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    Debian Planet Turns Five Years Old
    Submitted by robster on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 – 18:10
    The title says it all really. I know that the last year has been relatively slow but hopefully things will pick up again now that we’re actively recruiting and training new editors.

    Thanks to all the readers and contributors for making this worthwhile. I suggest you keep an eye out, some improvements are afoot…

    Category: Site News

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    I am glad you guys are stil
    Author: TekMate
    Date: Thursday, 2005/11/03 – 20:48
    I am glad you guys are still around myself. I personally would like to see new content perhaps you could link to other things to help out like post links when the latest Debian news is released and things like that. What about reporting on Debian based systems?

    CafeComputer home of Yet another Linux FAQ

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    Subject: I really like the site but…
    Author: packet
    Date: Wednesday, 2005/11/02 – 22:54
    …what’s up with the trickle of content. There has to be some more right?
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    Subject: Any Birthday cake?
    Author: BTamas
    Date: Saturday, 2005/10/29 – 15:11
    Hey budies . . .
    I don’t get any cakes from you for this very very special day. Maybe
    I’ll get a fine cake when you’ll be 10 years? 😉

    Best Regards,
    Tamas Bajko

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    Subject: me too…
    Author: datakid
    Date: Friday, 2005/10/28 – 04:24
    I would also like to register support for debian planet – despite little content I’ve been coming here daily for months on the off chance…

    I’m been forced away from free software usage because I like to eat, but as debian is my torch bearer, I like to see what’s going on…

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Why “have things been relatively slow?”
    Author: paulbain
    Date: Thursday, 2005/10/27 – 22:19
    the last year has been relatively slow but hopefully things will pick up again now that we’re actively recruiting and training new editors.

    Things have been a bit slow? Does that mean that this site has fewer readers and comment-posters than a few years ago? If so, then here are my thoughts on this matter. IMO, the primary reason for the decline in readership and in posting is that the site’s maintainers foolishly ignored my advice to stick with their old software, which had better support for community-building. Their old software was (IIRC) a home-grown variant of PHP-Nuke (or PostNuke?) that allowed, among other things, users to moderate comments after the manner of Slashdot. The current software, which is (IIRC) based on G_ddamned Drupal, does not allow such moderation. If it does allow such moderation, I see no evidence of it.

    I will be damned if I can understand the popularity of Drupal. Furthermore, I cannot understand why so many people think that Drupal is a CMS. It ain’t. It is a hybrid, half CMS and half “community-ware,” software that facilitates the building of an online community. And such hybrids nearly always suck.

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    Subject: Software mostly irrelevent
    Author: skx
    Date: Friday, 2005/10/28 – 13:42
    The software the site is running is probably the last reason why things are slow. Ultimately it is the lack of updates which causes fewer people to return, and less of a community to occur.

    I prefer this software, but that is because I’ve used both Drupal and various *Nuke software installations – they have been notorious for their security holes, and that is enough to move away from them to something else.

    Comment moderation is a useful tool, but it isn’t a requirement if there are few comments around after all!

    Communities occur when people get together and interact – not via the use of magical community-building software…


    [ www.steve.org.uk | Debian Administration ]

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    Subject: Debian planet is a great heads up
    Author: albcorp
    Date: Wednesday, 2005/10/26 – 00:01
    As a long time lurker, I would like to register my appreciation of this site.

    It never bothers me that it posts only a few articles. That is a welcome relief after all the other sites that post every last piece of news that just might be relevant. I trust this site as a sort of heads up for important events. So long as it can do that I would be happy with just a couple of posts a month.


    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: It still is *the* base site for qualified news about Debian
    Author: TreoTom
    Date: Sunday, 2005/10/30 – 19:13
    Even if it has been _very_ slow on the newsfront here at DebianPlanet, the content and quality of the articles shows that you are *inside* Debian GNU/Linux and have a passion for it. The original content and angles on the Debian community and the distribution is what makes this site so great. I hope that this will revitalize DebianPlanet 🙂

    Treo Tom
    Visit www.debian-news.net for daily news

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    Subject: robster,
    I look forward to s
    Author: kerneld
    Date: Tuesday, 2005/10/25 – 21:21
    I look forward to seeing more content here 🙂
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