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    Graphical installation, the new Nebie attraction!
    Submitted by ressu on Wednesday, December 27, 2000 – 17:06
    Ok, think of it what you like, but this will be a new attraction for new users. Daniel Jacobowitz uploaded a graphical fronted to the new installer CVS. it’s not even experimental yet and i haven’t gotten a chance to try it out but this is something people have been begging for. Way to go Daniel!
    Here is >the original mail from Debian-boot

    Control panel

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    Subject: Re: Graphical installation, the new Nebie attraction!
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Wednesday, 2001/01/03 – 16:01
    If they implement this I sure hope that they will do this as clued as, for example, the SuSE people did. Which basicly means; stay downwards compatible.

    Implementing gadgets is very nice if you also offer the “regular” users to install it in the way they know best. Like I said; SuSE has done this by also keeping a textbased install option available using Yast instead of Yast2. SUN does this by keeping an “older” installation option available with Solaris 8 and I’m sure this list can get quite long.

    Therefor I sure hope the Debian people will handle this the same as well. Attracting new users is one thing, pissing off oldtimers is another 🙂

    With kind regards, Lion-O

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    Subject: Re: Graphical installation, the new Nebie attraction!
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Sunday, 2000/12/31 – 23:48
    I think it´s great!!! It doesn´t have to be a beautiful heavy Graphical inst. as long as it works, it´s simple, and doesn´t require expensive/certain cards to work.
    I think that RH4 had it good (remenber that blue screen?).
    Isn´t Progeny working ( so they say…) on a Debian with all that?
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