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    Progeny Debian
    Contributed by Anonymous on Monday, April 16 @ 12:01:48 BST

    I want to install progeny Debian, but I want to have the opinion of people who have tried it. Is progeny really a good system It is stable as potato ? What is your opinion ?

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    Ian Murdock responds to comparisons between 'pure' Debian and Progeny

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  • "Progeny Debian" | Login/Create Account | 39 comments

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    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, April 16 @ 12:43:07 BST

    I am new to Debian, coming from Mandrake. Installation went smoothly. Progeny autodetected my PS/2 mouse and TNT2 card and had a printer selection for my NEC Superscript 860 (first time I'd ever seen that). My Soundblaster Awe64 just worked. I installed the included 2.4.2 kernel after the fact and that went smoothly. Only real problem was getting ppp working. ppp is not compiled in. You have to upgrade modutils and pppd first and then recompile the kernel to include ppp.

    apt-get totally rocks my world.


    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 1)
    by seanmeister on Monday, April 16 @ 13:07:36 BST
    (User Info)

    My experience with Progeny was not so good. I was previously using woody with xfree 4.0.2. Woody started to give me some problems, so I decided to try out Progeny. I needed something with x4.0.2 because my laptop display has some video modes that just don't work under 3.3.6. The woody system was great, but Progeny would only give me 1024x768 under X. This is on a Dell Inspiron 7500, btw.

    I'm back to potato now with a hacked 3.3.6 x-server. Working great 🙂

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Monday, April 16 @ 13:44:47 BST

    I was using woody with ximian gnome, but somehow the gnome stuff got all messed up by package dependencies or whatever. So I tried Progeny. The install was not smooth, but I know what I'm doing, so it wasn't really terrible. But not what a new user wants to go through. On the other hand, their website only claims to upgrade potato. So my problems are probably related to that. I can live with the install issues, I've been using debian for a few years now. That leave my biggest complaint being the font selection chosen for their default gnome theme. I really don't want the entire system using bold fonts. I had to find a theme I liked without them or change the default font to a custom font (which I almost did anyway).

    Short of that I think progeny is ok. You'll want to get the CD though...

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, April 16 @ 17:43:47 BST

    I installed my Progeny Debian systems back at release candidate 2, and it's been excellent! In all my years of running Debian systems, I've always been frustrated with the options of either out-of-date but stable, or up-to-date and unstable. I wanted a way to install a few up to date packages on an otherwise stable system, and with Progeny I can. Progeny does a great job of producing a stable distribution, but with up-to-date libraries and desktop apps. They seem to be making a good compromise between stable vs. leading edge, for example they stuck with Apache 1.3.9 (with backported security and bug fixes), which is good because while I want the latest desktop apps, I do still want slightly older and proven server apps.

    Progeny has become my first choice on the desktop, and I am now considering using it for a server as well (previously I would only use Debian Stable for servers). Two thumbs up!

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Monday, April 16 @ 21:47:58 BST

    I've installed it now about 3 times on two machines, trying various things.

    - The desktop machine, with very linux friendly components, had mouse detection issues with the installer from CD. I found that if I *didn't* wiggle the mouse to "aid detection", it actually worked; otherwise I had no mouse, and the dumb installer is NOT keyboard friendly.

    - I'm a lilo guy, so I initially tried making a 30meg /boot partition. Grub does NOT like that, and the system refused to boot stage2; a quick trip to #debian and a re-partition, I was all set.

    - The laptop (Dell Insprion 3500) locks up on the "Configuring System" stage, right before the initial reboot. No matter what I tried I couldn't get it to work.

    - I installed potato on the laptop, did a quick apt-get upgrade, and then followed the Progeny "upgrade from Potato" instructions. dpkg segfaulted 2/3rd the way through, running it again allowed the process to continue.

    - package 'diald' had major issues configuring (no modem on laptop), which caused the Progeny install to stop. Removing diald alltogether fixed that.

    Now that it's running (it upgrades your kernel to 2.2.18), it seems stable and friendly - much like Ximian. I was expecting more robust, GUI admin tools (akin to RedHat's control-panel or Mandrake's DrakConf) from a so-called commercial distro, so am sorely disappointed that I'm stuck screwing with things by hand. Or, if there are GUI tools I sure don't know where they are (like, why is "Gnome-apt" on the Debian menus and not the Gnome ones? huh.).

    Hrm, the only other thing that disturbed me was the installer's partition tool; it only offers ext2 and swap types for your stuff; if you're a power user you're SOL here. I'd recommend booting potato and using a real disk tool to do the job first, then booting Progeny. Package/task selection could be better, but suffices for the first rev.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 17 @ 00:04:29 BST

    I've been using, and breaking, Debian systems for a long time now. Debian rocks, and I can't live without apt-get. I have, though, always thought it to be a bit above my level of expertise. I have therefore used several Debian alternatives, including Corel, Storm, and Progeny. I must definately say that I like Progeny the best of all. Never before have I had such a smoothly working and easy to use Debian system! Try it!

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 1)
    by abo on Tuesday, April 17 @ 01:20:14 BST
    (User Info)

    I've just installed RC2 several times, and I quite like it. I've only done fresh installs, and only on Linux Friendly hardware. I think it is now my favorite workstation install.

    The fresh install from CD-boot was very smooth, much simpler than typical Debian boot-floppys. I _really_ like their default kernel with initrd modules and hardware detection with "discover". However, I haven't looked in detail at their kernel config to decide if it could be better, and "discover" was a little busted in RC2 for the 2.4.2 kernel provided. I suspect this is fixed in 1.0 (comments in bug tracker sugest so...)

