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    GNOME 1.4 Beta1 debs from Ximian (UPDATED)
    Submitted by robster on Sunday, February 18, 2001 – 12:08
    Ximian has packaged the recent GNOME 1.4 beta 1 release called “Oops, We Did it Again.” Read the Gnotices story here. Warning: these may break your system badly!!

    Try: deb ftp://ftp.ximian.com/pub/ximian/1.4beta1/distributions/debian unstable main as your apt source line. We’d love to hear of your experiances with this, so post comments below…

    Netsnipe (10:12GMT Feb22): I’ve just added a nice little tip for all you cvs GNOME application fans.

    18 comments · read more

    Why we appear to run RedHat
    Submitted by robster on Saturday, February 17, 2001 – 23:55
    Some nosy people noticed (took you a while though) that this webserver doesn’t actually run on Debian (and not RedHat but Definite Linux). This is because we have free hosting on a vhost at uklinux.net.You can’t complain about anything free, can you 🙂

    The future is bright: the future is a colocated Debian box: Debian Planet II, the all singin’ all dancin’ new site, will be on its own seperate box running Debian; until then dont complain….


    Debian based Telemetry Box Distribution released
    Submitted by robster on Saturday, February 17, 2001 – 22:25
    Version 1.0 of the Telemetry Box Distribution has finally been released. The Tbox distribution is a Debian GNU/Linux ‘potato’ based custom Linux version for remote monitoring and maintenance of networks.
    You can read the full Debian press release here. We are always glad to see quality distributions building on Debian. Debian cannot cope with every eventually (although it has a good try 🙂 ) therefore specialist distributions are created to help solve a specific problem or service, any useful changes are often contributed back to the project. (Of course the changes must be based on the same licence the code belongs too.)

    Wichert Akkerman: Looking forward, looking back.
    Submitted by Netsnipe on Thursday, February 15, 2001 – 08:40
    It’s been weeks in the making, and for those of you who reside on OpenProjects, you’ve known it’s been coming (and delayed countless times too). In an exclusive interview with DebianPlanet, Wichert Akkerman gives what could possibly be his last interview as Debian Project Leader. After two years in the top job at Debian, Wichert has decided to call it quits and not to rerun for election in a bid for a third term. In this interview with Edward Lang (woot) and myself at linux.conf.au (plus some recent updating), Wichert reflects not only on the past of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and his own role in it, but also the project’s most pressing issues today from its community to the constitution. This insightful interview with Wichert wouldn’t be complete without a peek into Wichert’s own crystal ball on the project’s future and the promise of dpkg v2 on the horizon. So enjoy this look forwards and look backwards into Debian with Wichert Akkerman.

    0 comments · read more

    Submitted by robster on Friday, February 09, 2001 – 19:36
    This week’s random notes are:

  • Nautilus PR3 is released and enters sid
  • Linux 2.4.1 kernel source package enters sid
  • New unofficial potato packages compiled from sid for potato at ftp://ftp.bugio.org/pub/debian/. The apropriate sources.list line is deb ftp://ftp.bugio.org/pub/debian potato-ports main non-free
  • An installfest (Debian of course) is happening in Houston, Texas, USA. Details can be found here.


    Progeny and Maximum Linux Raise $1000 for Debian
    Submitted by Bruce_Byfield on Friday, February 09, 2001 – 19:26
    Indianapolis, February 6, 2001 – Progeny Linux Systems and Maximum Linux magazine raised $1000 for the Debian Project in a raffle held on January 31 and February 1 at LinuxWorld in New York. The cheque was presented to Wichert Ackerman, Debian Project Leader, shortly afterwards.

    First prize, a Sony Vaio Picturebook with a Transmeta Crusoe chip, went to Luis Cedeno. Cedeno, a Senior Systems Engineer at Reuters America.

    5 comments · read more

    Installing a debian system the easy way
    Submitted by Anonymous on Friday, February 09, 2001 – 19:06
    There`s a new kid in town, Open Door Softwares. This company has a very cool new service, basicly eleminating the difficulty in installing and configuring a debian system. It goes something like this:

  • You go to their website
  • You tell them what hardware you have
  • You tell them what software you want
  • They send you a custom cd that installs the system preconfigured.
    What`s also cool is that part of their profits go to the “open source develepment fund” (now what would that be for?, :-)), and another part goes to charity. Not only that but it`s their clients(i.e. us) that decide which projects are to be sponsered.
    This Is just so cool!

    Progeny releases Beta 3
    Submitted by solomon on Saturday, February 03, 2001 – 15:36
    Progeny beta 3 has appeared on archive.progeny.com in the whee hours. Since this release follows Beta 2 so closely, it can be assumed that it is some sort of a hotfix release, but the release notes don’t really allude to that. Remember…this is beta software.
    UPDATED: Pretzelgod tells me hes workign on a ‘kickass’ partioner for the installer. Keep up the good work guys. And don’t forget to contribute it back to Debian! (rob)

    Create a customized Debian user manual
    Submitted by robster on Thursday, February 01, 2001 – 19:40
    I have been informed that a new project has been started to create a customizable user documentation engine for Debian, where you supply your hardware/software requirements and a custom user manual with appropriate information will be created for you. The project is called mydebman and is hosted at Sourceforge, it is still in alpha at the moment.

    I think it is great to see innovative projects like this which makes Debian shine above the rest.

    The new Debian installer is going along nicely…
    Submitted by ressu on Monday, January 29, 2001 – 21:22
    To put is shortly, here is a quote from the mail:
    Where we are:
    We have a small chrooted system that is being autobuilt daily.
    A single bootable floppy image has been created, and sorta works.

    read on for the rest of the mail, the >original mail can be found on the list archives.

    1 comment · read more

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