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    KDE-Debian HOWTO for KDE2 and Woody
    Submitted by Anonymous on Saturday, February 09, 2002 – 22:15
    KDE…was posted on the debian-kde list.
    This HOWTO is in an early release form: It is not complete, but contains much useful information.
    I hope to update this once or twice per week, and will post it to the debian-kde list.

    DanielS: Shouldn’t let this pass without a note on KDE3. I hope to have kdelibs, kdebase and kdeutils (maybe more?) within a week.

    Category: HOWTOs

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    Subject: Re: KDE-Debian HOWTO for KDE2 and Woody
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Thursday, 2002/02/14 – 11:08
    Some KDE Myths.

    KDE Myth: Koffice owns, Kspread, Kword..they own, Gnome-office sucks.

    o Gnumeric has made some huge steps in the last 6 months, with the
    semi-intergration of Guppi (graphing)…its a very stable Spreadsheet
    application, offers many features that kspread dreams of. More Functions,
    more file filters,.. Kspread is more like a budget/cutdown version of

    To put it blutantly KDE toolbars and general gui design are/have always
    been a mess.

    o Abiword also offers similar benefits of Gnumeric (features and File
    Filters) hey does Kword have a good import/exprt RTF?! alpha-quality? wtf?
    How long has Kword been in-existence? and they still cant properly render
    RTF still? Even the list of known filters (export and import) available
    looks very sad. http://www.koffice.org/filters/status.phtml

    Considering Abiword is also being developed for many other platforms, its
    done pretty well so far. Can you say WYSIWYG?

    o Kivio doesnt offer everything you would want, and if you want specific
    stencils, you have to fork out for them…Is this where FreeSoftware is
    going? We get cutdown versions of a product,… DIA isnt bound to a
    company hard bent in making a profit. So when DIA starts employing some of
    these Stencils, what happens then? you spent $$$ for nothing?


    KDE Myth: Konq ownz mozilla, netscape etc…

    Truth: Mozilla is truely more standards complient, as of late 0.9.4+
    series, The Mozilla engine is really starting to shine now, Konq has
    always had a hard time rendering any DHTML/Javascript, even with some
    webpages the fonts are screwed.
    Mozilla isnt Perfect, but hey, everything renders properly. Konq trys to
    hard to be “Internet Explorer” on the linux desktop, Its time to
    completely drop the KHTML shit, If theres a better, more mature
    engine…use it. KHTML was once needed, now its not.. And if you want to
    Compare Gnome Galeon,..I dare you.

    Nautalus was once critised as being a slow, dog, rah rah.. well it was,
    yeah it was slow,…but it has improved, but it seems kde users still like
    to think that. Well if it makes you happy. Nautalus is very themeable

    http://jimmac.musichall.cz/screenshots/ximian-south-metatheme.jpeg Its a
    welcome change away from the Windows File Manager look.

    KDE Myth: GTK+ is just damn ugly

    So you havent tried the abundance of GTK+ themes? cleanice? eazel?
    thinice? pixmap?
    Yeah, Gtk themes that have been around longer than kde2… and with the
    upcoming release of GTK2, themes are getting better and faster. Themes
    under KDE just dont look “pretty”. Even Gnome icons are better. So
    customising Gnome to look differently isnt that hard..however KDE just
    looks like that, Mosfet just looks tacky.

    KDE Myth: We have all the cool appz. QT/KDE rulesss!

    Oh really? So lets now count Evolution, GIMP, Red Carpet, Xchat, XMMS,
    Galeon, Balsa, Gnumeric, Pan, Abiword, mplayer, Glade, Anjuta …Gnome/GTK
    has plently of cool apps.

    KDE Myth: Gnome is loosing, its dead, just use KDE.

    Well considering most new distros have KDE preinstalled as default, ie,
    Mandrake, Lindows, Caldera, Corel, Suse ..and some other I missed out, its not
    surprising Gnome is losing *some* support, But with Ximian and Redhat
    Gnome/GTK will keep on living. QT is hardly community developed, GTK+ has always been community developed…and thus we as the linux community we _should_ support it.

    [ return ]


    Subject: Re: KDE-Debian HOWTO for KDE2 and Woody
    Author: ironstorm
    Date: Thursday, 2002/02/14 – 19:59
    >> KDE Myth: Koffice owns, Kspread, Kword..they own, Gnome-office sucks.

    This is not a myth, gnome-office DOES suck. Gnumeric maybe good, but where is everything else in Gnome office? AbiWord is written by AbiSource not Xiaman… I don’t remember seeing it proclaiming itself as the offical word processor of Gnome. But it’s a moot point because MS Word is still better then both KWord and AbiWord.

    >> KDE Myth: Konq ownz mozilla, netscape etc…

    Did the GNOME project write Mozilla? or Navigator? hmm…. Wait, here we go again…. You know if GNOME wrote their own HTML rendering engine it proably wouldn’t be half as good as konq.

    >>KDE Myth: GTK+ is just damn ugly

    This is completely subjective, but I do find GNOME is damn ugly, KDE’s UI may not be consistent between all the apps but at least they’ve made an effort to integrated the whole thing into a common environment, GNOME always felt like a bunch of different programs slammed together…. Again this is totally subjective however.

    >>KDE Myth: We have all the cool appz. QT/KDE rulesss!

    >>Oh really? So lets now count Evolution, GIMP, Red Carpet, Xchat, XMMS, Galeon, Balsa, Gnumeric, Pan, Abiword, mplayer, Glade, Anjuta …Gnome/GTK has plently of cool apps.

    Besides Gnumeric HOW MANY of those apps did the GNOME project write? how many of those were written to run only on GNOME? ZERO.

    GTK wasn’t even written for GNOME! It was written for GIMP…

    Oh and btw, I can run all of those apps under KDE
    and they look just fine.

    If you want to have an intelligent conversation about KDE vs. GNOME you need to pull your head out of your ass and start comparing apples to apples.


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