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    And what about Libranet?
    Contributed by che on Saturday, November 10 @ 21:49:09 GMT

    I was wondering if some of debianplanet community were running libranet on their desktops.

    DanielS: My desktops at both home and work are sid; I find it's a) more up-to-date and b) less buggy than woody, in general. If bugs do slip through, it's not hard to downgrade, through multiple deb lines in your apt config, or wait a couple of days for the maintainer to fix it.

    I only put Debian Potato on servers (I'm a sysadmin), but on my desktop I'm running Mandrake 8.1 at the moment. Potato hasn't enough recent packages for me, while I don't have the time for fixing Woody when it breaks (I run woody on a testing machine).

    I had high hopes for progeny and was hoping that Progeny 2.0 would be less beta than the 1.0 version. I guess that won't happen ...

    So I was wondering about libranet. Someone here uses it? How up to date is it? How long does it take to have a libranet package for the latest software (kde2.2, gnome 1.4, etc.)?

    Or is it just an easier to install potato/woody hybrid and for updates we should look at the regular Debian testing/unstable branche (with all the inevitable broken packages from time to time?).

    I'm downloading their iso to have a look when I'll find the time, but it would be nice to share your experiences.

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    Libranet Version 1.9.0

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  • "And what about Libranet?" | Login/Create Account | 17 comments

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    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 1)
    by che on Saturday, November 10 @ 22:23:06 GMT
    (User Info)


    Is Unstable less bugging than the testing branche? That sounds very weird to me. I thought packages from Unstable (sid) were put in Testing (woody) when no serious bugs were found.

    Do you say so because of the actual freese of the testing branche?


    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 1)
    by quarterbooty on Saturday, November 10 @ 23:17:07 GMT
    (User Info)

    it does sound odd, but i feel that the same way. i ran testing a few months back, and there seemed to be a lot of unmet dependencies in the testing pool. some packages would be updated frequently, while its dependencies might not be. in sid, however, i haven't seen that problem. if a dependency isn't met, normally a day or two wait will clear it all up. my daily workstation has been running sid for around 8 months with no major problems to speak of.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 1)
    by CentrX (hagaratmyrealboxdotcom) on Sunday, November 11 @ 03:26:15 GMT
    (User Info)

    I've never run into such a problem. I don't know what everyone's thing here with woody is. It works great for me.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, November 11 @ 03:56:36 GMT

    Ditto for me. Been running woody for many months (forget exactly) without any major problems.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 1)
    by che on Sunday, November 11 @ 10:32:50 GMT
    (User Info)

    I've had some problems with woody. The last one I had was a dependency problem between kdebase-libs and some kdelib3 files.


    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, November 11 @ 13:35:53 GMT

    Actually, both testing (woody) and unstable (sid) are not very stable. It is as expected: if it is stable, it will be called so! But on the other hand, both are working reasonably well.

    Depending on the type of problems that you can tolerate, you might prefer one to the other:

    woody: dependency problems. Some packages are there but uninstallable. It might be a long wait for this to resolve. This can usually be fixed by introducing one or two sid packages, and that is usually my solution for those machines that I put woody into.

    sid: upstream, packaging and bandwidth problem. Upstream problem like the gnome-pilot problem, or packaging problem like the Xsession script problem or libpam problem hits sid directly, sometimes making a machine unbootable. You also need quite some bandwidth to get all package all the time, so dialups users generally shouldn't use sid. For me, I'll check what happens when something bad happening to me, and file reports. Since I like feeling good telling others about a problem (and sometimes how to fix it), I use sid in one desktop. But that's it: all other machines are running woody for the less bandwidth required to upgrade the packages.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 1)
    by synik on Sunday, November 11 @ 04:09:46 GMT
    (User Info)

    I've been running woody on a server for 6 months with no problems.

    Yesterday I installed it on my desktop.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, November 11 @ 03:33:56 GMT

    Libranet is just an easy to install modificated Potato I would say. It has XFree 4.0.2 , Kernel 2.4.3, but just have a look at

    It is very easy and fast to install and it has a central Administration GUI called Libranet Adminmenu, which really kicks ass.

    But don't try to upgrade Libranet to woody for example:-) I tried it out and had to fight with many broken dependencies and lastly decided to get back to my good old stable potato.

