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    Norwegian Debian Conference
    Submitted by termos on Monday, January 06, 2003 – 20:54
    DebianDebconf 3 is coming up in Oslo, Norway at the University Of Oslo 18th to 20th of July. Some days before there is a Debcamp, 12th to 17th of July, where you can sit with your laptop, hack, and have a barbecue, and an Internet connection is said to be available (but of course you won’t spend all your time on IRC, you’ll be social! -ed).
    More information can be found at their webpage: http://www.debconf.org/debconf3/.
    DanielS: In related news, the Debian mini-conf at linux.conf.au 2003 is coming up soon – check it out if you’re going to LCA!
    Category: News

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    Subject: Expected costs?
    Author: era
    Date: Wednesday, 2003/01/08 – 12:01
    What is the traditional admittance fee policy for events like this? Admittance free but you pay your own expenses (food, room, etc) or more like “traditional” conferences where proceedings etc. are often quite expensive? (I guess they aren’t exactly cheap to produce at that scale, either.)
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    Subject: Debconf is free
    Author: robot101
    Date: Wednesday, 2003/01/08 – 18:03
    The conferences (ie rooms, power, equipment) themselves have thus far been sponsored by kind souls, and it looks like the University of Oslo are letting us use the facilities for free this time, so no charge has been levvied for attending the conference. Where you stay, how you get there, and what you eat/drink, is entirely your own problem. =)


    Robster is a monkey

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    Subject: Cool country
    Author: hokanomono
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/07 – 20:22
    Norway sounds like a cool country. DVD Jon was acquitted. It sound like a good idea to go there in summer.
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    Subject: Norway 🙂
    Author: juraj
    Date: Tuesday, 2003/01/07 – 22:03
    Norway is cool literally (i.e. it’s quite cold there:). But it’s quite nice in Oslo in summer, I would recommend going there (during summer) even if there was no debconf. Now one more reason! However, be prepared, that it’s very expensive country. Even for american. Before going there, check out the prices and if it’s affordable for you. If you have time and wish to travel there, be sure not to miss Trondheim, it’s a wonderful city (with some Linux geeks too:). I’m seriously considering it, but as I said, money is an issue here.
    If you are making plans for summer, don’t miss Linux Bier Wanderung in Slovakia in August!
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    Subject: Costs
    Author: KjetilK
    Date: Wednesday, 2003/01/08 – 15:04
    Yep, it is fairly expensive, that’s true, but once you get the hang of it, it is quite possible to travel quite inexpensively in Norway, as many things are free as in speech and as in beer. 🙂

    The beer is definately not free, but you can camp freely as long as you’re out of the way, and don’t stay in one spot for more than two days at a time.

    I thought I’d write up a piece on this, but I haven’t gotten around to do it, but the deal is that there are laws that grant everyone the right to go whereever they like in the woods, pick berries for their own consumption and spend the night there. There are certain restrictions: You have to stay well away from farmlands and houses as well as fresh-water supplies.

    In fact, you can do this with a five-minute walk and a ten-minute metro-ride from the University of Oslo campus.

    Then, if you make your own food bought at grocery stores rather than restaurants, you’ll find that Oslo is significantly cheaper than most of Europe (where you get arrested if you do this, I almost was in Italy…).

    Also given that the major sights are nature or parks that are open to the public, there’s a lot to see here without spending much money.

    So, if you’re willing to camp outdoors and make your own food, Norway shouldn’t be too expensive to many.

    The reason I mentioned the “free as in speech”-thing is that the role these public-access laws play in Norway has much in common with a free-software based economy. It is very interesting, actually.

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