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    Debian tops poll, Project leader Bdale Garbee discusses surge
    Submitted by jar on Saturday, January 25, 2003 – 10:02
    DesktopLinux.com’s 2002 poll closed on January 1st with Debian edging out Mandrake in the last two months of year. The results, while not quite “scientific”, it certainly reinforced the growing interest in Desktop Linux distributions. Users were passionate in supporting their favourite distribution.

    DesktopLinux.com caught up with Debian Project Leader Bdale Garbee to get his views on what makes Debian a leader.

    Category: News

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    Subject: Part of the surge
    Author: rinsoblue
    Date: Sunday, 2003/01/26 – 13:46
    I became part of this surge recently. I got tired of the antics of the Mandrake folks. They lost my orders, they lost my donations, and they took my money for the Club and never sent me a log-in until begged.
    The package update tool and other vitals are in a steady decline. And over the years the constant poor-mouthing and stock-shilling became just too irritating.
    As I long-time user of Conectiva (at home and work) I had already developed an appreciation of the superiority of ‘apt’.
    So I ‘bit the bullet’ and invested the time and effort to learn the Debian installer and said to hell with the rest.
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    Subject: Totally agree
    Author: Euan
    Date: Wednesday, 2003/01/29 – 02:05
    The newest Mandrake I had was 8.1, it seems like I’d hardly blinked and wham out rolls 8.2. And not long after that (really) came 9.0.

    Call me boring but I just want to get my system configured so it works and keep it patched security wise. I can’t see how that’s possible with Mandrake, I’ve not had one ‘upgrade’ install work without breaking loads of things. Add to that the begging letters from Mandrake that were filling my Inbox which I found pretty obnoxious as I’d shelled out for the shrink wrap version of every Mandrake from 7.2 to 8.1 and I felt it was time to move on.

    My first foray in to Debian, after using Knoppix to check everything was supported, was on a Toshiba laptop. The only issues I had was with the darned partition table which got corrupted (I’m dual bootingish, haven’t booted the legacy OS in over half a year but there are times that I need it.) After a slight panic I realise I had all the tools for fixing the partition table in the installer in the form of ash. Cool 🙂

    Ten hours of playing with apt-get and I can confidently state I can do a hell of a lot more with that than rpm which I’ve been using for 3 years. Now I understand it Debian is a lot more user friendly and easier to maintain than any other distro I’ve tried.

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    Subject: Red hats take more effort, really
    Author: rich4421972
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/28 – 08:24
    IMHO Debian and its ponderous installer is actually much easier to learn than the whole RPM system put together. I find it frustrating to constantly have to research the origin of RPM files so that I know what package depends on what other packages. Mandrake and such will be good for some, but I think Debian is easier because software upgrading is the most essential task I perform on my desktop.Besides, Debian comes with Icewm, Fluxbox, fvwm2 and many other very nice window managers! 🙂
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