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    Installing and Configuring ALSA in Debian
    Submitted by GonzoJohn on Friday, November 01, 2002 – 17:16
    DebianA very common question that comes up when trying Debian GNU/Linux is how the heck do you get Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (a.k.a. ALSA) sound modules set up properly? In this HOWTO we’ll show you how to compile and install the ALSA kernel modules, and then setup things using the ALSA Debian script so that modules are automatically loaded and unloaded, and your mixer levels are saved and restored on boot up.
    Category: HOWTOs

    Control panel

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    Subject: it’s in there
    Author: OverrideX
    Date: Saturday, 2002/11/02 – 21:56
    you didn’t really read the whole howto i guess:

    Compiling and Installing the Modules

    The Compiling and Installing the Modules section of this HOWTO is the most complicated, because you need to know what the situation is with your kernel and follow the instructions for that scenario, I’ll cover a few different possibilities below, follow the one that best suits your setup.

    one of the methods described is make-kpkg modules_image in the section “Custom kernel built with make-kpkg” there’s 4 different sets of instructions for different kernel setups like 2.5.x, custom with make-kpkg or stock kernel, you only use the set that applies to you rather than the whole howto, the first three are much easier than the building the deb one -Dan

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