    I also tried out woody on my desktop PC, but it's just too buggy at the moment.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 1)
    by christle ( on Sunday, November 11 @ 18:46:40 GMT
    (User Info)

    I was able to successfully upgrade Libranet to Woody. You have to update the system to the latest Libranet files. Remove and purge all Ximian packages. Comment out the Ximian line is sources.list and then change the potato lines in sources to woody. Then apt-get update; apt-get -u dist-upgrade. You may have to do a forced install at some point (I didn't have too). That's it. The real key is getting rid of Ximian.

    Daniel Christle

    [ Reply ]

    Libranet ist fine (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, November 11 @ 03:30:23 GMT

    Libranet is fine for me, install the lasts software versions including KDE, Icewm and Ximian, and even have a good control panel and a libraPPP for the in internet conections. In my opinion, the main problem of this distribution is the poor options in the moment when you select the packages,so the final installation size is really big and set up a lot of little uselees programs, but, in the others respects, is pure Debian power!.

    [ Reply ]

    KDE version (was Re: Libranet ist fine) (Score: 1)
    by che on Sunday, November 11 @ 10:26:35 GMT
    (User Info)

    What do you mean with the latest version of KDE?

    Can you apt-get the 2.2.1 (soon 2.2.2) version from libranet or it's stays with 2.1.1 (the one on the iso)?


    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, November 11 @ 04:29:26 GMT

    I was a linux newbie (still am) and was unable to install potato. I wanted to try debian so I tried installing libranet and my PC was up and running in less than half an hour!

    Like other people already said, the libranet admin tool (libranet adminmenu) really rocks. It's small, fast yet very powerful. You can use it to configure pretty much everything and even to recompile your kernel.

    The other thing I like about libranet is the knowledge base at libranet's web site. It's not very big (about 25 technical notes) but it addresses some of the most common issues you may encounter. For example, how to get the intel i810 "video card" to work with X window.

    I guess libranet doesn't have much to offer to a seasoned debian user, but it's perfect for a newbie, or someone who wants to have a somewhat more advanced potato-derived distribution.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 1)
    by Jagasian on Sunday, November 11 @ 05:22:56 GMT
    (User Info)

    Libranet broke my Debian cherry. In other words, Libranet was my first Debian distro. It was nice, more stable than Redhat based distros, but it started having a few problems after I apt-get installed other packages not on the CD. I decided to give Progeny a try, and Progeny 1.0 is the Linux that I use to this day.

    Hopefully the Progeny installer and admin tools will be rolled into Debian Woody. Progeny 2.0 truely could have ruled the world... *sigh* Well, hopefully Woody will be easier to install than previous official Debian releases. Debian really needs the OS installation equivalent of apt-get. If installing/configuring/setting up Debian was as easy as doing an apt-get install... oh, what a wonderful world it would be.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 2, Interesting)
    by Grimlock on Sunday, November 11 @ 05:52:59 GMT
    (User Info)


    Two words about Libranet Distro "KICKS ASS!" plain and simple. Install program in libranet is better than progeny (which everyone knows is now obsolete...)

    Recognized all my hardware. Asus MB, Duron800, SBLive!, On-board Promise RAID controller, 3Com NIC. No problems at all. I have been a linux user of two years, I am no means a guru (yet!), but of all the distros I've tried, Libranet seems to be the best... check out all the specs at

    I hope libranet manages to stay around, they're way better than Red Hat.

    One minor complaint is that the minimal install is still fairly hefty. (I had to install libranet on my ancient laptop with a small hard drive) However libranet installed, and kicks ass even on my laptop!

    In short, I highly recommend you trying Libranet! In fact I sitting in Libranet (X-Window, Gnome) writing this message.


    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 1)
    by che on Sunday, November 11 @ 10:30:19 GMT
    (User Info)

    What version of Gnome or Kde are you running /can be run with libranet deb packages?

    Still KDE 2.1 and Gnome 1.0.something or they offer updates to kde 2.2.1 and gnome 1.4?



    [ Reply ]

    Re: And what about Libranet? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, November 11 @ 17:03:06 GMT

    (I'm not Grimlock)

    You can run ximian gnome, i.e. gnome 1.4

    [ Reply ]

    Re:Ximian? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, November 21 @ 20:53:20 GMT

    No, can't remember I've seen Libranet support

    at the Ximian site...

    [ Reply ]

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