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    Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth
    Contributed by robot101 on Sunday, June 10 @ 05:25:11 BST

    Myth has excelled himself with a brilliant set of Mozilla 0.9.1 packages which are awaiting your attention at:

    deb /
    deb-src /

    These packages include various patches from Mozilla hackers to fix bugs with the release, remove debugging menus, and remove the need for hackish wrappers around programs like Galeon. Mozilla 0.9.1 is really fast, very good looking AND more stable than ever - check it out! These packages will be the basis for the mozilla-nocrypto packages that will hit main soon - and they will stay around to provide crypto for those who want. Depending on the crypto ruling they'll either go into main, or Myth will work out a way to get just libnss and psm into a package in non-US.


    ElectricElf: It should also be noted that there is a second set of unofficial Mozilla packages available from "deb ./" Only 0.9.0 at post-time, but there are also mozilla-cvs packages, from two days after the release of 0.9.1. Have fun, guys 🙂

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    Unofficial Mozilla 0.9 and compatible Galeon and Nautilus debs.

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  • "Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth" | Login/Create Account | 31 comments

    The comments are owned by the poster. We aren't responsible for their content.

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: -1)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 06:40:35 BST

    Hate to ask it, but will there be a nautilus-mozilla package compiled against Myth's Mozilla?

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 08:25:24 BST

    apt-get install nautilus-mozilla

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 08:37:24 BST

    apparently not then, since apt comes up with zero.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 1, Interesting)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 09:28:31 BST

    First of all, 0.9.1 does look good in general, but it broke remote control [-remote "openURL(")]. Try it but be ready to push the reset button (or ssh from another machine if you have the option, I don't). So, I still can't please VRMS by purging Netscape 🙁

    Second, do the new packages AT LAST separate mail, news and chat? I have posted about it here before; it REALLY IS VERY important. Please. A nightly build downloaded via the installer and trimmed to just Navigator+PSM runs OK on my machine, albeit clearly pushing the limit; but the whole thing is completely impractical. This is with 64M RAM + 56M swap. I don't think this is so atypical - is it?

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 2, Informative)
    by ilmari (ilmari -at- ziggen -dot- com) on Sunday, June 10 @ 10:03:36 BST
    (User Info)

    Kitame's packages separate mailnews, psm, chatzilla and xmlterm from the main mozilla browser package (and he also provides a task-mozilla package that depends on them all)

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 19:14:40 BST


    itz:/home/itz# cat /etc/apt/sources.list | grep pandora

    deb ./

    itz:/home/itz# apt-get update > /dev/null

    itz:/var/cache/apt# apt-cache search mozilla chat

    mozilla - An Open Source WWW browser for X and GTK+



    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 22:20:41 BST

    Go to the URL, under lynx if you wish,

    and see for yourself.

    You CAN install them separately.

    Your way of doing things seems pretty strange to me !

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 19:12:02 BST

    Myth's packages have been separate for quite some time now. As have the Ximian packages which IIRC where made by Myth. He does work for them. 🙂

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 1, Informative)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 21:19:02 BST

    I tried Myth's packages and they ARE indeed separated, not only that but the remote bug seems to be fixed there! This is the first really usable Mozilla ever! Great job and thanks.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0©9©1 packages from Myth (Score: 2, Informative)
    by Robot101 (robot1<zero> on Sunday, June 10 @ 21:21:39 BST
    (User Info)

    The 'remote' thing is obsoleted© The 'mozilla' command is a wrapper which sends any URLs to any running instances of Mozilla©

    I havn't found it to be unstable, and Myth's packages have been seperated and stripped of debugging info since his version 0©7 hit Ximian©

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0©9©1 packages from Myth (Score: 2, Informative)
    by Anonymous on Monday, June 11 @ 01:13:41 BST

    How does the mozilla wrapper do it? By passing

    the -remote argument to mozilla.bin.

    Fortunately, as I wrote in another post, it DOES

    work in Myth's package, unlike the release. It must be one of the contributed hacks.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 09:41:36 BST

    remove the need for hackish wrappers around programs like Galeon.

    So does that mean that with these packages, I should be able to just alien the Galeon 0.11 rpm and everything will be hunky-dory?

