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    GNOME 2 Myths Debunked
    by rob on Saturday, February 02 @ 13:30:43 GMT

    Following the announcement of the Alpha 2 release of the GNOME development platform, many Debian users are interested in GNOME 2 packages. As a participator on the GTK-GNOME list let me clarify a few details and myths. Myth: GNOME 2 and and GNOME 1.4 can cohabitate

    Truth: Yes, if you build and install your GNOME 2 development release into /opt using something like Vicous’ excellent build-scripts. But as this is not really a correct location within Debian (see this argument) and as often binaries share the same name parallel installation of non-libraries is difficult. The packages are themselves seperated into packages with a “2” suffix.

    Myth: No packaging work is being carried out

    Truth: Many GNOME 2 library packages are installed into unstable already, and some binary packages are installed into experimental. Packaging is happening.

    Myth: Woody will ship with GNOME2

    Truth: Unlikely, serious breakage will be casued by the transition. Some GNOME 2 packages have had serious bugs filed against them to prevent migration into testing.

    Please track the GNOME 2 summary postings on the Debian GTK-GNOME list, for full details.

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