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    Installing Debian (woody) on a Sony Vaio SRX87
    Submitted by rlipscombe on Wednesday, January 08, 2003 – 21:39
    DebianI’ve just spent the evening installing Debian on my Sony Vaio SRX87. After a few false starts, it went relatively smoothly. I’ve written up the experience here.
    Category: HOWTOs

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    Subject: Installed on SRX77
    Author: heow
    Date: Friday, 2003/01/17 – 19:39
    I installed it on my Vaio SRX77 a bit ago, you can read (and update!) the details here:


    I haven’t kept up on the new ACPI or ext3, so this is a good excuse to update my kernel (and website). Thanks for the post.

    – Heow

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    Subject: no need
    Author: Caoilte
    Date: Monday, 2003/01/13 – 09:28
    i installed debian on my sony vaio srx87 a few months ago without using a network boot.

    Although you cannot install directly off of the cd, you can boot off of it and then read the basedebs off the windows partition. That’s enough to get the self-standing system.

    I’d be interested to know whether you get the firewire+cd drive working, as that’s the one thing I still haven’t done.

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    Subject: Re: no need
    Author: rlipscombe
    Date: Monday, 2003/01/13 – 16:35
    Fair point, but it’s difficult to read the basedebs from an NTFS partition.

    One possible solution that I found was creating a swap partition, and formatting it as FAT, and putting the debs on there temporarily.

    I got the Firewire DVD-ROM working this weekend. I’ll be updating the article with the details in the next day or do.

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    Subject: true. i think i minimized the
    Author: Caoilte
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/14 – 11:08
    true. i think i minimized the ntfs partition and created a fat32 partition for future transfers like that.

    i spoke to the acpi developer for kde, and some really neat automatic brightness features (a la windows) and jogdial support should be going into 3.2.

    and thanks for the dvd info on your site. saved me the trouble of looking up the probe.

    do the acpi patches add suspend support? i might stick with the 2.4.20 support otherwise or at least wait for a debian package.

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    Subject: Re: do the acpi patches add suspend support?
    Author: rlipscombe
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/14 – 12:00
    I’m not sure. I’ve not tried it yet. However, it’s recommended that you install them, because they provide the over-temperature warning, apparently. I’ve not looked into this too much.

    Are you saying that the power switch (which is controlled by ACPI) works correctly with acpid and the stock 2.4.20 kernel?

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    Subject: appears to.
    Author: Caoilte
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/14 – 12:55
    it worked with the bf2.4.18 images so i imagine so. i don’t know about acpid, i haven’t tried it yet.

    i might yet install them, I’ll see how they behave with the xfs patches. :-(.

    want me to write up instructions for making the soundcard work under alsa tonight? (i’ll make it an edit of your make-kpkg instructions if you want).

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    Subject: making the soundcard work under alsa
    Author: rlipscombe
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/14 – 15:12
    Yeah, that’d be good. Do you want to email them to me (address on the web pages), or just publish them yourself? If you email them to me, I’ll publish them with the other stuff — with the proper attribution, obviously.
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    Subject: Single-floppy RedHat installer
    Author: hazelsct
    Date: Monday, 2003/01/13 – 16:47
    Just FYI, I got Debian onto my Vaio Z505S (3.7 years ago) by booting from and using the RedHat single-floppy network installer. I partitioned it and installed RedHat into the future swap partition, and put base.tar.gz there, then installed Debian from that, and after rebooting Debian, blew away RedHat and relabeled/formatted its partition as swap.

    OTOH, back then, the Slink installer could fit on one floppy; we need separate kernel and ramdisk today… Perhaps one could get the ramdisk from the ext2 RedHat partition?

    -Adam P.

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    Subject: interesting choice
    Author: obi
    Date: Sunday, 2003/01/12 – 01:43
    I’m currently looking for a small laptop or subnotebook too. I like this one, but it’s a bit expensive (in europe at least), bit slow cpu (not that big a deal) and has crappy 3d (though it probably does work with DRI).

    The new Apple 12″ rocks, but has NVidia graphics. NVidia + PowerPC = no Linux 3d.

