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    Libranet 2.7 review by DistroWatch
    Submitted by robster on Friday, December 13, 2002 – 14:53
    DebianDistroWatch has reviewed the latest incarnation of Libranet, version 2.7 which is based on Debian GNU/Linux 3.0. Libranet builds on woody by providing a simple “easy to use” installer and graphical package management tools. Although not really for dedicated Debian users, Libranet can provide a means to transition users towards Debian.
    Category: Opinion

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    Subject: free?
    Author: shwag
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/16 – 02:08
    Is there anywhere I can download this for free?
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    Subject: Free? Well….
    Author: Farang
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/16 – 04:23
    See the review on distrowatch
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    Subject: A poor relation weighs in with $0.02 worth
    Author: Farang
    Date: Sunday, 2002/12/15 – 10:47
    1. “…not really for dedicated Debian users, Libranet can provide a means to transition users toward Debian.” I guess this means that as a Libranet user, I’m not a Debian user…or I am, but second-class? Or does it mean that if I replace some of the apps Libranet supplies in 2.7 with older versions that come with Woody, I’ll be part of the In Crowd? Funny…I believe I can do what I want with Libranet 2.7, including adding apps that are out on the bleeding edge. Is this “not really for dedicated Debian users” attitude another example of the hostility that seems to spring up with unusual vigor between groups that are very, very closely related?

    2. The Libranet install process is…well, I can’t even recall it, it went so fast and was so easy, and I played with partitioning. This has to be the most newbie-friendly install I have ever seen. RH and SuSE, you have been whipped in this department (don’t know about Mandrake, no experience there).

    3. It is often said that Linux is not ready for the desktop. I do NOT understand this. I now suggest to anyone who seems ready that the jump from Windoz to Linux should be via Libranet. Can “dedicated Debian users” say that about pure Debian? Are you really comfortable telling Redmond refugees to take the plunge into “real” Debian??

    4. IMHO The Linux Cookbook by Stutz is a wonderful companion for the Linux newbie who has had the great good fortune to have been advised to avoid RPM Hell and go with Debian.

    Peace, dedicated Debian users. I admire your work, and I’m just as dedicated to Linux and the Debian concept as you are. But…I love Libranet!

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    Subject: Is it time for 2 official Deb
    Author: grolschie
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/16 – 04:15
    Is it time for 2 official Debian streams?
    1). x86 ( the majority – give them the fancy installer made from Knoppix/PGI/Libranet)
    2). The rest (the other 10 or so architectures – they can have the new D-I).
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    Subject: Two streams…
    Author: Farang
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/16 – 04:46
    …is one way to put it, sure. And in fact the two streams are in place now, aren’t they? So the time has come!!

    Meanwhile I am still trying to figure out how I am in “…transition towards Debian.” I thought I had arrived. Silly me.

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    Subject: Two Streams Makes Sense
    Author: FelixDzerzhinsky
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/23 – 21:49
    One of Debians strengths has been is configurability for the experts. But for the normal desktop user the Debian install asks too many questions that we don’t know the answers to and probably don’t need to know.

    Why not have an expert install and a standard desktop install. For me Knoppix has already achieved a usable desktop as has Libranet by the sounds of things. The main Debian Project may take this path as well (for a desktop install). It would be nice to provide lower income students and pensioners a means of getting connected without paying the ‘windoze’tax.

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    Subject: hmm…methinks….
    Author: grolschie
    Date: Saturday, 2002/12/14 – 21:39
    Being an opportunist, is there anything Debian can glean from Libranet’s install system. Is it GPL’d?
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    Subject: Yup..
    Author: robot101
    Date: Sunday, 2002/12/15 – 00:10
    We can glean the same from Libranet’s installer that we can glean from PGI: if you restrict the hardware you work on to one architecture, restrict the target audience of the installer to one set of people and niche, make a lot of decisions that Debian intentionally leaves to the user, and loose a great deal of flexibility, you can make an installer that’s easy and looks nice.

