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    Postfix Logo Contest
    Submitted by hildeb on Monday, April 08, 2002 – 15:23
    Berlin, April 7 2002 – The Postfix User Group is calling for
    submissions for a mascot or logo to represent the MTA Postfix. The
    Postfix User Group will post submitted designs to their Web site to
    allow the Open Source Community to vote on their favorite design.

    Submission deadline will be 1st of July 2002.

    The submissions will be judged by a board of judges — including
    Wietse — by majority vote. The winning logo will be presented on
    1st of August 1st (one month after the submission deadline).

    All artwork should be generated with Open Source tools and subject to
    an Open Source license. It should be suited for both printing and
    display on a webpage. For more information on the contest visit


    The submissions and the winning logo will be displayed there.

    What is Postfix? It is Wietse Venema’s mailer that started life as an
    alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program.

    Postfix attempts to be fast, easy to administer, and secure, while at
    the same time being sendmail compatible enough to not upset existing
    users. Thus, the outside has a sendmail-ish flavor, but the inside is
    completely different.

    This software was formerly known as VMailer. It was released by the
    end of 1998 as the IBM Secure Mailer. From then on it has lived on as

    For more information on Postfix visit


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    Subject: opensource?? what’s that thing?
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Wednesday, 2002/04/10 – 12:24
    what’s that open source community you speak about? we don’t know about such thing!

    I’ve never been in opensource! _who_ knows opensource??

    Don’t know what opensource is! Never been there!!

    a not-so-xauvinist free software user

    ps: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-software-for-freedom.html

    [ Please login, or register ]

    Subject: Re: Postfix Logo Contest
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Tuesday, 2002/04/09 – 22:40
    Wietse Venema has done a great job, imho! Postfix does all i want from a mta. The way it is designed and coded is excellent.

    This contest wasn’t released on April 1st, was it???
    Too bad ya always gotta “sell” something, Postfix’ speed, stability and security are trademarks enough to me.

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: Postfix Logo Contest
    Author: hildeb
    Date: Friday, 2002/04/12 – 14:21
    It’s no April’s fool.
    The contest is for real.
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    Subject: MTA comparison?
    Author: elcrago
    Date: Monday, 2002/04/08 – 20:48
    I’m a Qmail fan myself, but I’m curious how the various MTAs compare: Postfix, exim, smail, sendmail, zmailer, qmail.

    Which are fastest/lowest overhead/least resources? Which are most flexible? Which are best supported? Which are most tolerant of a hostile environment (disk problems)? Which have the best logfile entries? Which have the best headers? Etc.

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: MTA comparison?
    Author: hildeb
    Date: Friday, 2002/04/12 – 16:32
    Postfix picks up where qmail stopped:
    It does multi-recipient mail,
    has anti-spam provisions,
    writes only one file to disk where qmail writes 3,
    it offers workarounds to get mail across to broken MTA’s.

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    Subject: Re: MTA comparison?
    Author: fade
    Date: Thursday, 2002/04/11 – 06:37
    I moved to qmail a long time ago, and have used it successfully in large mail hubs over the years. The license is unweildy, making packaging an ongoing headache.. even if it is less of an issue in debian. Qmail gave up the speed crown to postfix awhile ago, but it is still the most flexible, modable, mailer I know of. Hard to beat the utility of a qmail pop toaster. Maildir rocks left right and centre. Lately I’ve been looking at a hybrid postfix/qmail setup where smtp is managed by postfix and the rest of it is backended by a qmail pipeline. I think if you have no legacy to support and can start from scratch, postfix’s speed and license make it a good place to go. If you have a lot invested in qmail already, or you have unusual load demands for pop (millions of users, thousands of domains) qmail is still king. =) /oped

    PS. Migrating sendmail sites to postfix or qmail are about equal tasks by measure of complexity/transparency imo.

    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: MTA comparison?
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Monday, 2002/04/08 – 23:36
    Don’t forget courier.

    I came to courier by way of qmail too. I liked qmail’s simplicity, but disliked the license and relative lack of flexibility. I was already using courier-imap, and wanted to keep on using Maildir. Courier-mta was a logical choice, since it obviously took some inspiration from qmail. It’s well maintained in Debian, installing it was a breeze – incredibly easy. At first glance it seems easy to hook filters in, too.

    I wish the documentation was a bit better though (for the more complicated stuff), wish there was a “big qmail picture” for courier.

    I’m gonna hold my judgement on it until I pound on it for a few months on a more complicated mailserver, but on my personal home-mailserver it has been giving me _zero_ grief for the last three months.


    [ Please login, or register ]


    Subject: Re: MTA comparison?
    Author: Anonymous
    Date: Wednesday, 2002/04/10 – 00:22
    Well, speaking of it, Maildir support in Postfix is easy to accomplish, for Exim the same.
    Personally i found the lack of documentation about deferring mail on an intermittent host using Courier-MTA a bit disappointing, but the install manual is very extensive. Maildrop can be also installed as separate package if you want to hook filters in.


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