    Also, whatever happened to whoever was doing Galeon .debs? The website doesn't even seem to exist anymore.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 0, Overrated)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 13:18:42 BST

    Doesn't change the fact that Mozilla is still pretty rubbish compared to konqueror (and I have tried 0.9.1).

    • Konqueror is faster (quite a lot faster on my Dual PII 450s)
    • Konqueror can use AA fonts because of QT. (GTK support is still a way away
    • Konqueror is smaller

    The only think Mozilla has going for it is a better CSS implimentation. But I don't often need that.

    apt-get install konqueror today and give it a shot

    (Unfortunately both browsers have such crap bookmark editors they are unusable)

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, June 14 @ 01:43:50 BST

    Gecko has faster and more beautyfull page rendering. Some people like that (like me) and some people prefer it lightweight and speedy (like you). So STFU and let people use what they like to use.

    [ Reply ]

    Galeon has nice bookmarks (Score: 1)
    by abo on Thursday, June 14 @ 07:22:20 BST
    (User Info)

    Galeon has very nice bookmark handling, and some neat tabbed windows stuff for things like popups etc. I find mozilla big and ugly, but Galeon using gecko is now my browser of choice.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 4, Insighful)
    by crazney on Sunday, June 10 @ 13:51:49 BST
    (User Info)

    umm... is it just me.. or is it kinda strange that i can have ssl, konq-ssl, icq-ssl, apache-ssl from the main (sid) tree but not mozilla ssld?


    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 2, Informative)
    by kmcmartin (kyle at achilles dot net) on Sunday, June 10 @ 18:52:38 BST
    (User Info)

    Woah, put down the crack pipe, none of these are in main.

    Package: licq-ssl

    Priority: optional

    Section: non-US

    Package: gabber-ssl

    Priority: optional

    Section: non-US

    Package: openssl

    Priority: optional

    Section: non-US

    Package: apache-ssl

    Priority: optional

    Section: non-US

    Package: kdebase-crypto

    Priority: optional

    Section: non-US

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 2, Interesting)
    by crazney on Monday, June 11 @ 00:49:20 BST
    (User Info)

    ok.. so what.. put mozi where they are then

    not had..

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 2, Informative)
    by Joy (joy@d.o) on Tuesday, June 12 @ 18:25:15 BST
    (User Info)

    Note that non-US = non-US/main which together with the other main (which is really US/main) forms the distribution.

    [ Reply ]

    Question... (Score: 3, Interesting)
    by Trashman on Sunday, June 10 @ 16:31:42 BST
    (User Info)

    ...Why isn't mozilla in sid main? The last package I see is M18. I'm sure there's a realy good reason. I've been switching between NS-4.77 and Konq in the meantime.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Question... (Score: 2, Informative)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, June 10 @ 21:39:11 BST

    'cause there's no easy way to dissect the crypto-code from the rest and thus the packaging needs approval from a lawyer to get into an 'official' debian distro; even one like sid. And to put it into non-us to make distrbution easier. Bit of a weird place for a browser isn't it...

    This was a story I heard a couple of months ago and I havent' heard since. Hopefully a solution can be worked out pretty soon, because IMHO the current situation is ridiculous. 🙁

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 1, Interesting)
    by Anonymous on Monday, June 11 @ 03:14:53 BST

    Any chance that we will have potato debs?

    Some of us prefer the rock-stable potato.


    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, June 11 @ 15:00:58 BST

    Or for woody!


    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 3, Informative)
    by dwhedon on Monday, June 11 @ 23:05:29 BST
    (User Info)

    I compiled these debs for stable, I don't remember if I had to do anything funky with build dependancies, I think all the required ones are available for stable. If I get some time I might make 'unofficial' completely unsuported mozilla stable debs available, but I feel sort of bad doing that.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, June 11 @ 07:16:42 BST

    Amid all this mess, I just wanna know how to get mozilla, nautilus-mozilla and nautilus to play nice with each other. I just FINALLY got the web view in Nautilus to work with Kitame's debs, now all that has gone to hell.

