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    Linux Desktop RIP?
    Contributed by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 23 @ 14:17:08 BST

    Following the recent unfortunate end to Eazel, who believed strongly in the future of Linux (and in particular GNOME) in the desktop environment has led to speculations about the death of the Linux Desktop, this article is particularly pessimistic. However Eazel's short life has been very beneficial about raising awareness for the Linux desktop. Their beautiful eye-candied creation, Nautilus has made waves in the software world, and Eazel will always be affectionately remembered as the company that made file managers pretty. Any swag left?

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    To Nautilus or not to Nautilus : Ain't Nautilus too slow?

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  • "Linux Desktop RIP?" | Login/Create Account | 15 comments

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    Re: Linux Desktop RIP? (Score: 1, Insighful)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 23 @ 15:22:48 BST

    Yes, but was it more than eye-candy really? It was terribly slow. Even on a 750MHz it was slow. I find konqueror a much better file manager and I'm no KDE fan. Nautilus to me was more about polish than usage. There was few user friendly features and I don't see the need for these preview icons Nautilus was always generating. A file manager should be about managing files, i.e. moving them around, copying etc... or easily open a file to edit. The mime system needs a good update especially the one in Gnome.

    Nautilus resembels Mac closely, but that makes it only beginner friendly (newbies) not user friendly .

    One thing I cannot understand is why filemanagers NEED html engines. Why cannot that be left to an external app and in stead concentrate on making a lean, stable and USEFUL filemanager.

    Linux on the desktop will come, just not tomorrow as everyone was thinking, probably influenced by the .com-code-all-night-and-code-all-day mania.

    [ Reply ]

    I have a better questions (Score: 1, Insighful)
    by Anonymous on Wednesday, May 23 @ 15:36:53 BST

    Is Linux for the developers and the "true users" ... or the masses?

    Exactly, I use linux because I like it, I don't give a f*ck what the hell Windows and l33t BSD lusers say. I like linux, and debian, and b33r too 🙂 I'm sure that you guys use it too because you like it too. SOOO.... who cares if the rest of the world thinks differently? So long as we have what we have, it doesn't matter

    Lastly, whats up with the anti-KDE pro-GNOME thing going on?

    In all honesty, I think that KDE 2.1, with Koffice, Konqueror, KHTML, has leaped GNOME by a miles on end. Can you l33t GNOME users get off @$$es and try it out before you bash it? Whats funny is how GNOME users blame KDE for being too windows like, and yet they fail to see how KDE still retains the hacker mentality of "do it and don't care about the others". GNOME is nothing more than a political mess these days. Also, whats funny is how by using themes, you can make KDE look just like an GUI/UI you want it to use.

    Just my 2 cents

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Linux Desktop RIP? (Score: 2, Insighful)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, May 24 @ 07:11:16 BST

    I believe that this whole idea is ridiculous. Just because companies which produce free software in the Linux desktop area have a hard time of it, doesn't mean to say that "Linux on the desktop is dead"!!! Most of the people the Linux desktop projects are volunteers, and therefore this stuff doesn't have to be commercially viable. Just because one company didn't survive misses the point ...

    [ Reply ]

    Blowing this all out of proportion (Score: 4, Insighful)
    by Anonymous on Friday, May 25 @ 02:17:17 BST

    When I first read about Eazel (in Linuxmag, IIRC), I asked myself "What, exactly, are they selling?" I predicted that they would be one of the first Linux companies to fold after the VC dried up (of course, I also predicted that VA would do better than Red Hat). So here we are, I still have no idea what Eazel was selling, did they ever actually bring a product to market? Did they ever have any income at all?

    Where was I?

    Ahh, yes, so, Eazel is dead, long live Eazel. But does that mean that linux on the desktop is dead? Most certainly not! Think about where we where about three years ago, when I first started using Linux.

    Mozilla had just been released, gtk was on version ~0.7, and I installed Red Hat 5.something? My video card wasn't supported in any real way. I got SVGA working after some effort, but not in the resolution I wanted and with a flicker to it. My printer did not work very well with gs, and most of the X apps looked like crap, save NS4, which only looked like shit. I used fvwm for months until I discovered AfterStep, which was a huge improvement. Oh yeah, and there was the qt. It wasn't free, no, not even qt license yet, it was completly non-free software.

    For productivity, it was Star Office or Applix, and no GnuCash ether, the home accountants of the world were stuck with Quicken on Windows.

    So, let's look at what I have now. I'm using Window Maker, which is very pretty on XServer-SVGA, which installed and configured out of Debian Potato with no problems at all. My printer works perfectly. Every X app which I use regulary save Mozilla and Emacs uses gtk+, which means my desktop is both uniform and visually pleasing. I don't use word processors because I use LaTeX, but I've heard very good things about Koffice, which can be run on the now GPL'd qt. StarOffice has been released as the free OpenOffice by Sun and Corel has been ported to Linux. We now have Abiword, Sketch, GnomeCard, Gnumeric, and GnuCash, amung many others.

    Sure, Linux may not be on the average desktop yet, but we've come a long way in a very small amount of time.

    I wonder where we'll be in another three years.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Linux Desktop RIP? (Score: 2, Insighful)
    by pronik on Monday, May 28 @ 23:24:08 BST
    (User Info)

    Let me throw my $.02 in....

    Well, in my opinion, "Linux onto a desktop" is the wrong direction right now. Not until everyone understands, what desktop-system really is. Companies like Eazel think, M$ has already hit the point with their Explorer, Internet Integration, Office suite and so on. Therefore they produce the same crap for Linux - mostly for ex-Windows users! Being a Windows component doesn't mean it's user-friendly and intuitive.

    I think, that a real desktop system is the one that helps _me_ in getting _my_ work done - and because not everyone's doing _my_ job, there can't be a "desktop system for everyone", some people just have to realize it! Let's say, a file manager - M$ tells me, a mouse is the way to go. Drag&Drop, clicki-clicki here and there, and there it is - it can't be any simpler! That's what they think! In Windows, I could clean up my garbaged Start-Menu within a minute (garbaged means a lot of shareware programms, which never knew there were uninstalling procedures) using Windows Commander and keyboard. I'd say, a typical mouse-clicker would accomplish this in about 7-10 minutes. Feel the difference? Noone has beaten Norton Commander in usability (once you mastered it) and I guess noone will in the next 5 years.

    What I want to say - let's not copy, let's innovate. Provide Unix-like solutions - providing Integration possibility, not limiting it (Nautilus - what's the use of it, if I can't put it in a script to make something automatically). Once we're done with that, Windows will be beaten, because everyone would have his own desktop system, which could be built up just like the Lego-Castle. That's what I dream of when I have to face monster-like M$-products, which all assume I'm a big business-man, which has a lot a paper-work to do. Am I not! And that's the point.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: Linux Desktop RIP? Office suite is the desktop (Score: 1, Interesting)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 29 @ 11:53:17 BST

    For most (non systems/programmers) users the office suite IS the desktop.

    If linux is really to compete/operate effectively in this area the main issue is interoperability with ms office file formats. This need improving in abi-suite koffice and staroffice also the mail client / exchange intergration . Anything less and linux on the desktop is unworkable in a common business environment where there is a need to document share with clients and co-workers (I know because I have tried it).

    Linux IS great and, I think, better than ms-win but not quite ready for office/desktop yet. I bet that with the great advances in most io the linux apps quoted above that within the next 18 months or so that linux will be ready for the desktop and office environment.

    [ Reply ]

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