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    Libranet 2.7 review by DistroWatch
    Submitted by robster on Friday, December 13, 2002 – 14:53
    DebianDistroWatch has reviewed the latest incarnation of Libranet, version 2.7 which is based on Debian GNU/Linux 3.0. Libranet builds on woody by providing a simple “easy to use” installer and graphical package management tools. Although not really for dedicated Debian users, Libranet can provide a means to transition users towards Debian.
    Category: Opinion

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    Subject: Libranet
    Author: gubbs
    Date: Saturday, 2002/12/14 – 11:16
    I used Libranet for a while last year but only because Libranet auto-detected my s3 gfx driver and Debian doesnt.

    Apart from that I can’t honestly see a point to Libranet or any Debian based distro generally that doesnt push the envelope considerably somewhere …

    Installing woody from a cdrom takes just as long and is no more complicated in the least. It sincerely isnt.

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    Subject: install by woody or potato
    Author: rich4421972
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/16 – 23:34
    Using the potato or woody installers is a more educational way to install and use debian, but I think that Libranet had some of the sid packages in their “potato-based” system long before their users knew how to get them for themselves. That is good business. I hope their company prospers!
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