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    How About Oracle?
    Submitted by Anonymous on Wednesday, April 04, 2001 – 18:57
    I was surprised when the site search returned zero on my Oracle query.
    Anybody willing to start this topic: Oracle on Debian?
    Without the products like this one it’s not going anywhere…

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    Subject: Re: How About Oracle?
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Wednesday, 2001/04/04 – 22:44
    Simple… Oracle is not free, i’m working on becoming an Oracle DBA and was able to get a free (as in beer) copy of the personal edition for windows and linux, but only because i registered for it and promised only to use it for private non-comercial puposes. Until Oracle can be freely distributed at will, Oracle could be a candidate for package maintenance. At least that’s my theory. If you want an Oracle package, you can beg and plead for oracle to offer it as a debian package but for now you can get it as an ISO to be burnt on the CD for free.
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    Subject: Re: How About Oracle?
    Author: Caesar
    Date: Tuesday, 2001/07/31 – 20:51
    It is possible to create a wrapper deb for the tar from Oracle – using the silent configuration, via the response files (no gui).

    Put the (as an example) linux81701ee.tar into /tmp, create defaults, but ask for overrides… even create a starting db, management tools… etc.

    The Oracle license should be satisfied with this route.

    Of course, each Oracle installation is subjective – but given the power of dpkg, it should not (in theory) be really not that tough.

    SuSE, btw, has an RPM for Oracle – they effectively tar’d up the $ORACLE_BASE directory and installed – no options.

    Hum… I’ve been meaning to find a personal path to contribute to Debian… oracle-817ee*.deb anyone?

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    Subject: Re: How About Oracle?
    Author: tpabka
    Date: Thursday, 2001/04/05 – 02:07
    Oracle Database Server is free (as in beer) for non-comercial use, even so-called “enterprise edition”, as well as Oracle iAS and a few other tools. You can download it for Linux, Solaris and Windows NT Server from technet.oracle.com. And I have great doubt that it will ever be GPLed as well as packaged – simply because the install process is somewhat complicated and a DBA *must* figure out how to install.
    So try harder in becoming one. 😉
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