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    Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1 soon to be in unstable?
    Submitted by SirEdward on Tuesday, July 06, 2004 – 00:11
    MozillaFor those who may not know, Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1 is in experimental and Eric Dorland would like the next release to go into unstable, so test the heck out of it and report bugs.
    Category: News

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    Subject: What about the License problems ?
    Author: wk
    Date: Friday, 2004/07/09 – 11:52

    > The Mozilla Public License (MPL) is not DFSG free:
    > 1. It does not allow derived works to be distributed under the same terms as
    > the original software (DFSG #3).
    > 2. It requires distributors to retroactively notify recipients about
    > third-party legal problems with the software (Dissident test).
    > 3. It restricts court venue, permitting licensors to harass licensees and
    > effectively revoke the license. (Tentacles of Evil test)
    > Additionally, to distribute the software, the license requires:
    > 1. Maintaining and updating a LEGAL text file inside the distribution.
    > [clause 3.4(a)].
    > 2. Keeping source available online for at least 12 months, or 6 months after
    > another version [clause 3.2].
    > These requirements might make distribution of MPL software impractical for
    > Debian.

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    Subject: GTK1 vs. GTK2 builds
    Author: JonD
    Date: Thursday, 2004/07/08 – 15:19
    Until this recent version of firefox; you could always get versions built against GTK1. Why would anyone want this? There is a fairly severe bug in the gtk2 build which makes it very hard to use with some window managers: see bts #196489; bugzilla 230097 and bugzilla #78928.

    Until this bug is resolved I would very much like to see gtk1 builds available in debian alongside the more popular gtk2 ones.

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    Subject: GTK2 builds
    Author: swbrown
    Date: Sunday, 2004/07/11 – 04:05
    It might be really difficult to provide GTK1 builds now, as a lot of functionality provided to other programs (E.g., gtkmozembed) requires GTK2 builds. I suspect time would be better spent fixing the bugs.
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    Subject: Extensions
    Author: robot101
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/07/07 – 12:44
    OK, so this is kinda off-topic for DP, but I’m an editor so nyeh. How do you make extensions work in any version of Firefox packaged for Debian? I’ve not tried running Firefox as root to install them – I really don’t want to.

    Robster is a monkey
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    Subject: Sounds like
    Author: crisen@jabber.org
    Date: Thursday, 2004/07/08 – 14:38
    Sounds like #214864. I had this problem but fixed it with upgrading to experimental mozilla-firefox.
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    Subject: Extensions, past and present
    Author: mattmcc
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/07/07 – 20:55
    The short answer is to install extensions into your profile, rather than the system-wide Mozilla directory. There is, of course, a bit more to it than that, however.

    For Mozilla and Firefox < 0.9, extensions are installed using XPInstall, which are installed with what is effectively an arbitrary JS file. XPInstall doesn’t include a systematic way to ask the user whether to install in the system directory or the user profile. Convention became to use a prompt(), an inelegant approach that gives the user an ‘Okay’ or ‘Cancel’ button, with one meaning ‘app dir’ and another meaning ‘user profile’. As if that wasn’t enough of a usability gaffe, some extensions disagree on if ‘Okay’ should mean ‘app dir’ or ‘user profile’. What’s more, some extensions don’t even include such prompts. But if they do, you can install them to your profile as a non-root user.

    Things improve in Firefox 0.9 and going forward. A new system, more tailored to extensions than XPInstall, was introduced which uses an RDF/XML file to describe the extension, and how it should be installed.

    Here’s the good news: under this system, extensions always go into to the user profile. The only way to install them system-wide becomes with a command-line parameter.

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    Subject: search plugins
    Author: wouter@jabber.org
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/07/07 – 19:37
    The search plugins suffer from this problem too. I made the system directory world-writable, it’s my desktop anyway – not too many people using it. I would like a better long-term solution though. Plugins should be installed in the user profile, and not the system-wide directories (at least, less general ones).
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    Subject: Does using embedded plugins still suck?
    Author: SirEdward
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/07/07 – 02:49
    Haven’t had time to install the 0.9.1 package yet but, with the current package from unstable, firefox pegs my CPU every time I use an embedded plugin (the acroread embedded plugin, for example).
    For those of you with 0.9.1 installed, are you still seeing this bug?
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    Subject: My complaints with 0.9.1-2
    Author: coffeebreaks
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/07/06 – 15:38
    I’ve been using 0.9.1 in experimental and it works great. But the latest release is perhaps breaking something: extensions written for 0.9 don’t work anymore. At least they were with 0.9.1-1

    Problem may be related to that change:

    – app.version = 0.9.1.

    Looking at the branch checkins it seems that letting the version be 0.9 was indeed required in order to keep compatibility between 0.9 and 0.9.1.

    I also would appreciate a README.Debian for the new app if this incompatibility was to be kept. (BTW, the Mozilla update was frankly badly done, not listing cleanly the things changed between 0.9 and 0.9.1).

    Feel free to contact the maintainer as I didn’t know where to report the problem (should reportbug be used even for packages taken in experimental?). I will send him an email pointing him to that message.

    I’ve also had firefox repeatadly freeze (100% CPU) on this mozillazine URL (last story).

    Happy if anyone can go there and answer to my post in that page to confirm/infirm the problem (whether using the debian / non debian package).

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Parent comment edited
    Author: robot101
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/07/07 – 12:23
    I edited the above comment to put the URL that was three times the width of my screen at work into a link. Sorry. 😛

    Robster is a monkey
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    Subject: Report the Bugs
    Author: tribble
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/07/07 – 02:41
    Feel free to contact the maintainer as I didn’t know where to report the problem (should reportbug be used even for packages taken in experimental?).

    Yes, you can use reportbug on experimental packages. At some point reportbug will ask if you want to add any tags to your bug report. One of the options will be to add an experimental tag. If you view the mozilla-firefox bug report page you will see there are plenty of bugs tagged experimental.

    As for your problem with the mozillazine article, no problem viewing the page with mozilla-firefox 0.9.1-2

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: bug report + mozillazine
    Author: coffeebreaks
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/07/07 – 19:31
    Bug reported.

    Then the mozillazine problem must be due to an extension I use.


    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: 0.9.0
    Author: Brian@brianpuccio.net
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/07/06 – 14:22
    I’m not sure exactly how Debian packages of things like this work, but was 0.9.0 skipped by the package maintainer? I remember getting notice that 0.9.1 hit experimental, but don’t remember seeing 0.9.0. Not that I think it matters, I think 0.9.1 was just refining 0.9.0 without any big changes. Anyhow, I look forward to seeing 0.9.1 on my Debian box, so I’ll selectivly install the current experimental version.

    OT, but thanks for enabling Drupal’s distributed authentication module, it drives me nuts when I see another Drupal site, but have to create an account there before posting. Thanks so much!

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Nope. 0.9 just wasn’t reported on DP.
    Author: SirEdward
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/07/07 – 00:21
    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Sorry!
    Author: Brian@brianpuccio.net
    Date: Wednesday, 2004/07/07 – 16:01
    I guess I didn’t quite catch that email. Sorry!
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    Subject: Does this mean it is going in
    Author: sax
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/07/06 – 12:48
    Does this mean it is going into Sarge?
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    Subject: At first it has to go into Si
    Author: vogon
    Date: Tuesday, 2004/07/06 – 17:02
    At first it has to go into Sid.
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