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    Debian Woody Freeze Plans – Progress Report
    Submitted by agl on Sunday, April 08, 2001 – 17:29
    Anthony Towns has posted a progress report on how Woody is going. Full text below

    Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2001 18:44:01 +1000
    From: Anthony Towns
    Subject: Woody Freeze Plans - Progress Report

    In short: there hasn't been any, go help Adam and David with

    The optimistic schedule is roughly as it was before, but with the dates
    bumped back by a couple of months:

    2001.05.01 -- working boot-floppies, preview release of woody,
    begin finalising policy, get rid of all RC bugs
    in the base system
    2001.06.01 -- policy freeze: no changes to policy, no more packages
    added to the base system, finalise the base system,
    fix all RC bugs in standard/b-f's
    2001.07.01 -- base system frozen, no new packages in standard,
    fix RC bugs in optional/extra
    2001.08.01 -- standard frozen, no new packages in optional/extra
    2001.09.01 -- optional/extra frozen, final security updates
    2001.09.15 -- release

    That's still ridiculously optimistic though. A more realistic schedule,
    based on the time it's taking boot-floppies to get working is probably
    more like:

    2001.08.01 -- working boot-floppies
    2002.03.01 -- finished boot-floppies, standard frozen
    2002.04.15 -- release

    (with the other dates spread in between somewhere; if we find problems
    when we actually get around to testing woody properly there'll be
    further delays)

    Not having working boot-floppies means we can't do installation testing,
    which means we can't get a reasonable handle on whether we need to do
    any further development work in the base system or on policy in general,
    which means freezing isn't reasonable at present (since we may still
    need to do significant development).

    Working boot-floppies are, at this point, the key factor determining
    whether woody will be released in a reasonable amount of time (ie,
    this year), or not. At the moment, it's not looking that promising.

    The remaining aspects of the release aren't looking too bad: almost
    all the outdatedness in testing is fixed (glibc 2.2, X 4, perl 5.6,
    debconf), and the only remaining issues (KDE and Gnome 1.2/1.4) look
    like they should be able to be resolved in the next few weeks; hppa,
    ia64 and mips are making good use of the delay to get themselves release
    ready, so we may have some more architectures to release; and one way
    or another we seem well on the way to having almost all of Debian being
    more auto-buildable than every before.

    Just in case anyone was wondering, anyway.


    Anthony Towns
    Woody Release Manager

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    Subject: Debian Installer
    Author: nero
    Date: Tuesday, 2001/04/10 – 22:46
    Will debian proper be using Progeny’s GUI installer/hardware detection? Or are they going to re-re-re-reinvent the wheel again?
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    Subject: Re: Debian Woody Freeze Plans – Progress Report
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Monday, 2001/04/09 – 05:20
    Maybe this classifies as a kids question like “Why is the sky blue”? Just in case anyone doesn’t know, its because the way light refracts in our atmosphere. Is’s been a while, but I think it’s called mie scattering.

    Why are the boot floppies being such a problem? Is some work around with the potato boot floppies possible?


    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Or how about using the Progeny install system?
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Tuesday, 2001/04/10 – 20:49
    I agree with you, and would like to add: Progeny has gone to the trouble of not only writing, but GPLing and essentially donating this beautiful new installer for Debian woody, why duplicate all of their effort? Why not just add to what they have done?
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: Debian Woody Freeze Plans – Progress Report
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Monday, 2001/04/09 – 11:02
    I wondered the same thing myself, so I went and looked at the debian-boot mailing list on lists.debian.org.

    The problem seems to be the old “make it work/make it right” debate. The new install process (slated for Sid I believe) is under development, which takes some of the glamour and excitment away from the woody install.

    It’s ironic that because Debian works so well and you rarely need to install it, the install process gets little attention, making the first thing people see about the distribution the worst. I love Debian to death, but the potato install, while much better than older ones, is still pretty pathetic. You don’t even have to be a newbie to know this.

    Anyway, there’s no point complaining about it since everyone working on it is well aware of these things. Let’s just go help ’em out. 🙂

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    Subject: Re: Debian Woody Freeze Plans – Progress Report
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Monday, 2001/04/09 – 06:26
    What about a boot-floppy party , like the
    bug squashing parties they periodically have.

    Maybe once every couple of weeks,the projects
    furthest ahead should help out those furtherst
    Especially when the laggard is the boot floppy
    which is really the installation process.
    No install, no woody.

    Just a thought.

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