    [ Reply ]

    Debian fragmenting apart?!! (Score: 2, Insighful)
    by abo on Tuesday, June 12 @ 01:39:27 BST
    (User Info)

    Is it just me, or does it seem like Debian is fragmenting to pieces. We have two lots of unofficial Mozilla debs, ancient M18 debs in unstable, Ximian Mozilla debs, Mozilla debs compiled for Galeon, probably Progeny ones too, and god knows what else.

    Can't people get their acts together and co-operate? These fragmented debs cause other problems when people try to create debs that depend on them. I can't find Galeon debs for anything other than the 8.1 Mozilla debs found at the same location.

    How many "unofficial" debs for every different combination of stable/testing/woody/helix/progeny/god-knows-what do we need to make people pull together, before we all start abandoning Debian as the mess that has become.

    When there are so many "unofficial" debs for a package, it must indicate that the official mantainer is dragging his/her feet. This indicates to me kitame or myth should become the official mantainer. Excuses about cypto complicating things are lame... non-US was created because of dumb crypto laws... use it if you have to.

    When Mozilla finally gets a set of usable official debs, then projects like Galeon can have something common to build against and contribute bug reports/etc to. It will help everyone and speed development.

    Now that debian has package pools, there is no reason why we can't put debs compiled against potato and woody in there as well. There is a "proposed-updates" for potato, and woody should automaticly end up with the "most stable" version from sid.

    Even more radical, there could be a whole sepearate "Gnome" distribution with it's own stable/testing/unstable that is dependant on the related base Debian distribution. We sort of already have this with ximian, but it is partialy duplicated in Debian proper, and causes messy conflicts. We either need to adopt ximian as the official Debian Gnome distribution (as many users already have), or create our own official Gnome distribution that leverages and co-operates with Ximian as much as is possible.

    Lets get it together, people!

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Debian fragmenting apart?!! (Score: 2, Informative)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, June 12 @ 13:35:49 BST

    Uh... Myth *is* the official maintainer.And I hardly think that a couple of unofficial debs for a very fast moving project makes Debian a mess. Nice troll though.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Debian fragmenting apart?!! (Score: 2, Interesting)
    by abo on Wednesday, June 13 @ 01:33:09 BST
    (User Info)

    Ok, so maybe I was fishing for a responce 🙂

    But seriously, that comment was posted in a moment of frustration after spending way too much time trying to find a recent Galeon deb and a mozilla that would work with it. I live on the end of a slow link, so every mozilla download _hurts_, and it hurts even more when I find it's not the one I want.

    The responce I wanted was for kitame, myth, and whoever else to start co-operating rather than wasting their time duplicating efforts. I realise that fast moving targets encorage fragmentation, but it seems well past the time for the mozilla debs to start consolidating. It seems that there are fairly standard sources of recent rpms for these, so why not debs?

    I didn't realise that Myth was the official mozilla deb mantainer. Is that a recent development? I'm glad to see that his debs have finaly gone into non-US.

    My comments about a seperate distribution for Gnome are still serious. Particularly significant is the recent announcement of the site for KDE packages. It seems that there will be an official kde add-on distribution... why not a GNOME one next?

    [ Reply ]

    Updated Mozilla 0.9.1 packages from Myth! (Score: 3, Informative)
    by Robot101 (robot1<zero> on Tuesday, June 12 @ 17:08:06 BST
    (User Info)

    Myth has done a version 2:0.9.1-2 which is in non-US incoming and should be in the archive within a few hours. A copy is also at my unofficial site which really is (someone edited it last time, messed up the URL, and plugged a different one instead):

    deb /
    deb-src /

    Also there is a deb of the latest skipstone release which should work with these packages.


    [ Reply ]

    More into the mix (Score: 2, Informative)
    by arcterex on Wednesday, June 13 @ 00:36:22 BST
    (User Info)

    For galeon there is a guy in .fr who is doing nightly CVS compiles of mozilla as well as galeon. They are at:

    deb ./

    Unofficial and everything, just a guy helping out by providing cvs debs for the debian people interested in the galeon project.

    [ Reply ]

    why i386 only? (Score: 1, Insighful)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, June 13 @ 03:13:08 BST


    i am using debian on three powerpc computers but all apt sources mentioned ever on debianplanet are i3386 only apt sources, this may be ok since most of you use i386 machines only, but if you mention apt sources you should also mention that they are for i386 only!

    [ Reply ]

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