User Info)

    How can Debian be the fastest OS. It's not an OS. You mean Linux instead P


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