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    Re: Stability of Testing Branch (Score: 2)
    by che on Saturday, November 10 @ 12:30:40 GMT

    I really have mixed feelings about the testing branche. As matter of fact, I don’t use it (any more) on a everyday basis. For servers I stay with potato (some servers with extra packages compiled from source) and I’m very happy with it (did I mention I’m very, very, very happy with potato?). For my desktop I use Mandrake.

    Mandrake? Nah, I’m not a newbie, I am a unix sysadmin and I can fix woody when it breaks (I run it on a test machine and indeed it brakes).

    But I do like to have bleeding edge soft on my desktop (that leaves out potato) and I really don’t want to that the systems brakes *a lot*. Mandrake brakes far more than potato (damn rpm’s), but nothing that can be fixed in a few minutes.

    I do not always have the time to fix woody, I have work to do (and the people who pay my salary expect that to :c)).That’s why I had high hopes for a really not beta release of progeny (I guess we can leave that out too :c)).

    I’m veryy happyy with my schizofrenic linux use. I feel I have the best of both world. Still, don’t ask me why, I know I’ll eventuallyy end with woody on my desktop. Never underestimate the power of Debian :c).


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