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    The Debian Sandwich Part II
    Submitted by robster on Monday, April 02, 2001 – 21:36
    Welcome to the second part of The Debian Sandwich, I received so much glory and praise from the first part so I decided I thought I ought to write a sequel.
    4 comments · read more

    The Debian Sandwich Part I
    Submitted by robster on Monday, April 02, 2001 – 21:32
    What? I hear you all cry. Well let me explain myself, the thing that makes Debian better than sliced bread is the two programs which make Debian, well, Debian. These are dpkg and apt.
    4 comments · read more

    Two lines with ISDN with MPPP
    Submitted by robster on Monday, April 02, 2001 – 21:30
    Yes, two lines with ISDN are quite useful and cheap in some places,
    like here.. i decided to set it up a while back but dropped it because
    i had to edit so many files. This time around i had to re-edit the files
    to test our new dial-in configuration. And here it is.
    0 comments · read more

    Handy commands to access packages
    Submitted by robster on Monday, April 02, 2001 – 21:27
    Yep, so you’ve heard all about Debian’s super-duper packaging system,
    how it’s the best thing that ever happened in the Linux package manager world,
    etc., etc.. But how do you actually *use* the powerful tools?
    4 comments · read more

    Quickstart guide to kernel-package
    Submitted by robster on Monday, April 02, 2001 – 21:26
    One of the most notable things that makes Debian stand out from the other distributions is the kernel-package tool. Which will create a nice easy to install kernel image as a Debian package which you can then install on your box or multiple other boxes, clever huh?
    9 comments · read more

    Setting up Voodoo 3DFX cards with Debian in X4
    Submitted by robster on Monday, April 02, 2001 – 21:20
    Following the inclusion of XFree4.0.1 there have been many requests for help concerning installation and configuration in #debian, especially concerning 3dfx cards such has the Voodoo II Banshee and above. This article is here to guide you through how to setup and configure your system optimally for such hardware, including acceleration.
    7 comments · read more

    Webmin is back!
    Submitted by ressu on Sunday, April 01, 2001 – 12:54
    Yesterdays dinstall brought many Debian users a happy surprise, webmin is back.
    Webmin was removed from archives a while back due to maintainer conflicts. Now it’s back, and appears to have quite a few features. It allows adding and removing particular modules. Hopefully this version sticks. =)

    Webmin from a a control freaks’ view
    Submitted by robster on Sunday, April 01, 2001 – 11:40
    We all know ressu is the ultimate control freak 😉 So here’s what he thinks of Webmin
    0 comments · read more

    Potato users are you feeling left out?
    Submitted by robster on Sunday, April 01, 2001 – 11:30
    No need to be, here is a quick trick how to get, at least some, of the software
    that is new or upgraded in woody.
    0 comments · read more

    Debian Planet code updated
    Submitted by robster on Sunday, April 01, 2001 – 11:20
    OK. Thanks to all who contributed to our beta testing of the new PHP-Nuke codebase on the server. If you submitted a bug report and its not been fixed then please stay with us. The old content will be moved back into the new database (featured articles) very soon. If you experiance any problems please add comments to this article. Thanks.
    ressu: ok, that covers the last fixes to the code, the logins should work now. some of you had problems with it.
    ressu: there has been reports of errors while posting comments. if this happends please log out and log in again. that should fix the problem. cookie format changed and it has to be recreated.

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