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    Knoppix as a GUI installer for Debian
    Submitted by andrew_barnes7 on Tuesday, November 05, 2002 – 20:54
    DebianNice factual article on Linuxworld about using Knoppix as a graphical installer for Debian. Could have gone into a bit more detail on which hardware it “automatically” set up for him, but it sure looks interesting. Untill I saw this I also thought Knoppix was just a good Linux demo distribution; I stand corrected.
    Category: HOWTOs

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    Subject: Well, Knoppix installed itself but …
    Author: sfritsche
    Date: Friday, 2002/11/22 – 23:33
    it couldn’t place LILO on the MBR of hda when installed to hdb as part of a dual boot arrangement with Windows 2000. Also, the boot floppy I asked it to create during the install process wouldn’t work even when I asked LILO to not place itself in the MBR. The solution was to boot from the Knoppix CD, cd to /mnt/hdb2, and copy the boot sector to a file for use from the Windows 2000 loader. A nuisance but no biggie, even for this newbie.

    The stranger part of the install was the loss of some of the mount points and the network configuration when Knoppix took up residence on hdb. I now need to manually configure the network even though Knoppix automagically found it. The shortcuts to /mnt/hda1 and /mnt/hda2 that appeared on the live desktop are nowhere to be found. There may be other stuff missing, too, I haven’t checked carefully yet. I hope that future versions will allow more of the benefits of auto detection to carryover to the hard drive installation.

    On the plus side, it did set up my SB AWE 64 ISA card, when Xandros didn’t. XFree86 seems to be configured correctly, too. The installation (aside from the LILO problem) was quick and painless.

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