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    GNOME 2.4 in Sarge
    Submitted by JoeBuck on Sunday, January 25, 2004 – 06:34
    GNOMEAs of today, meta-gnome2 got into testing, which means “apt-get install gnome” works in sarge so there is finally a consistent set of Gnome 2.4 packages.
    Category: News

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    Subject: Similar problems
    Author: JoeBuck
    Date: Monday, 2004/01/26 – 17:29
    Actually, testing has a mixture of packages from KDE 2.2 through KDE 3.1.4, and stuff from 3.1.5 is trying to enter.

    KDE is having the same sorts of problems Gnome had: the testing system requires that a package builds on all architectures, has no RC bugs (or, at least, no more than the version already in sarge), and be at least ten days old (although in some circumstances five or two days is enough). The problem, though, is that if there are many dependencies, each time some library is patched the clock starts again.

    qt-x11-free needs to build on mipsel. At that point, it seems that the 3.1.5 versions of kdelibs and arts can go in. Then things are stuck until a release-critical bug (209122) in lm-sensors is fixed. But lm-sensors depends on i2c, and i2c has three RC bugs. So there are (at least) four RC bugs to fix before kdelibs gets in. Then a new version of these two package have to be built on all architectures. That restarts the clock. After that point, all the KDE packages need to build and install successfully on all architectures.

    [ return ]


    Subject: lm-sensors?
    Author: theolojin
    Date: Monday, 2004/01/26 – 21:14
    why does kdelibs depend on lm-sensors? is not lm-sensors for monitoring hardware? i fail to see a connection with a desktop environment.


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