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    Subject: And non-x86 is more secure!
    Author: hazelsct
    Date: Monday, 2003/01/13 – 17:04
    The Apple 12″ does look cool! I’m in the market too, thanks for the hint.

    It’s also worth noting that with just about all Linux exploits coming out for x86, PPC is more secure, practically if not inherently. By obscurity perhaps, but unless someone really wants *your* machine, they’ll probably just take the existing x86 exploit and look elsewhere.

    It’s quite difficult to port buffer overflow exploits across platforms, it requires recomputation of offsets, and some serious assembler shell code. Script kiddies certainly aren’t up to the task, and it takes a lot of motivation even for a senior cracker. (E.g. Dan Jacobowitz, a PPC guru on the Debian security team, took IIRC weeks to write the exploit that won him the LinuxPPC “crack this box” prize.)

    I just wish someone made Alpha, MIPS, Sparc and ARM (HPPA too? 🙂 laptops, for even more diversity and better security. Now that RedHat only supports x86, this would further highlight Debian’s strength as the most full-featured multi-platform OS anywhere. And if people actually used other architectures in significant numbers, a mass x86 exploit causing limited damage due to this diversity would showcase the free software advantage over single-architecture systems like those of (cough) Microsoft and Apple…

    -Adam P.

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    Subject: Non-x86 laptops
    Author: robster
    Date: Saturday, 2003/01/18 – 17:17
    Many may have heard of the Tadpole SPARCbook laptops, however fewer I expect will have heard of Nextcom’s series of UltraSPARC IIe laptops. Unfortunately I suspect Linux support is relatively poor.

    Acorn also had a laptop called the A4, which is apparently supported to some extent by ARM Linux. (Google for more details)


    Rob ‘robster’ Bradford
    Founder: http://www.debianplanet.org/
    Developer: http://www.debian.org/
    Monkey with keyboard: http://www.robster.org.uk/

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    Subject: Acorn A4
    Author: cbcbcb
    Date: Sunday, 2003/01/19 – 08:34
    The Linux support for the A4 is not maintained any more – it uses the old ARM version 2 (“26 bit”) architecture. But the A4 is too slow to be practical as a Linux workstation anyway. Of course the old 2.0.x kernels will still work fine.
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    Subject: closed != not portable
    Author: salimma
    Date: Thursday, 2003/01/16 – 13:49
    NT has been shown running on Alpha and MIPS, AFAIR.. and similarly Apple’s Project Meklar supposedly has OS X running on x86.

    The problem, of course, is the lack of source availability making supporting a niche platform impractical.

    Open PPC platforms has finally begun to be available again (after the Jobs cut of 1997); looking forward to the time when I can get an affordable, dual-PPC970 server box.. hehe

    That being said, still going for the 12″ Powerbook myself. Jaguar + Fink is practically a prettified Debian 🙂

    – Michel

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    Subject: closed == long-term unportable
    Author: hazelsct
    Date: Monday, 2003/01/20 – 19:14
    Yes, NT ran on MIPS, and for a while on Alpha too, thanks to an enormous effort by DEC engineers. They even delayed shipments of the first alphas until NT ran on them, which was a BIG mistake, since the overwhelming majority of their sales were for Unix…

    NT was also supposed to run on Sparc and PowerPC. And one after the other, Microsoft dropped all of these alternative platforms, finally killing Alpha last after NT SP6.

    Closed-source -> Abandoned -> Dead. It’s an inevitable cycle. Apple abandoned pre-G3 chips, so closed-source MockOS on them is dead; those with G3s today will at some point inevitably be bitten by the same thing.

    The corrolary is that if there are closed-source alternatives with uneven commercial potential, one will be pursued and the other abandoned -> dead. So it was with NT on PPC, Sparc, MIPS and Alpha; so it almost was with Quicken on MockOS (until Apple bribed Intuit to keep it); so it will be with Xandros unless they can prove they’ll be around in ten years and/or release the source of their extensions…

    So yes, closed source == not portable in the long term. And multi platform -> more secure. This gives an inherent security advantage when working with open source on less popular platforms, which was my original point. And yes, I too am looking forward to nice non-Apple PPC systems! 🙂

    -Adam P.

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