    Unfortunately, Debian is targeted at more and different people than non-technical x86 desktop users. d-i should give us a platform that allows the integration of whatever assumptions we want into the installer system. I can easily imagine a choice near the start that loads in a set of debconf values that will make the system default to simple partitioning, attempt hardware detection, simple package selection, etc.

    This is the right way to go – flexibility to choose how the installer works in whatever situation it’s being used. There’s no point running out and embracing yet another hard-wired and inflexible installer. That’s what boot-floppies was and we’ve bolted so much on that it’s hard to see what’s going on and even harder to make it do everything we want. Hence the fresh start.

    Robster is a monkey

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    Subject: Not just talking hardware det
    Author: grolschie
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/16 – 04:17
    Not just talking hardware detection, but how about a working X server, sound, modem, and printer? Most of these can be supported by the kernel, yet the default system configuration leave most of this to the baffled newbie. Even giving the users the priviledges to use sound and dialup would be nice. 😉
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    Subject: Bah, spelling.
    Author: DanielS
    Date: Sunday, 2002/12/15 – 05:41
    s/loose/lose/. I mean, I’ve spent all day watching the Poms get absolutely spanked at our glorious ground in Melbourne by Ponting and Gilchrist (such champions), and I’m greeted at DP by the news that “DistroWatcb” has reviewed Libranet, and now this. You Poms can’t spell either, apparently.

    Robot101 is a Pom.

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    Subject: Libranet is my Debian installer
    Author: SonofRage
    Date: Saturday, 2002/12/14 – 21:32
    I first tried Libranet at version 1.9. For that version at least there is a simple, text-based installer which lets me quickly get things up and running. I then change my sources.list and upgrade to Woody.
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    Subject: Sounds interesting
    Author: nomeata
    Date: Saturday, 2002/12/14 – 17:46
    After reading this review I might think thats what I would install on my girlfriends PC. As a Linux guy I woun’t install Windows, and as a debian guy I don’t want to admin every now and then: sorry, can’t help you. thats different here. But then: is libranet really easy enough to use for someone that is a typical Windows user and not really interested in Linux?

    And what about their additions: are they free as in debian free? Can I buy one set of CDs and install it at all my girlfriend’s computers 🙂

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    Subject: Libranet
    Author: shrink1
    Date: Saturday, 2002/12/14 – 04:21
    Being myself too lazy and/or stupid to install Debian, I buy Libranet and get going in an hour or so. All there is to do afterwards is recompile kernel, change sources.list to unstable and it’s rock & roll time
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    Subject: Why not use Knoppix as your installer?
    Author: FelixDzerzhinsky
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/23 – 17:58
    For the desktop user knoppix does all that libranet does and doesn’t cost a penny. And Klaus Knopper doesn’t make a penny from it. He was asked by a user on the LinuxTag forum:

    “Ok, you guys at Knopper, just tell me where I should send the money.. the money I should pay you for making one of the best distributions so far, it really is FANTASTIC..
    so if you are not in the mood for some loose change, please do me a favour and have ‘eine grosse bier’ on me!!”

    Klaus Knopper’s reply:

    “Thanks, we try to improve it all the time.
    You don’t need to send money though, but if you really want to spend some, just donate something to the Debian team.”

    Th full post can be read here:


    If you want to spend money on a commercial program good luck to you and the company. But make mine knoppix!!

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Libranet
    Author: gubbs
    Date: Saturday, 2002/12/14 – 11:16
    I used Libranet for a while last year but only because Libranet auto-detected my s3 gfx driver and Debian doesnt.

    Apart from that I can’t honestly see a point to Libranet or any Debian based distro generally that doesnt push the envelope considerably somewhere …

    Installing woody from a cdrom takes just as long and is no more complicated in the least. It sincerely isnt.

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    Subject: install by woody or potato
    Author: rich4421972
    Date: Monday, 2002/12/16 – 23:34
    Using the potato or woody installers is a more educational way to install and use debian, but I think that Libranet had some of the sid packages in their “potato-based” system long before their users knew how to get them for themselves. That is good business. I hope their company prospers!
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