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    Submitted by imclaren on Thursday, November 21, 2002 – 12:29
    CD ImagesDWN recently had an article which included this link describing how to modify knoppix to include GNUMed. The same process can be used to add/remove/update any/all programs included on the CD. So by using this process, you can now roll your own Knoppix.
    Category: Tips

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    Subject: Another Howto
    Author: makri
    Date: Friday, 2002/11/29 – 08:56
    Another comprihensive howto on remastering knoppix is at


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    Subject: Mini Knoppix
    Author: CoJoNEs
    Date: Thursday, 2002/11/28 – 00:27
    I would like to see a project where someone strips out alot of the neato type features and makes it more of a flat install with just the useful network tools and a window manager.
    It seems like its bloated, 2.5 gig if you “install” it and truthfully I don’t need all the eye candy when I am using it as either a rescue CD or a quick installer.

    Any one that has done something like this already?

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    Subject: Knoppix Mini-cd
    Author: Tech2k
    Date: Tuesday, 2002/12/03 – 08:23
    Hi, I have re-remastered the mini-cd of Knoppix called “kix”.Kix is located on the Knoppix mirrors in contribs.Stock Kix has errors and I have fixed them and added lots of goodies.I removed all kde and wine and changed blackbox to fluxbox.I also updated the knx-hdinstall to the newer 0.30 and added back xdialog and the knx-templates-0.30.tgz so the script would run (and run in english).I am writing this from a hdd install of my mini-cd now and it rox.Total hdd space used after install was 554 meg and the iso on the live cd is about 193meg which fits nice on my 210meg mini cd-r’s.I use sylpheed for the e-mail and both dfm and xfm for the file managers.All networking was kept but for isdn and I kept all x-servers.This cd should run x very well on as little as a 486 w/32meg ram.On my 900 with 768meg ram its so fast that its hard to hit the menu choices.My homepage is http://home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-tech2k and under “remastering kix” the “NEW HOW TO” is pretty accurate on what I did but I have added more packages since I worte those instructions.I will be glad to send a readme with a complete pkg list and how to build it if anyone wants just drop an e-mail to kburk@bellsouth.net.
    The guy that did “kix” the first time left behind about 68 orphaned libs that totaled 54meg.Thank goodness for the deborphan command 😉

    Kix wont take quite so much but if you want to remaster Knoppix you must have a total ram/swap of 2 gig and around 3gig of working space space as you must be able to hold the entire image in ram/swap as you “create_compressed_fs”.

    Also unlike stock kix I get a clean start of x by saying “startx /usr/bin/fluxbox”.I also used the boot-en.img from a knoppix cd and so everything is in english both from the cd and after a hdd install.

    .Its fun doing all the remaster work now from a hdd install of the mini-cd which has all tools included to do the job as well as xcdroast.

    Another good choice for mini-cds are the cvs versions of the lnx-bbc which also are live and use cloop compression.I will soon take one of those to 210meg and then to 700meg.To find more info on remastering the lnx-bbc just google “extract_compressed_fs”

    Also see the new www.knoppix.net site which has good info on remastering Knoppix.

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    Subject: ?
    Author: grolschie
    Date: Thursday, 2002/12/05 – 19:36
    For the lazy:

    My question, is your remastered version in english? The readme is in german.

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    Subject: Yes mine is 100% english.The
    Author: Tech2k
    Date: Saturday, 2002/12/07 – 01:54
    Yes mine is 100% english.The kix cd in Knoppix contribs has both english and german.To get english from that distro you must hit F2 at boot and say knoppix lang=us.

    I made my own boot.img from the “boot-en-img” on the EN Knoppix iso and also replaced the knx-hdinstall script with the newer version 0.30 so now my remastered cd is 100% english booted to the cd and during/after and hdd install.To get the script to run I had to add xdialog and also the knx-templates-0.30.tgz had to go in /usr/local/lib.

    I am now in the process of making it start fluxbox by just saying startx and also editing the knx-hdinstall script changing all the places it says “ext2” to “ext3″ and adding the ‘-j” option to mke2fs
    command so it will default install on ext3 partition.

    BTW I changed the name of the “NEW HOWTO” to “Tech2k mini cd” on my homepage and included a complete pkg list of the cd along with info on how to make it.


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    Subject: ext3 will not work !!! (not without tweaking)
    Author: Fabianx
    Date: Wednesday, 2002/12/11 – 20:34

    I’m an contributor to the knx-hdinstall-script …

    As I wrote the ext3-support for the new version of the install-script … (0.351, see debian-knoppix-ml)

    … I know the fallstricks very well …

    You have to add an initrd, you cannot yet make it with the mkinitrd-tools, which are available in debian …

    However the script is able to do make one now …

    As ext2 and ext3 are compatible the kernel will not fail unlike with reiserfs without initrd …

    But it will also not mount it as ext3 so you will still see the e2fsck-forced, after a crash …

    So you have won nothing …

    Also it will not help just using an initrd with linuxrc:

    insmod /modules/jbd.o
    insmod /modules/ext3.o

    You have to do some tricks in order to override the builit-kernel order for filesystems …,ext2,ext3 …

    So ext2 will be favoured before ext3 …

    It works if you do it like that (append in linuxrc after the insmods):

    mount -t proc proc /proc
    echo 256 > /proc/sys/kernel/real-root-dev
    umount /proc
    mount -t ext3 /dev/hda6 /mnt # ext3 = root-partition
    /static/pivot_root /mnt /mnt/initrd

    It’ll work, but if you don’t understand it please wait for the new version of knx-hdinstall and use that …

    This version has also support for reiserfs …



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    Subject: Is there a url to the 100% en
    Author: grolschie
    Date: Sunday, 2002/12/08 – 04:37
    Is there a url to the 100% english version of yours?
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    Subject: Businesscard Linux?
    Author: lovelace
    Date: Thursday, 2002/11/28 – 09:53
    I haven’t used it, but there is one Linux distro called Businesscard Linux or something like that. It’s an iso file that you can burn on a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM can then be cut down to the size of a business card. Maybe that is what you’re looking for?

    Another option is to run tomsrtbt. It’s a handy one-disk distro with a lot of console utilities for system recovery.

    And of course, there is the bootcd package if you want to create your own CD-ROM distro…

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    Subject: A few small inaccuracies…
    Author: PeterClark
    Date: Monday, 2002/11/25 – 01:01
    …But good over all. First of all, you do not need a swap partition greater than 2MB–I’ve remaster Knoppix with 512MB of memory and 256MB swap. Painful, very painful, but doable. (Hint: the memory hog step is making the new iso, which requires that the 1.7GB+ of Knoppix data get squeezed down to 700 MB. I was able to do so only by shutting down all unnecessary services, down to a bare console, and making sure that memory was as free as possible.)
    It’s also not necessary (as he said) to extract Knoppix to another partition; just make sure that the partition you extract it to has about 4GB of space on it–that’s both to extract it and to create a new iso.
    He also forgot to mention that it will be necessary to remove some packages, otherwise when you go to add new packages, it won’t fit on a cd. Also remember to clean up after yourself–delete /proc in the source directory before creating the iso, as well as the dpkg and cache stuff in /var. You won’t need those on the cd, and they just take up extra room.
    But Knoppix is very fun to customize; things that you might want to add are the MS fonts and better background images (I don’t like the dark default).
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