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    ITP: rootkit – a Ro0Tk1t 4 Deb1an boxxxen
    Submitted by zadok on Monday, April 01, 2002 – 21:23
    Posted to debian-devel by Simon Richter:

    Package: rootkit
    Version: 0.1-1
    Section: admin
    Priority: optional
    Description: a Ro0Tk1t 4 Deb1an boxxxen
    D15 p4(kaG3 d1V3rt5 d4 u5U4L b1N4r135 U w4Nt 2 r3Pl4(3 1N a 5Y5t3m
    (0nf0Rm4nT M4Nn3r, 50 tH4T 3V3n r31N5t4lL1nG ‘3m w0n’T h3Lp !! dpkg
    w1Ll n0T (!) 0v3RwR1t3 d4 f1L3Z 1N D15 P4(K4G3 !! H4h4!
    jU5T d0 apt-get install rootkit, 4n5W3r d4 q35t10nz && h4V3 fUn!!!

    Please don’t anybody tell the script kiddies that it will uninstall
    DanielS: In breaking news, Aaron Lehmann has been named DPL by the sheer weight of write-ins. Congratulations Aaron!
    alp (trying to keep 1/4 coverage down to 1 post): Ben Collins also describes his “I can’t take it anymore” glibc release.

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    Subject: Re: ITP: rootkit – a Ro0Tk1t 4 Deb1an boxxxen
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Tuesday, 2002/04/02 – 09:25
    $M0K3 L3$$…
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    Subject: Re: ITP: rootkit – a Ro0Tk1t 4 Deb1an boxxxen
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Tuesday, 2002/04/02 – 09:28
    Tru3 31337 haxx0r rul3z … hihihih
    da rootkit :]

    big LAMAH

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    Subject: ZaTs //h4t 1 w4z //41t1ng f0r
    Author: billou57
    Date: Monday, 2002/04/01 – 22:23
    Th4nKz 4 l0t f0r tHiS g00d j0b, //3 //3r3 4ll
    loZ1ng 0uR pRecI0uS T1m3 d0inG ThAT m4nu4llY s0 f4r

    Th3 n3Xt SteP //0uld Be t0 Add 4 mASS inStAllAti0n f34ture

    3ny0ne IntEreSt3d ?


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