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    Ian Murdock responds to comparisons between ‘pure’ Debian and Progeny
    Submitted by Netsnipe on Thursday, November 09, 2000 – 07:51
    In the very short history of DebianPlanet (3 weeks), we’ve managed to quickly establish ourselves as a landmark both for users and the developers of the Debian community. My recent article, “Blurring the Line Between Pure Debian and its Commercial Variants” and the accompanying poll would prove to become our most controversial to date and a major talking point in #debian.

    In light of the release of Progeny Debian Beta 1, questions arose on the standing of commercial variants of Debian among the many purists to Debian’s non-commercial principles who would find it hard-pressed to stray from mainstream Debian. The accompanying poll revealed that an resounding 58% of respondents would not use a commercial variant of Debian as opposed to 32% who would.

    Ian Murdock, a founding and former member of the Debian GNU/Linux project who went on to found and become CEO of Progeny Linux Systems has written a reply to my original article and is shown below.
    20 comments · read more

    Ipfwadm and ipchains: is upgrade from slink safe ?
    Submitted by Anonymous on Wednesday, November 08, 2000 – 20:17
    “I am running a slink production server which does ipmasquerading and firewalling.
    I’d like to know if upgrading to potato will
    break things or if the rules will be converted to ipchains’ format.
    Being a Debian fan, I think the upgrade will be ok, but anyway, are there known issues ?”
    (Question was submitted)
    2 comments · read more

    Building entire distro from src packages?
    Submitted by Anonymous on Wednesday, November 08, 2000 – 11:36
    I know there’s not really an “ask debianplanet” section, but I’m asking you guys anyways. I am currently running slink, and I’m going to upgrade to potato very soon, and probably to woody (I haven’t been paying attention to all the upgrades, so I’m a bit behind). I am wondering if there is a way I can get the source packages instead of the binaries, and have apt-get build them all for me (so I’d end up with a version of potato built entirely on my machine, well, accept the packages not upgraded since slink, if there are any). I am very interested to know because I’d rather binaries be custom to my machine so they run most efficiently. Let me know.


    Dpkg 1.7.0 and 1.7.1
    Submitted by ressu on Tuesday, November 07, 2000 – 07:26
    New dpkg package (1.7.0) has been uploaded to woody, and new one to Incoming.. according to wichertIt seems I made a `slight’ mistake in dpkg 1.7.0 which broke
    update-alternatives. Combined with a perl upgrade that can have some
    nasty effects. I fixed this in dpkg 1.7.1, and I strongly advise
    everyone to immediately upgrade to that version if you have 1.7.0

    Update: here are the links that i promised earlier dpkg 1.7.0 warning
    and new features in dpkg 1.7.1
    1 comment · read more

    Setting up X4 in Debian with 3DFX cards
    Submitted by robster on Sunday, November 05, 2000 – 12:34
    Here’s the article i promised to some of the #debian people having X problems although it deals with 3DFX specifically it might help you. Feel free to spread the word about this article.

    Debian @ Linux Park
    Submitted by robster on Sunday, November 05, 2000 – 10:39
    “The Debian project happily annouces that they have received an offer to represent the project and its sane Linux distribution from November 5th to November 11th as part of LinuxPark at europeans second most important computer-oriented exhibition, Systems 2000 in Munich, Germany.”. Says the email that popped into my mailbox this morning. See below for the rest.
    0 comments · read more

    XFree86 4 now in unstable
    Submitted by agl on Sunday, November 05, 2000 – 10:15
    Branden, head of the Debian X Strike Force, has reached a milestone in his work on packaging X4 and it’s now in Woody. I’ve been using the phase 2 debs for ages now and I haven’t had a problem which is pretty impressive considering I’m running a G400 twin head and a Mach 64 in Xinerama.

    Netsnipe: (Updated 4:45GMT) On a side note, on behalf of the entire DebianPlanet crew, we’d also like to congratulate G. Branden Robinson not only on his X work, but also on his recently announced engagement.
    1 comment · read more

    Blurring the Line Between Pure Debian and its Commercial Variants
    Submitted by Netsnipe on Saturday, November 04, 2000 – 15:26
    On Thursday in #debian, an interesting thread in a conversation appeared. With the release of Progeny Linux System’s own commercial variation of Debian GNU/Linux, what will be the Debian community’s response to it? Time and time again, many Debian users have expressed that one of their main reasons behind their loyalty to it was because of its commitment to remain as only one of the few non-profit Linux distributions left in active development. In recent times, a few corporations have released their own commercial variants, most notably, Corel, Libranet and Stormix. A full list of Linux releases based upon Debian can be found here. Despite most of these distributions possessing their respective merits, the Debian community, many of whom are purists to Debian’s principles find it hard-pressed to stray away from mainstream Debian. So where do commercial variants of Debian stand in the eyes of the Debian community? Is there enough momentum and support from within the community to keep them going despite their motives to profit from Debian? Please vote in the front page poll, but voice your opinions here.

    See also (9 Nov 9:15GMT):

    Poll: Would you use a commercial variant of Debian GNU/Linux?

    Ian Murdock’s response

    6 comments · read more

    Software in the Public Interest
    Submitted by Joy on Friday, November 03, 2000 – 20:32
    Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
    is the non-profit corporation that was set up to handle money and legal issues
    for Debian. It expanded to sponsor many other Free Software projects, according to its set of goals. We’re trying to revive the
    interest in the organization, in order to attract more
    members (a membership page will be set up soon) and to get more
    donations. Comments, suggestions and all offers for help are welcome.

    Reviews section opened
    Submitted by ressu on Friday, November 03, 2000 – 07:44
    DebianPlanet has opened it’s reviews section with Not-So-Formal review of webmin

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