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    Package lists split per section
    Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday, April 04, 2002 – 17:51
    To help reduce bandwidth consumption and time for slow connections splitting up the Packages file for each section like base, net, games etc. This way you could choose which sections you wanted to download descriptions for. For example people running a simple server could remove the source for games and graphics package descriptions and somebody running a desktop for word processing could remove the source for devel and science.

    New apt-proxy supports HTTP/FTP backends too
    Submitted by haggai on Thursday, April 04, 2002 – 17:35
    The latest version of apt-proxy has been released and uploaded to ‘unstable’. This new version supports the use of HTTP and FTP backends as well as the previously supported RSYNC. It also now features an import utility so you can import packages from yoru current cache
    2 comments · read more

    Debian 2.2r6 released
    Submitted by Anonymous on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 – 15:48
    This is the sixth revision of Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (codename `potato’)
    which mainly adds security updates to the stable release, along with a
    few corrections of serious bugs. Those who frequently update from
    security.debian.org won’t have to update many packages. However, most
    updates from security.debian.org are included in this point release.

    3 comments · read more

    Partitioning tips
    Submitted by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 – 19:24
    I plan on running Debian on a new desktop and have come to a question I have yet to see a definative answer on yet. How should I partition the hard disk? Is it worth creating multiple partitions on a desktop system with 2 or 3 users? whats the best way to do it? Assume I’ll have a 60 GB drive, and possibly want to add another soon, how would I maximize the benifits or multiple partitions (if they are that important at all) without having space issues down the road?
    Rob: LVM.

    LinuxUser magazine: Putting Debian on readers’ desktops
    Submitted by hgesser on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 – 00:33
    Abstract: We want to create a user-friendly Linux installer so that we can provide a Debian distribution to our readers and bring updates and new packages in every issue, helping them to keep an up-to-date and stable Linux system.

    alp: Their page explains, “only one out of ten of our readers is using Debian Linux so far – we’d like to change that.”

    40 comments · read more

    ITP: rootkit – a Ro0Tk1t 4 Deb1an boxxxen
    Submitted by zadok on Monday, April 01, 2002 – 21:23
    Posted to debian-devel by Simon Richter:

    Package: rootkit
    Version: 0.1-1
    Section: admin
    Priority: optional
    Description: a Ro0Tk1t 4 Deb1an boxxxen
    D15 p4(kaG3 d1V3rt5 d4 u5U4L b1N4r135 U w4Nt 2 r3Pl4(3 1N a 5Y5t3m
    (0nf0Rm4nT M4Nn3r, 50 tH4T 3V3n r31N5t4lL1nG ‘3m w0n’T h3Lp !! dpkg
    w1Ll n0T (!) 0v3RwR1t3 d4 f1L3Z 1N D15 P4(K4G3 !! H4h4!
    jU5T d0 apt-get install rootkit, 4n5W3r d4 q35t10nz && h4V3 fUn!!!

    Please don’t anybody tell the script kiddies that it will uninstall
    DanielS: In breaking news, Aaron Lehmann has been named DPL by the sheer weight of write-ins. Congratulations Aaron!
    alp (trying to keep 1/4 coverage down to 1 post): Ben Collins also describes his “I can’t take it anymore” glibc release.


    Take the plunge, the water is nice and warm (upgrading to ext3)
    Submitted by robster on Saturday, March 30, 2002 – 10:47
    For those who have not yet taken the plunge and upgraded from ext2 to ext3, now is as a good a time as any to experience the awe that is this particular journalled filesystem. Read more for full details of how to plunge into the tranquil waters of ext3.
    29 comments · read more

    Quickstart guide to kernel-package
    Submitted by robster on Saturday, March 30, 2002 – 10:27
    LinuxOne of the most notable things that makes Debian stand out from the other distributions is the kernel-package tool. Which will create a nice easy to install kernel image as a Debian package which you can then install on your box or multiple other boxes, clever huh?
    Category: HOWTOs 24 comments · read more

    Debian Project Leader Election Debate..
    Submitted by dopey on Monday, March 25, 2002 – 09:03
    The Debian Project Leader debate took place on IRC recently. Matt “dopey” Hope has provided a copy of the IRC logs, available here. Thanks dopey, and good luck to all of the contenders.

    The Crypto In Main revolution has begun
    Submitted by Anonymous on Wednesday, March 20, 2002 – 18:53
    Uploads to non-us are not making it to the archive right now. This situation is supposed to be over soon. It is related to the crypto-in-main transitions. For all I know, it might be over today or next month.

    Anyone tracking unstable, keep your pants up and stop filing bugs about it.
    Please verify it twice before you fill bugs that are probably caused by a
    upload to non-US being held in the limbo. If you don’t know, don’t file the
    bug. Ask in debian-user or #debian instead.

    Rob: All installations of NEW packages into the archive are also frozen.

    Joy: update — it’s officially started (original mail here). Start checking your “Section:” fields, people 🙂


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