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News for Debian. Stuff that *really* matters

These are important Debian sites one should not be without!

  • Official Debian site
  • Package search
  • Mailing list archives
  • Bug reports
  • Debian on CD
  • Debian Weekly News — excellent news source!
  • Unofficial APT sources
  • Developers’ Corner
  • Community
    Need help? You’re not alone on this planet.

  • debianHELP
    (User support site)

  • Debian International
  • DebianForum.de

  • DebianForum.dk

  • EsDebian

  • DebianWorld

  • MaximumDebian

  • DebianUsers

  • Debian-BR
  • Contribute
    Got that latest or greatest scoop? Perhaps you have some important news for the Debian community? Submit a news item!

    Or perhaps you’ve written a rather ground breaking insight into some aspect of Debian and you feel compelled to share it with others? Knock up a longer editorial article and send it to the editors.

    The place to get help on a Debian problem (after reading docs) or to just chat and chill is #debian on irc.debian.org.

    Many of the Debian Planet staff live there so pop by and say hello.

    Debian Planet also has its own channel on the same network called #debianplanet.


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    Debian Security Announcements
    DSA-189 luxman
    DSA-188 apache-ssl
    DSA-187 apache
    DSA-186 log2mail
    DSA-185 heimdal
    DSA-184 krb4
    DSA-183 krb5
    DSA-182 kdegraphics
    DSA-181 libapache-mod-ssl
    DSA-180 nis

    Latest poll: Who should Debian Planet try to interview next?
    Bdale Garbee (current DPL)
    Anthony ‘aj’ Towns (release manager)
    Branden ‘Overfiend’ Robinson (X maintainer, SPI treasurer)
    Martin ‘Joey’ Schulze (security team, DWN, stable release manager…)
    Matthew ‘willy’ Wilcox (HPPA/IA64 porter, db[34]/Apache maintainer)
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