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    Installing Debian (woody) on a Sony Vaio SRX87
    Submitted by rlipscombe on Wednesday, January 08, 2003 – 21:39
    DebianI’ve just spent the evening installing Debian on my Sony Vaio SRX87. After a few false starts, it went relatively smoothly. I’ve written up the experience here.
    Category: HOWTOs

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    Subject: Re: no need
    Author: rlipscombe
    Date: Monday, 2003/01/13 – 16:35
    Fair point, but it’s difficult to read the basedebs from an NTFS partition.

    One possible solution that I found was creating a swap partition, and formatting it as FAT, and putting the debs on there temporarily.

    I got the Firewire DVD-ROM working this weekend. I’ll be updating the article with the details in the next day or do.

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    Subject: true. i think i minimized the
    Author: Caoilte
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/14 – 11:08
    true. i think i minimized the ntfs partition and created a fat32 partition for future transfers like that.

    i spoke to the acpi developer for kde, and some really neat automatic brightness features (a la windows) and jogdial support should be going into 3.2.

    and thanks for the dvd info on your site. saved me the trouble of looking up the probe.

    do the acpi patches add suspend support? i might stick with the 2.4.20 support otherwise or at least wait for a debian package.

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    Subject: Single-floppy RedHat installer
    Author: hazelsct
    Date: Monday, 2003/01/13 – 16:47
    Just FYI, I got Debian onto my Vaio Z505S (3.7 years ago) by booting from and using the RedHat single-floppy network installer. I partitioned it and installed RedHat into the future swap partition, and put base.tar.gz there, then installed Debian from that, and after rebooting Debian, blew away RedHat and relabeled/formatted its partition as swap.

    OTOH, back then, the Slink installer could fit on one floppy; we need separate kernel and ramdisk today… Perhaps one could get the ramdisk from the ext2 RedHat partition?

    -Adam P.

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