    The X setup was beautiful, but make sure you don't over-specify your monitor, because I'm not sure it's possible to back out from there once you've done it. The only complaint is you can't select a remote font-server, and every-time you adjust your X config using the GUI tools provided, any hand-tweaks get lost.

    The package selection is done via Progeny specific package bundles using a nice GUI interface that wraps apt. This makes it nice and simple, but doesn't really allow fine-grain selection of packages. It _half_ lets you do it through a package search facility, but there doesn't appear to be a way to show all packages and hand select them.

    The interesting thing about Progeny's package bundles, is you seem to end up with a much lighter system than a standard Debian install. Many packages classified as Required, Important, and Standard by Debian are excluded, as are many "recommended" dependancy packages. These packages are actually not needed on a standard X workstation, so their absence is justified, and highlights that the Debian package ranking scheme really needs an overhaul. However, counter to this lightness, the coarse-grain package bundles means that installing "XFree" means installing _all_ xservers, irrespective of which you end up using, and manualy un-installing any of these means that the bundle selector thinks you don't have "XFree" installed any more.

    The overall lightness of Progeny compared to Debian means that "upgrading" to Progeny from any Debian dists using apt means you will probably end up with a heavier system than a fresh Progeny install. It also means juggling a mixture of Progeny and Debian is a little trickier. Adding Debian to your apt "sources.list" on a Progeny system will make dselect want to install a heap of additional Packages. That dselect insists on adding all "recommended" packages makes it even worse. Then you throw in package version dependancies, and deselect will want to un-install nearly all of Progeny...

    Parts of RC2 and even 1.0 are quite old compared to Debian "testing". For example, if you use apt-get to update apt from "testing", it will want to upgrade perl, which will break version dependencys inside all the Progeny package selection tools, resulting in apt wanting to remove them. Apt still does it better than anything else, but it's amazing how package dependancys can blow a single package upgrade into a whole release upgrade. I can't help but think many package dependancies include over-kill version requirements.

    In summary, a nice "light" and easy install, a few minor warts, but the usual problems if you want to use as the basis for a hybrid distribution mixing different distributions/releases.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 17 @ 03:14:49 BST

    I started installing Progeny today. I am still installing (I mean I will finish tomorrow). I started installing it on a Toshiba Tecra 8100. Overall, I love it, and the problems I have here with it are because I have never installed LINUX on a laptop. I choose Progeny because I thought it would easily install on a Laptop and I can't live without APT-GET.

    First, the installation would not kick into X. It said I did not have a supported video. The second time it went into X. Second, it hung at the FINISH prompt. So I installed again. This time it worked...sort of.

    This is where my lack of experience does not help. My PCMCIA is not working, so my PC Card network card is not working. My sound card is not working either. I thought this piece would automatically configure. So, tomorrorow I take on those problems and installing the 2.4 kernel. I need my USB.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 17 @ 04:00:34 BST

    I have heard such great things about Debian that I really want to try it out. I could not get through the Debian installer. I was messing around today and heard about Progeny Debian and decided to give it a try. Well, I downloaded the Iso's and renamed them from .raw to .iso and burned the cd's with adaptec easy cd creator since I use Windows mainly(gotta have my NHL). Well, they burned ok, except I can't do anything with them. I can't browse the CDs or anything. It tells me that it can't find the sector or some nonsense. Anyone else have this problem?

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 17 @ 08:37:44 BST

    AFAIK, if you happen to like KDE more than Gnome, you shouldn't run Progreny. The included KDE version is old.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 17 @ 10:28:06 BST

    Hi, I have start to use progeny for workstation in my work office, the sound is great simple instalation, but with all the advantage of apt-get.

    Really great job from the Murdock Team


    (sorry for my bad english 🙂

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, April 18 @ 04:33:00 BST

    Has anyone downloaded progeny and not gotten the MD5sum on their downloaded file and the one they give you to match up? I've downloaded the file twice and don't get a valid md5sum

    [ Reply ]

    Suggestions on Upgrading Storm2000 > Progeny? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, April 22 @ 14:03:40 BST

    Any success stories and suggestions to make this happen?

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 1)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, April 25 @ 20:33:34 BST

    I am a huge debian fan and user.

    I just tried to install a Progeny Debian 1.0 on a new box in our office instead of the new Mandrake. This box will be used by one of my colleague which does like simplicity.

    We get some really disturbing problems :

    1. At no time during the installation were we asked about the keyboard layout we want to use. Unfortunately we are french and the box we bought are delivered with those stupid french keyboards ;-( So, at the end of the installation our box is completely unusable under X11, as well as on the console 🙁 If I weren't aware of Debian stuff we would had completely reinstall the box with a Mandrake distro.
    2. The installation only proposed set of packages to be installed. That did not satisfies us, thus we just try to install packages with the Progeny graphical apt-get front-end found on the GNOME bar. Clicking the Help button gives:

      Clicking the Search button will bring up the Package Search window, which can be used to install and remove individual packages.
      Unfortunately there isn't no Search button anywhere.

    3. Why did Progeny comes on 2 CD, since it seems that the sum of the 2 CD size seems to be almost burnable on only 1 CD. Moreover at no time during the installation were we asked about the second CD.

    Finally just a suggestion. Is something like Mandrake aurora init wrapper worth the try on a distribution focused on new GNU/Linux user ? Just in order to hide thoses unfriendly (at least for beginner) boot messages.

    The one thing cool is the X11 debconf stuff. It will be time to hurry all debian developper to jump to it so that next Debian may integrate really easy configuration.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Progeny Debian (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, April 30 @ 23:17:26 BST

    I've tried Proxeny Debian (betas as well as final release), and while its installation was quite impressive, I found the range of desktops / windowmanagers limited.

    I've been recently impressed by Libranet Debian GNU/Linux - which specialises in giving you fully-configured desktops.


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