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    ISDN-Omatic for Debian?
    Contributed by Anonymous on Monday, October 22 @ 10:39:00 BST

    Ask Debianplanet
    A friend of mine has a Friz PCI ISDN card. I know that it's possible to configure this beast under Debian, as well as the iPPP connection to his ISP, i really have not the slightest clue how, and didn't find any recent Debian-specific doku. Is there any kind of ISDN-Wizard-package, which I could simply apt-get and then enter the ISP's phone number, the username, password and just use a simple command to (dis-)connect?

    DanielS: Hm, not AFAIK; though it can't be that hard to set up? Only as hard as pppd, I'd imagine. (That's not saying much, mind. 🙂

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  • "ISDN-Omatic for Debian?" | Login/Create Account | 6 comments

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    Re: ISDN-Omatic for Debian? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, October 22 @ 11:33:17 BST

    Well it seems like isdn package setup has changed from

    deb 2.1 to 2.2.

    I have set it up on deb 2.1 (with a lot of trouble), and when I upgraded to 2.2 I didnt want the new isdn and I kept all my old isdn files.

    I think isdn setup isnt straightforward enough for wizards to be

    useful (although it would be awesome to see one, that would

    work like say, wvdial).

    [ Reply ]

    Re: ISDN-Omatic for Debian? (Score: 1)
    by zadok on Monday, October 22 @ 11:53:42 BST
    (User Info)

    I found it a nightmare to setup my BT Homehighway ISDN under linux, until I found this site at Specifically this dialisn script that will setup your machine and dial the number for you, just follow the simple instructions on the main site. The site also goes into greater detals on other areas such as answering an incoming call or creating a perminant connection. I used it to create a simple ISDN HOWTO which I've never got round to finishing/correcting.



    [ Reply ]

    Re: ISDN-Omatic for Debian? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, October 22 @ 14:25:20 BST

    Sure something like this works, but it is NOT the Debian way to set up ISDN. Such a setup is rather made for a Slackware linux or so, but not for Debian. Real Debianers are using isdnutils from Paul Slootman 🙂



    [ Reply ]

    Re: ISDN-Omatic for Debian? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, October 22 @ 14:21:47 BST

    I really can not see any problem on this, just follow the instructions from the isdnutils package.

    IIRC it was /usr/share/doc/isdnutils/HOWTO.gz

    It is a detailed description "how to configure isdnutils". Very nice actually. Obviously you need to have the isdnutils package already installed otherwise 'apt-get' it.



    [ Reply ]

    Re: ISDN-Omatic for Debian? (Score: 1)
    by Schoinobates2Volans on Thursday, October 25 @ 02:38:11 BST
    (User Info)

    I found it easier than pppd. Just use isdnconf (or was it isdnconfig? The one that gives you a menu with 3-4 choices) to create the "basic" configuration files (device.ipppN and ipppd.ipppN, for N=0 (and 1 if you want channel-bundling)), look for "XXX_" in the generated files and fill in the values: Your phone number, the ISP's phone number, etc.

    If you are not familiar with pppd yet (ipppd works similarly): you will need to set the name, peername and noauth (and +mp if you want channel bundling) options (for the other ones, the defaults should do). Then add to /etc/ppp/(pap|chap)-secrets:

    yourname peername password

    where none of these words is to be put asis.

    E.g. if your login for the ISP BigCorp is JoeUser and the password JoePwd:

    In ipppd.ippp0:

    name JoeUser

    peername BigCorp


    In /etc/ppp/(chap|pap)-secrets:

    JoeUser BigCorp JoePwd

    [ Reply ]

    Re: ISDN-Omatic for Debian? (Score: 1)
    by Schoinobates2Volans on Thursday, October 25 @ 06:55:33 BST
    (User Info)

    Forgot the dialing:

    If you have put the dialing mode at "auto" in device.ippp0, there's nothing to do, it will dial automatically when it needs to. But then ensure that you have all your local network hosts in /etc/hosts (or in a private DNS server on the LAN), and that no daemon periodically tries to access an Internet ressource.

    If you have put the dialing mode at "manual", the commands are:

    isdnctrl dial ippp0

    isdnctrl hangup ippp0

    There are some graphical dialers if you want: isdnbutton or modemlights_applet (be sure to check "use ISDN" in the properties of the latter)

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