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    What do you want to see in Hurd ?
    Contributed by Anonymous on Saturday, June 30 @ 08:39:38 BST

    There has been much discussion going on about what should be included in woody and its install discs, but what about Hurd? What package/feature do you want to see in Hurd? What improvement from Linux do you want in hurd ? Do you think it will be stable and released some day? What is the release schedule for Hurd?

    I think there are more questions than answers concerning Hurd!

    Netsnipe (Update 01Jul01 03:39GMT): In what would be a blow to most Debian GNU/Hurd advocates, Anthony
    Towns, the Debian Release Manager has just announced his opinion that
    Hurd will probably be excluded from the current freeze process and
    instead be reconsidered for the following freeze approximately six to
    eight months later. "Hurd is at present both a difficult target to
    port to (and thus has a quite limited range of software when compared
    to the Linux ports of Debian)"
    Towns contended in his Freeze
    announcement to debian-devel-announce. He also notes that Hurd in its
    current state isn't able to self install.

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    Most read story about GNU/HURD:
    Debian GNU/Hurd grows

    Last news about GNU/HURD:

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  • "What do you want to see in Hurd ?" | Login/Create Account | 22 comments

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    Re: What do you want to see in Hurd ? (Score: 1, Interesting)
    by Anonymous on Saturday, June 30 @ 11:15:45 BST

    PCMCIA Support. Without that I won't have networking and without networking I can't really give the HURD a try.

    I follow the HURD development for years now, but I just have no system that it runs on (at least with network connection) 🙁



    [ Reply ]

    Re: What do you want to see in the Hurd ? (Score: 2, Informative)
    by Anonymous on Saturday, June 30 @ 13:02:45 BST

    [BTW, it's "_the_ Hurd", (not just "Hurd")].

    In roughly order of preference: PPP, PCMCIA, audio, GNOME, accelerated 3D X server, SMP, JFS. There, shouldn't take long....

    AFAIK, the developers want to get about 80% of the pool building and then enter testing. The Official GNU (Hurd) 1.0 is at least a year away it seems, but at least now it is a visible target.

    And what am I doing about it..? not much at the moment, but learning, learning...

    As for stability, it's pretty good (but not amazing). I have had it running X, compiling etc. for days at a time, no worries.

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What do you want to see in Hurd ? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Saturday, June 30 @ 21:26:29 BST

    The devellopment of Hurd seems very slow ... Linux as been created in 91, the same year (i think???) that hurd as been created. Why Linux is stable and Hurd is not ?

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What do you want to see in Hurd ? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, July 01 @ 06:08:35 BST

    What is the release schedule for Hurd? Next year?

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What do you want to see in Hurd ? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Sunday, July 01 @ 19:11:54 BST

    What is the avantage to use Hurd compared to Linux or *BSD ?

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What do you want to see in Hurd ? (Score: 0, Flamebait)
    by jondkent on Monday, July 02 @ 11:07:05 BST
    (User Info)

    I don't, its that simple. IMHO I could care less about Hurd and I wish Debian will concentrate on Linux only. Why? Well, I think that the Hurd will never gain any major ground and the Debian guys needs to ensure that Debian remains the best Linux distro around within the Hurd causing any distractions. Maybe they would then be able to provide quicker releases (although I'm not bothered about the current timeframes, other people seem to be)

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What do you want to see in Hurd ? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, July 02 @ 13:16:20 BST


    So I can play some OGG vorbis files.

    As soon as that works, i'll re-install HURD and

    start testing and developing it again.

    [ Reply ]

    It's on a good way (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, July 05 @ 11:45:04 BST

    The current situation of the Hurd reminds me of when I started using Debian on powerpc a bit more than two years ago. It was very basic at that time, important stuff broke often and only few packages were available. But not too long after that, it passed a critical point, and ever since then it's getting constantly better, and we're only so little behind i386. I feel the Hurd could make a similar breakthrough soon, sure hope so!

    [ Reply ]

    Release OFTEN, release EARLY. (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Monday, July 16 @ 10:17:58 BST

    "It is possible to develop and test new Hurd kernel components without rebooting

    the machine (not even accidentally)."

    If that is possible, what is keeping it back? What exactly is the current status?

    It seems that the "throw everything in before release" is not moving along...

    Who cares about X or Gnome when the base system is not there? What is going on?

    [ Reply ]

    Re: What do you want to see in Hurd ? (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Friday, July 27 @ 04:20:06 BST

    I'm using hurd because there is interesting feature/thing - translators which can done

    the idea 'everthing is file'. But hurd

    is now so unstable and slow (as mostly systems based on the microkernels)

    [ Reply ]

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