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    Eclipse 3.0 on Debian Woody
    Submitted by David Nutter on Monday, October 25, 2004 – 21:47
    WoodyJava development and vanilla Woody don’t mix well, so I’ve knocked up a brief document explaining how to run Eclipse 3.0 under Woody.
    Category: Tips 3 comments · read more

    Simple Debian Firewall for Beginners
    Submitted by doom on Monday, October 25, 2004 – 20:46
    DebianI have written up my experience of creating a two-interface firewall using Shorewall on Debian. This article largely gives an overview of the process, with pointers to more detailed documentation, however any novice should find this a very useful introduction.
    Category: Tips 6 comments

    Synaptic: Point-n-Click Software Management
    Submitted by misskim on Saturday, October 04, 2003 – 01:47
    PackagesIf you’re used to running Windows, you can think of Synaptic as a sort of super-dooper, turbocharged, steroid-munching version of the “Add / Remove Software” control panel. Except that it would be rude to even think about comparing them since there’s a world more sophistication in Synaptic.

    Jon Oxer has written a stepthrough article on Synaptic by LinMagAU.

    Category: Tips 9 comments

    Updated Gnome2.2 Woody backport instructions
    Submitted by James Strandboge on Thursday, August 21, 2003 – 14:52
    GNOMEThough these instructions have been posted elsewhere, it seems that there are some instructions floating around the internet that lead people down the wrong path. Hopefully these will help.
    Category: Tips 23 comments · read more

    Aptitude for package management
    Submitted by hegbloom on Sunday, July 20, 2003 – 19:26
    PackagesIf you haven’t already, you should stop what you’re doing right now and type:

    apt-get install aptitude

    I’m continually amazed by aptitude, a wonderful and worthy replacement for the venerable dselect. With all of the “installing Debian” articles out there, it’s amazing we don’t see aptitude mentioned more often. If more of those writers knew about it, perhaps they would complain less about boot-floppies.

    DanielS: This is just Karl’s personal opinion, and doesn’t necessarily reflect DebianPlanet’s opinion.

    Category: Tips 65 comments · read more

    Compiling kernels The Debian Way
    Submitted by jonoxer on Tuesday, June 10, 2003 – 07:29
    PackagesDebian has some really cool tools for managing the process of compiling and packaging custom kernels, but a lot of Debian users still do things the traditional way. The current issue of linmagau, the Australian Linux magazine, is carrying an article that walks step by step through getting kernel source and configuring, then compiling and building a custom kernel package that can be installed using dpkg just like any other package.
    Category: Tips 35 comments · read more

    How I Downgraded Testing to Stable
    Submitted by hjhornbeck on Monday, December 09, 2002 – 05:56
    PackagesThings don’t always go as planned. The computer that was supposed to be my second workstation has slowly become another server. A fresh install was too much work, so I decided to try downgrading it package by package. Some research turned up a lot of warnings, but my situation and knowledge assured me it was possible. Besides, my uptime was at stake!
    Category: Tips 28 comments · read more

    Submitted by imclaren on Thursday, November 21, 2002 – 12:29
    CD ImagesDWN recently had an article which included this link describing how to modify knoppix to include GNUMed. The same process can be used to add/remove/update any/all programs included on the CD. So by using this process, you can now roll your own Knoppix.
    Category: Tips 9 comments

    GNOME2 breaks; WindowMaker maintainer wonders how to break that
    Submitted by Johannes on Sunday, November 17, 2002 – 22:28
    GNOMEChristian Marillat has issued a serious warning to Gnome 2 users on debian-gtk-gnome. If you haven’t done it yet, DON’T upgrade bonobo-activation and libbonobo-activation* to the latest version in sid (2.1.0)! You won’t be able to start a Gnome session anymore.

    To date, no fixed packages are available, so if it already has bitten you, the only solution is to downgrade to version 1.0.3

    Category: Tips 23 comments


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