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    LinuxUser magazine: Putting Debian on readers’ desktops
    Submitted by hgesser on Tuesday, April 02, 2002 – 00:33
    Abstract: We want to create a user-friendly Linux installer so that we can provide a Debian distribution to our readers and bring updates and new packages in every issue, helping them to keep an up-to-date and stable Linux system.

    At LinuxUser, www.linux-user.de,
    a German Linux magazine for Linux newbies and medium level users, we’d like to introduce regular Debian package updates on our cover CD-ROM. We’ve been enduring many troubles with proving packages for all so many Linux distributions, dealing with missing packages, libraries, and incompatibilities.

    Now we had the idea to create a more user-friendly Debian installer; one that a typical reader of our magazine won’t have too many problems with.

    We’ve written a longer article for those who would be interested in this idea, it is available at

    Any comments on our idea would be very welcome. We’ve set up a simple forum site (link is in the article), so if you want to keep the discussion out of this site, you can use ours.

    Thanks for any help or ideas in advance!

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    Subject: Re: LinuxUser magazine: Putting Debian on readers’ desktops
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Thursday, 2002/04/04 – 17:44
    Careful I tried the ISO’s listed and they are not near complete. The first parts of the install work but the gui for tasksel does not install anything, you tell it to install package sets, it opens an console window that in progeny was dpkg/apt running, but in the iso dated 1Apr2002 it opens the console but nothing runs inside of it.
    Once they get it working it will be very nice.
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    Subject: Re: LinuxUser magazine: Putting Debian on readers’ desktops
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Friday, 2002/04/05 – 00:49
    I used the ISOs and got the same thing but all you have to do after that is run either have a Woody CD when it asks if you have another CD to add to the library or you can alt-f2 out and edit your sources.list from the console then install everything you want from debian sources.

    I am testing some other methods this evening


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