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    Webmin from a a control freaks’ view
    by rob on Sunday, April 01 @ 11:40:02 BST

    We all know ressu is the ultimate control freak 😉 So here’s what he thinks of Webmin

    Augh! yet another Web based configuration manager‘,
    i think when i see the Webmin in my aptitudes new packages
    list. ‘Maybe.. Just Maybe, this is better than
    ‘, which i had installed a month back and killed
    as soon as i get it running.

    Today i felt like i should install it, just to see if it
    outperforms SWAT which i installed to see if it does well with
    samba. The installation itself went smoothly, apt-get gets the
    package, i get a note that Webmin knows the system beneath, i
    smile a little thinking that it just digs up the version for
    the system and prints it out to be cool…

    The First touch..

    I load up my browser, head to http://localhost:10000, and
    get a prompt asking me my roots password. i give in the
    password and get a menu in front of me. I was expecting to see
    the configuration options (remember, i used linuxconf
    previously) and i just get a few options, and sub menus.
    Hmm.. where is all the good stuff?‘, i think and start
    clicking around. After a while i figure out the pattern,
    everything is quite well organized.

    For the first time I’ve found a web interface for the system
    that i like…

    Let it rip!

    Ok, i had some quake files that a friend of mine wanted, i
    remember seeing samba somewhere and look it up.

    The first thing i notice, that is better than swat, is that
    i can see my shares and the basic info i needed, right in the
    first page. ofcourse i want to create the share and click the
    ‘new file share’ link, and start filling in the fields. the
    second surprise is that the directory selecting can be made
    with a web page, with works actually quite well (even in

    i was surprised that i could edit almost every option i
    could imagine in samba, and the menus were well organized, i
    didn’t have to look long for an option. And it even had a few
    tricks easily accessible.

    Digging up…

    after i had made the share, i left samba alone and started
    looking for other features. I was quite impressed so far (and
    as a control freak i don’t impress easily)

    on the servers menu i see yet another surprise, postfix.. i
    click the cute postman penguin and start to look for the tricky
    stuff. ‘this is Great.. they have all kinds of stuff here,
    even LDAP!
    ‘ I dig in a while, as i don’t have such a weird
    configuration in this machine, i just look around and see a lot
    of options i didn’t even remember anymore. (and many new

    next up was apache. ‘This is REALLY going to screw my
    configuration up!
    ‘, i think and open up a new Eterm and
    back up my configuration. my apache was already configured and
    i only explored the features. ‘mmm.. there is virtualhosts..
    aha.. that is for permissions.. oh.. there are the mime
    ‘, i head off to change some features and see how much
    it breaks my current configuration. after a while of
    examination i notice that i have all the original comments in
    the file too and i decide to make a test.

    I make a comment bethween a block of parameters, and for by
    surprise i notice that at the most it moves the comment a bit
    (if something was deleted next to it). That truly impresses


    i didn’t actually have too much time to dig through all the
    advanced features in Webmin, and decide to start working

    although i didn’t dig through it totally i can see that
    Linuxconf is no more (for me at least) and Webmin is something
    that i plan to use in the future. I am sure that there are and
    always will be some bugs and downsides in Webmin too but so far
    it’s something that keeps me satisfied (i consider myself as
    advanced user) and still has the ease of use that a beginner
    can use it.


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